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Anyone know whats happening at Love India in Puerto Mazarron? Ive been past a few times at lunchtime and its not open. It will be a shame if its closed for good as its by far the best tasting Indian food in and around Puerto. If it does open again please give it a try, you wont be disappointed.


honestjohn-468618 1288542084

yes it is closed permanently, i spoke to the owner (lovely ) last week he is now in madrid. we will miss it greatly, like you say it was without doubt the best Indian food i have had in Spain.

mazaboy1 1288690754

Love india will be open very soon with friends of Lovley, it will be called royal india, it may be open this week.

honestjohn-468618 1288693581

thats good news, as its the only one we use. i just hope the chef will be cooking the same as before as it was superb

fabtastic-465808 1288714103

Yes I was talking to the guy today & he confirmed Lovely has gone off to Madrid and hopefully it will open again this week with a new name.

Please support this small fabulous restaurant.

sparkiestchica-468137 1288718330

Can anyone tell me whereabouts Love India is in the Port - never heard of it before!!

fabtastic-465808 1288723090

Dont know how long you have been here Sparkie but years ago it was an Indian then a Mexican then it was closed for a while and now an Indian again.
Pass Lidl on your left then Barclays then its 2 streets down on your left and about 20yds up that street, I think there is a garage workshop on the corner.

Once it opens again I will post on here.

wheelworker 1288728548

We look forward to another choice of Indian opening, as we found the 'old' Love India to be the best tasting food around, lets hope the standard is maintained!

sparkiestchica-468137 1288728676

Many thanks for direction - I've been here nearly 7 years - so must have led a sheltered life!!

margsy 1288728695

We too await news of the Love India re-opening as it is the absolute best Indian food in the Port!
By the way, Da Fu Hau is also the best Chinese if anybody is looking for a good Chinese meal!

mazaboy1 1289609456

The old Love India now called Royal India, i have been told will be open this sunday with lovleys best friend as cook and they had worked for many years together, and i belive very soon the prices will be cheaper than the others, i hope they do a good take away service, they will be open lunch and from 6pm at night.

fabtastic-465808 1290382554

Well Ive been along this weekend and although it was very nice and I will return the food wasnt as good as when Lovely was there.

honestjohn-468618 1290422176

we went last week after an eager wait and thought the food was good but like the previous comment we agree it was not as good as when lovely was in charge but STILL the best ! so when the new people have settled in a bit i am sure it will be 100%.
and we will go back.

mazaboy1 1303150763

The indian restaurant love india will not be opening again the new guy has gone back to india and the cook fuman singh has gone to work in Valenica.

fabtastic-465808 1303162871

Thats a real shame because as I said in a previous comment it wasnt as good as when LOVELY was there but I did plan on going again once reopened.

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