started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1256573635 · posted: 1256386589

Does anyone have any healthy recipe ideas for couscous?

started by: Tiony · last update: 1256389258 · posted: 1256336486

I am looking for something to reseal a bottle of wine when you haven't finished, it to preserve the taste - any suggestions what and where I can get something locally?

started by: Bambino-468810 · last update: 1256206597 · posted: 1255702858

Can anyone please tell me where I could buy wine making kits? I'm fairly new to Alhama de Murcia so any pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks

started by: billi161-467953 · last update: 1255968668 · posted: 1255367254

hi we are moving nr to mazarron shortly. can anyone recommend any good restaurants around and does anyone know if any are doing christmas day meal

started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1255792824 · posted: 1255625933

Does anyone know where I might find some bagels? Have looked in Aldi, Lidel and my local Mercadona. Any suggestions please?

started by: Petra-465036 · last update: 1255600041 · posted: 1255356601

Does anyone know where I can buy quinoa? I did enquire at the Mercadona and they suggested Eroski who do not appear to have any - assistants are thin on the ground! Your help would be appreciated. Many thanks.

started by: Moomin-468581 · last update: 1254252459 · posted: 1254217497

Is it possible to get non alcoholic wine in the Spanish supermarkets? I've seen beer but not sure on wine.

started by: Marymoo-463713 · last update: 1254131082 · posted: 1253811080

Anyone have a good recipe for Natillas? I tried it for the first time at the recommendation of a friend and it was delicious.

started by: Slinky-463569 · last update: 1253964373 · posted: 1253791923

I used to love making salad and adding Feta cheese but I can't seem to find it over here. I've tried my local Mercadona (Los Alcazares) and Eroski (Dos Mares), anyone any suggestions where I may find some?

started by: BonBon-468545 · last update: 1253719678 · posted: 1253627087

Is there a proper way to ask for hot/drinking chocolate in Spanish? I tried to order one for my daughter by just asking for chocolate but when they said no, I wasn't sure if they just didn't understand what I meant.

started by: MJ-467788 · last update: 1253093582 · posted: 1253011753

Can anyone tell me if Iceland sell Quorn mince and sausages? I have friends coming out next week that are vegetarian.

started by: Aiden-467745 · last update: 1252845971 · posted: 1249907510

Does anyone know if there are any Sushi bars anywhere on the Costa? I have friends coming over next month and it's their favourite.

started by: Sasha-468487 · last update: 1252405326 · posted: 1252065200

My best friend would love to come visit me in my new home in Spain but has an intolerance to gluten. Does anyone know if Spanish supermarkets sell wheat/gluten free products or if there is anywhere else I could try?

started by: jonjon2010 · last update: 1252405307 · posted: 1252316408

Where can you buy Smoked pimenton in South Murcia? I don't want "dulce" or "picante", I want "smoked". Thank you.

started by: SandyT-466968 · last update: 1251972839 · posted: 1251815890

I've seen this listed under drinks on Spanish menus but have no idea what it is. Can someone please enlighten me?

started by: BrianJC · last update: 1251735459 · posted: 1251716968

A friend of mine wants to know if there are any chinese food supply shop in the Mar Menor area? Any help would be most welcome. BrianJC

started by: 30875-466240 · last update: 1251711703 · posted: 1251408550

Id like to recommend Fred Elliots new restaurant in Bolnuevo. We had a great meal there today at a good price! Only complaint - they dont accept any card payments - so bring cash only!!

started by: Babs-466471 · last update: 1251191794 · posted: 1251055631

I know most supermarkets sell bottles of ready made sangria but I have never tried them. Can anyone tell me which brand, if any is any good or should I just try making it myself?

started by: Jasmin-466806 · last update: 1251117492 · posted: 1250864111

Does anyone know if there are any health food stores in either Murcia or Cartagena cities?

started by: Janice-464236 · last update: 1250934615 · posted: 1250772620

Can I get double cream in the Spanish supermarkets and what would it be called? If not, can anyone suggest a good substitute? I'm making a sponge cake with jam and cream.

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