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Does anyone know if it's possible to get curry paste and spices from the Spanish supermarkets?


rowey93 1288189849

Where abouts are you? Because there is a huge spice stall at the sunday market in Mazarron Port. Also a spice man, (English), usually at one of the indoor markets at Camposol and he has a great range. There are absolutely loads of spices from both these outlets. Good luck.

missy-470639 1288264356

Thanks, I know how to get to Mazarron port so I'll have a look this Sunday. I don't however know how to get to Camposol. What day are the indoor markets there and could you give me directions from the port?

rowey93 1288267412

Camposol is Junction 15 on the RM3 and head for Sector B where the shops and bars are. The indoor markets are normally the last Friday of the month held in Kenellys or Alley Palais but you might want to ring them to see if they are on, and that the spice man would be there. You should be able to get their numbers through this site.

The spice stall at the port is usually along the same row as the fruit and veg.

jnrchrdsn 1288272272

Please could you tell me where the Sunday market at Peurto Mazzaron is held and what sort of items are on sale, then i can pay it a visit next time in Spain. Many thanks

rowey93 1288275208

Stop Press - Ok Missy, don't bother going to Camposol cos I have just found out that the English spice man has just moved to Granada. Go to the market at the port but take some translations with you though form what you want. The spice stall may be big but some of the names seem different in spanish.

rowey93 1288275403

To Jnrchrdsn - the market is down the road from the bus station or there is another way in. Best idea is to follow the crowds. It really isn't to hard to find if you look for people and carrier bags.

missy-470639 1288276041

Thanks for all the info rowey93, you've been very helpful indeed.

I'll try an online translation for everything I need just to be sure.

Nilam-Wright-854030 1459011248

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