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Having seen the price of mince pies that have been imported from the UK, I have decided to go it alone. Does anyone have any special recipes they can share with us all that will do the trick this Christmas!

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Does anyone know the name of the underground cocktail bar in Murcia city?? It has been recommended to me by a friend but they cant rememeber the name!!

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Does anyone have the telephone number of this chap please? Also does he deliver? Cheers

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I go to a Spanish cookery class on a Wednesday and I thought this a really simple idea to accompany the olives and crisps when entertaining. Simply buy a couple of jars of chickpeas that are in water, drain them and rinse well. Pat them dry with kitchen towel then fry in a little olive oil with salt and pepper and a little garlic salt, just serve like you would a bowl of peanuts, they are really tasty.

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We want to try a different restaurant each month and wondered if anyone had been along to Stallones in Fuente? Always good to get a recommendation. Cheers

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This Sunday I visited a restaurant in Las Palas for the first time and I just wanted to recommend it. Its called Meson Madera, and really friendly. The food was excellent, good atmosphere and we were not rushed from our table. Three courses, extra gravy, always a good sign, and real fresh veg which was in a serving dish to help ourselves. It cost €12 and included wine. No I dont have shares in the place, I wish I did. You should book and their number is 968 159 688.

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I´m trying to cut back a little and wondered if there is a healthy alternative to the Spanish tortilla?

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can anyone help as to where i can book a hog roast in the mazarron areamack

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Recently we had a jug of sangria which tasted almost like caramel had been added. It was beautiful! they would not tell us what was in it saying it was a guarded secret. What is the real recipe?

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Does anyone know if there are any takeaways that deliver in the Mazarron area?

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Can anyone tell me when this bar shuts for the winter please?

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Has anyone come across this spirit over here! I really miss it! Or is there an equivalent in Spain? Cheers

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Bit of a long shot here, is there anywhere you can get a drink of real ale? Got a mate coming over who's a beer nut, well I like a god pint myself but he'll travel miles for one. SO anywhere on the Costa Calida would do. Non drinker will be driver of course.

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Can anyone direct me to this English bar please?

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Now we are in Spain I do not want to use anything else but olive oil in the kitchen. Can anyone explain about all the different ones that seem to be on sale, is it just about flavour or is there more to it than that. look forward to hearing from you

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Looking for a Spanish recipe for aubergines. I know they dont go a bundle on fresh veg here but I miss it!

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Can anyone tell me how easy it is to get to this restaurant. I believe its near to Los Canovas but am not very good with directions?

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If you add lemon juice to the water when you are stewing apples it will stop them from going brown. For tastier cooked mushrooms in an omelette or pizza or just fried - sprinkle them with lemon juice and salt and let them stand for about 15 minutes before using them. Anyone else got any tips on the use of lemons?

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Can anyone recommend a typically English restaurant to take my mother in law to please. We have got her over here but she is very fussy over her food so we cant attempt anything Spanish I´m afraid. Quite happy to travel, we are Lorca area.

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I read the recipe for the unusual salad with sandia melon. As they are in abundance at the moment and very cheap I wondered if anyone else had any ideas of how to use them up. Its a shame to see them rotting in the fields.

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