Which supermarket is the cheapest?

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I'm on a pension and I'm trying to cut down my shopping bills as much as possible. Which supermarket do you all find the cheapest for the essentials like milk, bread etc? I always buy Spanish brands as they tend to be cheaper and often tastier. Currently shop in Mercadona as I can walk to it but willing to travel if somewhere is considerably cheaper.


Geo.restin 1259693219

Have you tried Lidles (Is this spelt correct) they have a lot of the same things and as you don't mind trying the local stuff you may find bargains to be had and it is just across the road from Mercadona.

dicky mint-466034 1259697318

Ive tried all the supermarkets and Ive been here since before Mercadona was even built.

BY FAR THE CHEAPEST...... DIA even more offers with a Red Dia card. Every week Im thinking "this basket full would be 70 or 80 euros in Mercadona" and its always around 50 euros. Give it a try.

DavyR 1259752092

Haven't tried Lidl, there isn't one across the road from my local Mercadona in Los Alcazares. Also, I've seen DIA in San Javier next to Iceland but didn't even realise it was a supermarket as it doesn't look like one from the outside. I'll go have a look now, thanks dicky mint.

Geo.restin 1259851018

Sorry I asumed you were local to Mazarron and did not think of DIA as I don't use it but I will be giving it a try after info from Dicky Mint as we have just had a big one opened in Mazarron town.

dicdandoo-463925 1259854530

Whereabouts is the Dia in Mazarron please?

fabtastic-465808 1259856933

Yes where in Mazarron town please, the only one I know is at the side of the market but that was fairly small

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