Where are the best Spanish restaurants.

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Hi I am new to the area around Mazarron, and would like to know where is good to have Spanish meals. day or evening meals. travelling about a bit so interested in all areas.


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If you go to the port of Mazarron there is a good choice of restaurants on the Paseo, the Spanish ones all have a good reputation and its hard to name one in particular. However, there is a lovely Spanish restaurant on the way to La Azohia, its on the left hand side called Nono's, not the cheapest but excellent for a special occasion.

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There is an excellent restaurant called the Cave, when you are travelling to Alhama de Murcia on the RM23, instead of taking the RM2, go straight across the huge roundabout (the bones) and its along that road on the left hand side. It has an excellent reputation.

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