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Where do you think has the best tapas around the region? Don't mind where you are as I intend to travel around trying the different places for an article I'm writing.


weelynn 1256212277

La Pena in the Port of Mazarron does an excellent tapas.

MJR1957 1256213729


There is an excellent 'real' Tapas restaurant in Cartegna near the indoor fresh food market, someone on here will remember the name. They have four or five tapas chefs working daily, and the range of freshly prepared tapas is astounding, if not recognisable or pronouncable! The serving counters are usually piled high with a variety of dishes, not cheap tho' and no English spoken either, but a real experience. It is in the square with the flower sellers and the restaurant next door has a moat full of Koi. Lovely place to sit outside under old bricked archways, really sorry I can't remember the name, but explore and enjoy.

Hope you find it!

Aiden-467745 1256492705

Thanks, I'll try both of these.

Anyone know of any more?

Thomas-465803 1256571916

We recently tried La Tapa in Murcia city and it was excellent but very expensive. Very popular with the locals.

It's on the Plaza de las Flores.

red-463841 1256572724

The casa cultura in El Pareton has excellent tapas. All at 2.50 and generous amounts i.e. 4 large stuffed peppers or 5 garlic chicken wings, or ensalada with muscels,crabsticks and cavier just come back full to the brim!

DavyR 1256649261

There's a little place in Los Alcazares called Alba which does lovely tapas. It's in the Mercadona plaza, right beside the supermarket. Also, opposite there is the 525 hotel sports bar, very popular with locals.

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