Where can I get tins of chocolates Pto de Mazarron

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I am looking to buy tins of chocolates e.g. heros, quality st, celebrations etc in 1kg tins.Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere please?Thanks.


dicdandoo-463925 1259145083

You can get them on Camposol, either Alan's supermarket on Sector A, or Quicksave on Sector B, but a bit more pricey than in the UK.

llamedos-464504 1259148664

Quality St 14 euros a tin in kwiksave Camposol we got someone to bring a tin over 5 GBP in Asda same with the heros failing that I will do without rather than pay these extortionate prices

ps09es-468520 1259149110

They sure know how to charge. Iceland have them for 8.50€a tin but I can't get there!!

llamedos-464504 1259154729

I do not mind paying that bit extra because they have to import them. Terry´s Chocolate Orange 2.95 euros we also like Hartley´s Jellies but at 1.15euros each in Tesco etc, they are something like 30pence after Christmas you seldom see these tins of sweets reduced in price so what do they do with them?

markforrest 1259161997

Eat them maybe?

fabtastic-465808 1259163073

I got some a couple of weeks ago at Cañades de Romero boot sale (5mins past Camposol, its on every Sunday)

I cant remember the exact price but I think it was 2 tins for 18€

Geo.restin 1259168568

Why not put something on the forum for anyone picking up or dropping off friends at San Javier who would be will to make a little detour for you.

dicdandoo-463925 1259233196

Best wishes on Camposol and possibly the port have Quality Street and Roses for 9.99 tin, but check tin size as it does vary.

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