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If you go to Rumours on Camposol for a Sunday lunch, do not expect to get the same service at 3pm as at other times. we were very very dissapointed only 2 veg plus potatoes available and the meat was not so forthcoming. because of committments 3pm the last sitting was our only option but ....even though we pay the same amount the fare was very lacking so beware of late bookings.

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Are there any of the big coffee companies over here on the Costa Calida? I know we have the usual McDonalds, KFC, Burger KIng and so on but what about the others as their coffee is much better.

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Have just had one of the best Sunday lunches at Meson Madera in Las Palas. starts from 8.99 for one course and 14euros for 3 courses including wine. lots of vegies, and 3 choices of meats. last sitting is 6pm I believe, so can fit in with most people. excellent food. need to book.

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Does anyone know where I can take my olives for pressing for olive oil. I have had a bumper crop from my tree this year.

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Can anyone recommend a good Spanish cookery book as I would love to learn how to cook some of the tasty dishes I've tried? It has to be in English as I don't have enough Spanish yet but I'm working on that as well.

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I am delighted to see that Cornish Pride have moved from El Pareton onto Camposol. I hope they do well. I called in on my way through recently and apart from the takeway food they now have a cafe set up open 7 days a week. Tel: 696 724 123.

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Went to boot fare and saw that they are advertising Christmas day dinner with catering being done by Karen from the Teapot in the Port. There will be live entertainment from 12.00pm with Juan Miguel and Barrington (they were great at the last do they did together). Dinner is being served at 3.00 p.m. and is the only sitting. Menu looks good. Welcome drink on arrival, bottle wine between two at dinner. Choice of 4 starters, choice of 4 main courses, served with traditional veg and all trimmings for choice of dish. 6 desserts, coffee or tea with mince pies everything home made and all for 49 euros...I didn't think this was bad and have already bought my tickets as there are only 80 available. You can get them from the Teapot in the port or Ron at the boot fare and i suppose from the bar at Canadas

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I'm embarrased to admit that I have only ever bought chorizo from my local supermarket having very little time to go elsewhere. Can anyone recommend the best places to buy it as I absolutely love the stuff? I'm in Totana but don't mind travelling when I have the time.

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Hi all just wondering if anyone could recommend somewhere to eat out on xmas day. Sorry to be talking about xmas in october

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Does anyone know of a good banana bread recipe for a bread maker?

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Has anyone had an evening meal at the Fresco Bistro? It´s our wedding anniversary in a couple of days and I´d like to take the wife somewhere different.

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Have just had a very good lunch at Stalones Fuente Alamo, and can fully recommend this, cost 10euros, with very varied choice of 3 course with Salad, Stalones is situated on the main street, at the top (furthest away from the market which is held on Saturdays) worth a visit.

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Does anyone know of a nice Spanish restaurant in Puerto de Mazarron, where we could go for lunch, not for menu of the day, somewhere a bit classy?

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Hi I am new to the area around Mazarron, and would like to know where is good to have Spanish meals. day or evening meals. travelling about a bit so interested in all areas.

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Can anyone help me with a Spanish Omlette recipe? I just can't seem to get it to come out right and I was hoping to impress some friends I have visiting next week.

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Have just had a very good meal - freshy cooked, at Los Amigos. and notice they do a Sunday lunch 10euros for 2 course.... The cheff is very good, and the food was excellent. Well worth a visit on the N332 Cartagena to Mazarron road, in Tallante 4 miles from Las Palas. well worth the visit. tel. 968 163 640 open Thurs - Sat 12.00-16.00 and 19.00-23.00. Sunday lunch 12.-18.00hrs. need to book.

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Finally it looks like TJ's bar on Camposol has been given the go ahead for re-opening. So all the regulars will be pleased, open from tomorrow afternoon - assuming they get a delivery from the brewery in time!

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Please do not tip when having Menu del dia, the Spanish are very upset that the English and ohers tip. as this causes the price to go up. and as we all have to tighten our belts., if you want to tip donate to MABS or some other charity to do with helping others.

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Can anyone suggest anything we could make with all the almonds off the trees. We inherited them without giving it alot of thought and although we love seeing the blossom we are now stuck what to do with the nuts apart from shelling and salting them. Thank you.

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Slowly but surely I have noticed prices increasing around us to eat out, especially in the English restaurants. Its proving to be as expensive here as it was back in the UK. I know alot has to do with our pensions etc and the exchange rate but come on Brits give us a break. One euro for a tea bag and some hot water, really takes the biscuit. No literally, no biscuit with your brew for one euro!

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