Recommend me a Smoke Free Restaurant

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I love to go out from time to time with the family to enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch as we usually eat Spanish. However, most of the places we have tried so far are either expensive for what you're getting or so smoky that you can't enjoy what you are eating. Please recommend me a restaurant that is completely smoke free and doesn't charge over the odds for Sunday lunch. I don't mind where you are as we would like to try a few different ones.


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Have you tried Los Amigos at Tallante? Drew is the owner and chef, he will cook whatever you want to order. I am not too sure what the number is but he advertises in the Reporter.

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Its a major problem for many people especially those with young children. Restaurants should provide smoking areas as an exception but there seems to be no enforcement in place. It puts me off going to many places with or without the kids. I recently went to the Market Tavern in Puerto de Mazarron for a breakfast and was not only fending off the clouds of smoke but also some delightful people throwing their scraps to a stray dog - needless to say i won't be going back.

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Hi , I can also recommend Los Amigos Rest. in Tallante, Drew does a great Sunday lunch in a smoke free restaurant, the tel. no. is - 968163640

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You could try the Wentworth in San Javier. It's a bar but they do serve food and have an excellent Sunday lunch menu at a very reasonable price.

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Thanks for the replies so far, we haven't tried Los Amigos but certainly will now. I don't mind the Wentworth being a bar, as long as it's not smoky when we take the kids. If anyone else has more suggestions (including bars serving food), it will be greatly appreciated.

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Gateway to India on Camposol, Nr Mazarron, is smoke free.

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Hi jdm.

I find your comments about the Market Tavern a little unfair.

The Tavern does have a smoke free area indoors (which has aircon for the summer and heating for the winter).

They also try to discourage their clientel feeding stray dogs from their plates but of course they really have little control over their (delightful) customers as you put it.

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Thought that all places should be smokefree from 2010!

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The Golf Club at Camposol has a bar/cafeteria which is totally smoke free.

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So rumour has it, a total smoking ban in 2010 in all bars, restaurants and public places. Let's hope they have the guts to enforce it unlike the existing half-cocked legislation which left bar owners in a hopeless situation. Frankly the government should compensate them for making them put up costly smoking areas that were never going to work and only frustrated smokers and non-smokers. Cant wait to come out of a bar not stinking of smoke.

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