started by: Babs-466471 · last update: 1279543352 · posted: 1279184403

Hi, can anyone here tell me how to find Fat Catz in Santiago de la Ribera?

started by: Forest Red-469057 · last update: 1278937440 · posted: 1278752707

I look like having a bumper crop of grapes this year and was thinking about making a few bottles of wine from them just for the fun of it. I used to make wine back in the UK many years ago but left all the equipment behind. Does anyone know where I might pick up some equipment here in Murcia.

started by: hyena-469733 · last update: 1276768082 · posted: 1275498748

can anyone recommend any good restaurants but not in mazarron or the port. any type of food but spanish would be good

started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1275302208 · posted: 1274789872

As I don't normally buy sugar, can anyone please tell me if the Spanish supermarkets sell brown sugar as I need it for a recipe? Thanks.

started by: Lawrence247 · last update: 1275080779 · posted: 1264673767

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant in Los Alcazares?

started by: Alcazar-468386 · last update: 1270126421 · posted: 1270047183

Was driving alongt the main road through Los Alcazares today and spotted a building site next to Consum with a huge Lidl sign outside. It'll be great to have one a bit closer than San Javier, has anyone heard when it'll be ready?

started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1269447420 · posted: 1269361431

Does anyone know where I can find sultanas and nutmeg for making bread and butter pudding? Haven't seen them in the Spanish supermarkets (although I may have looked in the wrong place).

started by: Moomin-468581 · last update: 1268769935 · posted: 1264612317

Can anyone please tell me if I'll find free range eggs in Spanish supermarkets? I don't speak Spanish as yet so not sure how to identify them. Any help much appreciated.

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1268769759 · posted: 1268769759

Have had a lovely well cooked nicely presented meal today at the New Royal in El Alamillo. very good, includes a drinkand can recommend for 8.50 euros. Menu del dia.This Saturday I note they are having Rod Stewart - take off. making for a good night.

started by: Mauritius123-469327 · last update: 1267029892 · posted: 1265017587

Hi,We are coming to Costa Calida -staying at Mazarron Country Club - in July and would like to find out what there is to do?Where are the best restaurants - would be interested in all budgets and also child-friendly?Am looking forward to visiting.

started by: sparkle-469303 · last update: 1266259954 · posted: 1266076608

My daughters 10th birthday is coming up, and would love to get her a cake made, we live in "alhama" near mazarron, does anyone know of any cakes shops? Thanks

started by: margsy · last update: 1265812514 · posted: 1265655228

Does anybody know where we can buy ground nut oil round Mazarron? Looked in Carrefour and Eroski in Cartagena with no luck... any ideas please?

started by: Darren-469314 · last update: 1265142066 · posted: 1265033281

Are these found in Spanish supermarkets or do I need somewhere specialist?

started by: Monty-469157 · last update: 1265131282 · posted: 1264791774

Can anyone suggest the best type of wok for use on an electric hob (I've only ever used gas) and also, where would be the best place to get one?

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hi can anyone recommend any good Spanish restaurants anywhere for us to try

started by: Stu-469246 · last update: 1263812761 · posted: 1263555446

Can anyone tell me where I might find Mascarpone? I'm making Tiramisu. Also, is icing sugar easy to find?

started by: bintang12 · last update: 1261406091 · posted: 1261406091

Its nice that bollywood on section B has made an effort to redo there xmas decore it looks really nice well done guys.

started by: tinkerbell-469005 · last update: 1261243771 · posted: 1260176793

Does anyone out there have a telephone number for Iceland in San Javier as I am trying to find out if they are open on Boxing Day. Or if anyone is callling in before then, could they please ask for me and let me know. I dont want to drive for an hour only to find out they are closed. Many thanks.

started by: Shepherd-463678 · last update: 1260642117 · posted: 1260624242

According to the Government - Mercadona has the lowest prices on foodstuffs, followed by Carrefour. The highest prices are at El Corte Ingles, Hipercor, Supercor and El Arbol. Just so you know!

started by: Michelle-463680 · last update: 1260630715 · posted: 1260630715

We have been contact by one of our members asking for the phone number of the Chinese restaurant in Fuente Alamo. Would anyone happen to know name and phone number of the restaurant?

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