New Cafe on Camposol Sector B

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I am delighted to see that Cornish Pride have moved from El Pareton onto Camposol. I hope they do well. I called in on my way through recently and apart from the takeway food they now have a cafe set up open 7 days a week. Tel: 696 724 123.


red-463841 1219748952

I´ve heard a lot of people intend to boycott it. I think they have upset far too many people, both in the port and at Cañadas boot fair where they tried to get the food sellers thrown off. Ive also heard there are problems between them and Alley Palais which doent bode well for neighbours

breeze. 1219749563

Yes, I heard the same, but I remember the woman there use to sell food at Camposol boot fair before she started with Cornish Pride.

thepieman-464122 1219749960

Sorry, I didnt know anything about the politics of it as I dont live on the Urbanisation. It was just good to see another unit being occupied.

oasis-463772 1220016430

Why cant people just live and let live.

anex 1220021372

Cornish Pride called in yesterday nice little cafe excellent

Every Day Above Ground Is A Good Day

pinky-463594 1220050312

I have been to Liz's cafe and found it to be air conditioned with good food, good service and at pretty reasonable prices.

It's nice to be able to go somewhere that is not a bar and my 15 yr old son can go there with his mates and get a drink without having to enter a bar.

I am not interested in past histories, politics and disputes. They have obviously invested a lot of money in this venture and I wish them well.

anex 1220098171

Well Said ! it makes a change from having to go into some bar to get a drink

Every Day Above Ground Is A Good Day

jayb08 1220317015

YES and no tv screen, no drunks, makes a change for Camposol. good luck.

piecrust-464766 1225398402

i knew her when she did carboots, back then there was no other business or person doing what she does, after the town hall came and said it was illegal to sell food on the carboots she stopped. A short while later she opened the shop in El pareton to go legal. She has worked hard to get where she is today and obviously spent a lot of money on premises. The over heads of the shop are great but going back to the carboot thing, why should people get away with selling food on the markets when they know its illegal, but you also dont know in what conditions the food is being made and stored at. Its sat on a table in the heat all morning where bacteria can multiply in great numbers. Its just a matter of time until someone is poisoned.

IdRatherBeInAlbania-463634 1225401146

I wouldn't buy any food at a market thats been on tables at a market in the heat since 6am, particularily at Cañadas del Romero, even if it is covered as the number of flys out does the whole population of India on a good day, and they are big fly's!

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