Please do not tip at Menu del dia

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Please do not tip when having Menu del dia, the Spanish are very upset that the English and ohers tip. as this causes the price to go up. and as we all have to tighten our belts., if you want to tip donate to MABS or some other charity to do with helping others.


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My questions is , how does tipping put the price up on a menu of the day? None of my many Spanish friends living and working in Murcia, have ever heard of this and are not upset about people tipping at all.

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There is no set social or legal rule about not tipping the menu del dia. The "Cubierto" or fixed meal was a socialist measure aimed at employment and feeding the masses on this premise there is an understanding that not tipping is acceptable but tipping on a menu del dia is certainly not a absolute no-no.

I regularily tip a menu del dia, normally at an establishment where the waiter has taken the time to be somewhat more social and have a chat, there are traditional menu del dia establishments where it is a bit school dinner and no tip is required, but thats not the norm anymore. Although it is still the law that all resturants (there are some exceptions) must offer a menu del dia, 3 course meal, for less than €10. Madrid is the socialist stronghold for this so the chances of it disappearing are minimal.

Waiting staff seem to include tips as part of their earnings and contract of employment - so establishments definately view tipping as acceptable.

But... I fail to see and would like to know more about the idea of why this is pushing restuarant prices up ? - Any answers ?

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Maybe because many of the Spanish restaurant owners, are like the one I know who said he put his prices up because if the people can afford to tip his prices must be too low!

There is no difference than the three tier system already in operation in this area - one price for the Spanish, one for the English and another for the Moroccans. (Even some British bars use this racist practice).

I will always argue the price of a coffee (prices are required to be displayed). There are one or two bars which have repeatedly tried to charge me 1.20 when I have been in with visitors, it soon drops to 90 cents when I query. The same as the Casa Cultura who first charged me 1.00 but when I queried the price it dropped to 80 cents and has remained as that.

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yes they do prey on the english who don't speak Spanish, they think no questions will be asked.

Are there any restaurant owners out there that would like to employ me to put their competition out of business - if they tell me which restaurants they wish to target, I will go there - eat heartily and tip a few euros after a few occasions i'm sure the owner will put their prices up and hey presto they can be undercut and their business taken. Just a thought. But then again the british restaurants do seem to charge a little bit more than the Spanish ones anyway.

I have another suggestion - price fixing! - given that most of the establishments in Puerto de Mazarron and Mazarron are owned by a few families - I'm sure the concept is not just one associated with rip off britian. Maybe this is why gas botttles are cheaper in the summer.

But if your getting charged more than €1.20 a coffee in the Port - then you are being ripped off, ask for the menu in Spanish, don't buy a coffee until you know the price, go and chat to the bar man ask him in Spanish politely if he charges the Giddies more than the locals, he'll smile.!

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La Charc Restaurant on the outskirts of Totana, used to charge 8-9.50 euros for menu del dia, many english began using this, restaurant and in particular when larger groups booked 20 plus people they paid 10euros to include a tip. The same restaurant now charge 12euros for their menu del dia. Is it one price for the English and another for the Spanish one wonders. hense many English no longer visit this restaurant, but maybe that suits them. who knows.

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La Charca Restaurant. my fingers slip.

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