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I am looking for a restaurant for a very special occasion. A Meal for two and all the trimmings, any recommendations? I don’t speak very much Spanish and I don’t want to spoil the experience by not being able to order everything exactly as we like it.

started by: Andy-466902 · last update: 1250159532 · posted: 1249989602

I haven't had pizza for a long time but have suddenly taken a notion for one. Can anyone recommend a good place to get one? I'm in San Pedro but will travel for the right place.

started by: Babs-466471 · last update: 1248860968 · posted: 1248775659

I'd love to have a go at making my own paella but not sure which rice to use. I know you get long grain and risotto rice but is there something else for paella?

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Anyone know the opening times for the Gran Mundo in Puerto de Mazarron and/or the Wok Buffet inside the Carrefour hypermarket on the Parque Mediterraneo?We are taking a relative back to the airport tonight and want to give them a good meal before they go!

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I know that you are able to do a course in English to obtain this certificate, does anyone have any details please.

started by: Babs-466471 · last update: 1243703640 · posted: 1243607826

I see the advert for menu del dia at Campbell's restaurant and wondered if anyone has tried there yet and is it easy to find in Roda? Seems a really good price for the Los Alcazares area as most charge around €15.

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Can anybody tell me where the new Iceland is in San Javier - directions would help - we are frequent visitors to the area (not being able to afford a place permanently now - although we did nearly buy a house 2 years ago) and I would like to start using Iceland. Thanks. Liz

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Does anyone know of any Mexican Restaurants anywhere? My brother and his girlfriend are coming out for a visit next month and they asked me to find out as they love Mexican food.

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Has anyone been to the new Iceland store in San Javier and what's the verdict?

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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get dairy free products in the Spanish supermarkets or is there anywhere else I can get them? My sister is coming over to visit and she is allergic to cow's milk.

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Is there a supermarket that is open on a Sunday in the Camposol/Mazarron area? Thanks

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I have just had a full english breakfast ( 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausages, toms. two rounds of toast and tea) all for 3.50 euro at the Market Tavern in Pto Mazarron, and very nice and fresh it was. I also note they now do Menu del dia for 7.50,including a drink Monday to Saturday also their Fish and chips which are suppurb for 6 euros incl a drink if 4 or more go- is now on Mondays to Saturdays. evening instead of just the one day, Curry night is Thursdays and is 10 euro and............ SROVE TUESDAY IS PANCAKE DAY 24th Feb eat as much as you like for 3 euros. so get booking folks. sounds good to me. tel no 968 154 588 to book the Market Tavern, not far from the indoor market and bus station in Pto Mazarron.

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Did you know that The Russian bar in Valle del Sol (close to La Torre Golf Resort) is starting to serve english food from Monday 9th March.+34 868 000 210

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I went to the Tourist Exhibition in Torre Pacheco at the weekend and was given two bags of lemons for free, can anyone make any good suggestions on how to use them all?

started by: phy-463953 · last update: 1234091936 · posted: 1234033356

La Carla in the Port is now doing all you can eat for 10euro. Spanish resturant opp Grand Mundo (on corner) Lovely food, lovely staff, well worth a visit.

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Its good to hear that another local restaurant in the Mazarron area is now opening for Sunday lunches at a very reasonable cost of Euros 10 for three courses, Trevi on Urbanisation Camposol, Sector B. Finally restaurant and bar owners realise there is no money around and are taking action acccordingly.

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I have just heard that to celebrate the re-opening of Salud Bar and to help with the exchange rate situ they have slashed the prices on all their spirits, stouts and ciders up until the summer. Every little helps, we can drown our sorrows for less Euros.

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We're having a few friends over this Friday for drinks and a few nibbles before they head to the UK for Christmas. To join in the traditional UK Christmas theme, I was hoping to have a few mince pies but can't seem to find any. Do you get such a thing here or am I being over hopeful?

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Is there such a thing as Asian supermarkets over here where I can buy all the stuff I need to make my own curries etc? I know some of the larger Spanish supermarkets stock some of the ingredients but they tend to be very expensive.

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Has anyone been to the Saladillo Restaurant on Camposol A recently for fish and chips? I went a long while ago and it was good, but my friend went recently and no one there eating, and as she was not well afterwards. I wondered if any one can comment, as I recommended this, i feel responsible..,

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