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I see it's a public holiday today (8th Dec), are the supermarkets closed?

started by: DavyR · last update: 1259856933 · posted: 1259667594

I'm on a pension and I'm trying to cut down my shopping bills as much as possible. Which supermarket do you all find the cheapest for the essentials like milk, bread etc? I always buy Spanish brands as they tend to be cheaper and often tastier. Currently shop in Mercadona as I can walk to it but willing to travel if somewhere is considerably cheaper.

started by: sue861 · last update: 1259850082 · posted: 1259758910

A strange question I know! Will I be able to buy that Green Christmas Staple that is the humble Brussel Sprout in or around the Mazarron area? Coming over for Christmas and my Turkey dinner would so not be the same! Many thanks

started by: Tiony · last update: 1259772936 · posted: 1259769875

I saw this in the Whats on for Mazarron http://costacalida.angloinfo.com/information/whatsonwhere.asp?city=36 I wouldn't mind going along, is the restaurant easy to find in La Azohia.

started by: Andy-466902 · last update: 1259594195 · posted: 1239202340

I love to go out from time to time with the family to enjoy a traditional Sunday lunch as we usually eat Spanish. However, most of the places we have tried so far are either expensive for what you're getting or so smoky that you can't enjoy what you are eating. Please recommend me a restaurant that is completely smoke free and doesn't charge over the odds for Sunday lunch. I don't mind where you are as we would like to try a few different ones.

started by: jono-468843 · last update: 1259344125 · posted: 1256830449

Frozen chips & Frozen veg!

started by: ps09es-468520 · last update: 1259233196 · posted: 1259143603

I am looking to buy tins of chocolates e.g. heros, quality st, celebrations etc in 1kg tins.Has anyone seen these for sale anywhere please?Thanks.

started by: Campo-466585 · last update: 1258985168 · posted: 1257504432

I used to always get Stowells of Chelsea box wine back in the UK, can anyone recommend a good one out here?

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1258958920 · posted: 1254419356

Have you tried the Da Fu Hau Chinese Restaurant in the Pto Mazarron? They now do a Wok Buffet for 9.50 euros and the food is fabulous, nice presentation, and welcoming place to eat. I believe they do this 9.50 euros Buffet every evening... Try it.

started by: billi161-467953 · last update: 1258895875 · posted: 1257529613

hi we are moving near to mazarron/campasol shortly, anyone know where we could book a good xmas day dinner?

started by: jdm-465057 · last update: 1258390678 · posted: 1257026604

I know i can use good strong plain flour - or even a plain flour/durum mix. But does anyone know where, local to Puerto de Mazarron i can get '00' flour for pasta making. I've tried all the normal places, in fact i can't even find fine durum or semolina flour. I would appreciate any assistance.Thanks.

started by: Sasha-468487 · last update: 1258375703 · posted: 1258115321

Does anyone here have a good recipe for mulled wine? Some Spanish friends would love to try it.

started by: vsmd · last update: 1258362822 · posted: 1258322908

Has anyone been to the tea pot next to the mercadona in the port since it has been taken over. We went down on sat and what a differance from the last people that had the place, the new owners are so friendly and polite, and the food tastes that much better. Give it a go what a change. Regards vsmd

started by: Jilly-464782 · last update: 1257585749 · posted: 1257422602

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano etc? I can't find any in my local Spanish supermarkets.

started by: paula-464043 · last update: 1257441790 · posted: 1257331744

Is there anywhere you can buy Farleys Rusks in the Puerto de Mazarron area?

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1257414716 · posted: 1257414716

I have just ordered my Fresh Turkey from the English Butchers on Camposol, Mazarron.Yes it is an English thing but I like a nice tasting Turkey for xmas... and I priced it around this area, and it is the best value...Had one last year and it was really nice tasting...so I have ordered from the same Butchers on Camposol... dont want to miss out...

started by: Jilly-464782 · last update: 1257175476 · posted: 1256901489

Do we have any Irish users here? I have some friends coming over from Ireland and would love to make them champ. I have trawled the internet for a recipe but each is so different. Can someone please help?

started by: PatB-466675 · last update: 1256986704 · posted: 1256743012

Can anyone tell me whether it's possible to buy loose coffee beans anywhere. I live in San Javier but can travel.

started by: Babs-466471 · last update: 1256670018 · posted: 1256581309

I'd love to have a go at making my own rice pudding, can anyone tell me what type of rice you use?

started by: Aiden-467745 · last update: 1256649261 · posted: 1256140066

Where do you think has the best tapas around the region? Don't mind where you are as I intend to travel around trying the different places for an article I'm writing.

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