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Hi everybody, We just started our new life in Spain about a week ago so haven't had the time to find our way round yet. With so much running around, we've decided to go out for dinner on Saturday evening and wondered if anyone could recommend a good Chinese Restaurant in the Puerto de Mazarron area? Thanks ps love the site

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We are giving Rumours on Camposol Sector B a go this afternoon for Sunday lunch, booked for 3pm. Will report back later how we got on. We have heard good reports, always good to get an opinion.

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Has the new English butchers now opened on Sector A of Camposol?

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Has anyone been over to this place? I read about it in the Chronicle and it sounds a great idea. You have a drink and a snack whilst they check over your golf clubs. They do re-gripping and give tuition too.

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That eating a handful of walnuts before bed will help you sleep. You will be giving yourself a boost of fibre and essential fatto acids together with the amino acid trypotophan which is a natural sleep inducer!

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Is this open yet for the season??

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Is there a chocolate factory on the Costa Calida?

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At Canades del Romero, the Cafe is now up and running, and serving Italian Food. Try it this Sunday 18th May, when the car boot is on.,

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Can anyone tell me where this restaurant is near the port of Mazarron please?

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Can anyone direct me to this restaurant please? Leaving from La Pinilla

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I need to get to this restaurant and I have never been to Tallante, is it obvious when you get there so to speak?

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This bar has been closed since Christmas but will be re-opening 1st May under new management with a free buffet from 7pm onwards. Situated in the commercial sector at Isla Plana. Everyone Welcome!

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Does anyone have a local Spanish recipe for chicken paella? I 'd love to try my hand at traditional Spanish cooking.

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Today I want into Angels restaurant in Mazarron centre and I was speaking with the owner Jan. She said that they have decided to move to Tenerife as they have an excellent business opportunity over there, so the restaurant is up for sale. Meanwhile they are still trading as normal until a buyer comes along.

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For those who used to frequent this establishment I have just heard on Costa Calida radio that the Anchor pub is re-opening tonight. Its now called Frankies.

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For anyone over 21 and under 50, there is a great new cafe bar with a brilliant atmosphere in Cartagena. Its called Suite 40 its on Calle Pintor Balaca 40, open every day from 15:30 onwards. We went last Friday night, all Spanish folk, but great music and a good crowd.

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Can anyone recommend any nice restaurants for a menu del dia in Totana. We dont know the area very well but will be there at the end of the week and didnt want to waste time searching. Thank you.

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Can anyone tell me what the name of the restaurant is thats a ship in the port of Cartagena? We want to try and book for over the Easter time. Gracias

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Does anyone know where the butcher from El Pareton has moved to??

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Does anyone know if the new bar on Camposol, near Best Wishes is open yet?

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