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I am trying to find out if there is a show this weekend, 17 April 2011?I can't even rustle up their telephone number!Jon

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Hi all, new here so please forgive me if this has been asked before. Does anyone know of any gourmet food stores anywhere in the Murcia region? I'm having a bit of a special do and would like to buy the best quality food I can. Thanks, Dexter.

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Hi Does anyone know where I can buy fresh cranberries (or failing everything else frozen ones) In Spanish I think they are called arándanos rojos - I need them for a recipe Thanks Sandy

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I'm planning a big surprise birthday party and would like to give the guests a Champagne reception. A large number of us are not keen on Cava so am hoping someone here could recommend a reasonably priced alternative that I can buy locally (run out of time to buy online).Any help much appreciated.

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A few years ago before I came to live in Spain, a friend told me that Spain is famous for its sherry and that I should go on the tour. I'd like to do it so can anyone tell me where the tour is? anyone here ever done the tour?

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A quote from Iceland overseas website..... Camposol - Was Due to open in March 2011. We were due to sign the purchase of a site in Camposol on 24/11/2010. At the last minute we found problems with the Purchase agreement and as a result we have had to pull out of this deal.We are still very interested in putting a store in this area so please if you see any available shops then let us know. We apologise for the dissapointing news and we are as upset as everyone else at this news.We will keep looking.

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Anyone know where I can get Marjoram for cooking? I've tried my local Mercadona, Aldi and Lidl in San Javier and Iceland. Any suggestions other than buy online?

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I have an open fire in my living room and like using it to cook, so I'd like to try making a stew or soup or something. Has anyone got any tips or recipes they could share(doesn't matter if they are old fashioned/rustic!!)

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I have the full details from a pal of lovley, the new restaurant is called Royal India and its not sorry open on sunda, it has its opening party on wednesday 17th of nov 2010 this week coming and it will be from 7pm with a singer or show and low cost opening night meal of 9.95 this is the right info, for the peeps who dont know its in the port were love india was.

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AngloINFO has over 160 INFOrmation pages that are regularly updated. This month AngloINFO have: Added new INFOrmation Page, Spanish Wines - Find out about the different Spanish wines; their classifications, different grape varieties and the regional specialities including Cava and Vino de Jerez. Updated INFOrmation Page, Foods of Spain - An introduction to the typical Spanish foods, from tapas and paella to the famous Spanish produce including olive oil, chorizo and serrano ham.

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I have tried the new pakastani tandori bali hi, Halal indian food is always a little different, but I thought it was ok.

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For Xmas day I decided to go to the port Mazarron as it was nice and sunny and after a walk and chat with friends decided to have lunch at the Da Fu Hau. 3 course plus a drink what did I pay?6.90Not 60 euros (oh included a glass of cava) for a Xmas lunch at Don Ricardos.nor 45 or 49 Euros for a meal at the Indian restaurant (oh included drinks)nor 50 euros for Xmas lunch on the Paseo. So New Year if no one has booked anywhere the Da Fu Hau is charging normal prices for their evening Menu so if you have not booked would like to eat out New Years eve give it a go. For those who like a drink or two you can always move on to nearer home after your meal.Can any one beat the 50 euros price for Xmas lunch?

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This will be our first Christmas in Spain so was wondering if anyone can recommend some restaurants that are doing a Christmas day lunch for a reasonable price ie not €40/€50 per person as there are 4 of us (2 adults, 2 kids). Does not have to be traditional Christmas lunch, just good food, good atmosphere and child friendly. We live in Alhama de Murcia but don't mind a reasonable drive for the right place.

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Can someone please tell me what Churros is? I've seen some little vans (similar to a burger van) about and they have signs up for chocolate and churros.

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Can anyone tell me how to clean a barrel to put wine in it. We found one the other week that someone was throwing out and would love to put it to use!

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Anyone know of/recommend any vegetarian restaurants in or fairly close to Mazarron or Fuente Alamo areas? My sister (who is strict veggie) is flying out for two weeks so I'd like to be able to take her our for a good meal.

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I love the idea of picking wild fruits and leaves and so on to supplement our diet. Does anyone have any idea about plants you can pick for these purposes here? I know that rarely you can find wild asparagus- anyone have any tips for me where I might find some in the valle de ricote?

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For those interested, the new Lidl in Los Alcazares opens this Thursday 29th July. I've also heard that Aldi are to open right beside them, poor old Consum.

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Can anyone tell me if the Wok Buffet restaurants are any good? I've seen them all over the place but haven't tried them yet. Opinions please.

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