Sunday lunch dissapointment.

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If you go to Rumours on Camposol for a Sunday lunch, do not expect to get the same service at 3pm as at other times. we were very very dissapointed only 2 veg plus potatoes available and the meat was not so forthcoming. because of committments 3pm the last sitting was our only option but ....even though we pay the same amount the fare was very lacking so beware of late bookings.


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We went to Rumours about 2 weeks ago for Sunday lunch and booked the 4pm sitting (which was the latest sitting they did at the time), we still had plenty of choice of meat, (and lots of it), same with the veg etc, at least 6.

If I had any complaint it would be that you feel rushed as all the staff are waiting to end their shifts, and do start tidying up around you.

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Think at this time 3:00p.m. this must have been the last sitting on that particular Sunday as the staff were resetting the tables for the evening meals.

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Yes well if you saw the mountain some people made of their plates just before we had a chance to get served, no wonder they ran out., but still at the end of the day. we paid the same and received a poor substitute. Put us off going again.

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We only ever went there the once, meat dry, gravy like water, overcooked veg and hard roast potatoes. No excuses, first or last sitting the quality should be good and consistent throughout the afternoon. There is plenty of competition in the Camposol and Mazarron area. Its simple, just get it right and folk will return. Never again.

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