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Hi members, Can anyone tell me where is the best supermarket to acquire goods from the UK? Probably a specialist chain. I came across one but cant remember the name, and I think they had outlets in SouthEast Spain, Tenerife and maybe the Islands too. Anyone help please? Thanks a lot


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It rather depends on where you live.  There are branches of  Iceland and Quick Save and also several independant shops serving the Brit community but why not use Mercadona or Consum or even the local markets. I am sure you will find all the local Spanish produce perfectly accepable without paying for it to be shipped from the UK.

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Hi Forest Red,

Thank you for your very helpful reply. The purpose of my question was to prompt the name of these outlets which are privately owned, rather than for shopping in them myself.

I would like to contact them to offer services to them.

Can you recall their names please, as my memory is not what is was ?

As I say I recall a chain of privately owned supermarkets (not big outlet names like Iceland or Quick Save) operating mainly in south east Spain and in offshore Spanish islands too.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards

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