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Further to Brian's comments on the costs increasing around us. A prime example, last night we would have loved to have gone out and had a good steak and a bottle of wine locally to round off the week. When we worked out that a steak is Euros 18 each, plus wine, etc. we decided that a trip to the local supermarket instead was better and bought two rib eye for Euros 12. I am afraid that evening meals out are now a luxury even over here, although we do still have the value menu del dia's around I know.

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1221908865 · posted: 1221855635

I am almost ashamed to say, we have friends staying over and they wanted to make their own way to a good Spanish restaurant in Mazarron, serving typical spanish cuisine. I couldnt think of one, not one. I have been regularly let down and end up at a Chinese or an Indian, how bad is that. Can anyone recommend one to us?

started by: milliemoo-463663 · last update: 1221778159 · posted: 1221765824

Anyone go a really basic recipe I could follow. Also assuming I actually give it a go how long would it last and do I have to keep it in the fridge?

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1221728029 · posted: 1221573996

The English butchers on Camposol A, are now taking orders for Xmas Turkeys. Yes I know the sun is still glaring at us. but if you know you need a Turkey, you can start ordering now,. and make sure you are not dissapointed.

started by: thepieman-464122 · last update: 1221647871 · posted: 1221598344

Can anyone tell me if any of the restaurants on the Urbanisation Camposol deliver? Indian, Chinese, Italian?

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1221558275 · posted: 1221436512

Having been to Rumours on Sector B Camposol before for Sunday lunch and not being impressed, can certainly recommend the lunch now. excelent lunch. and very busy it is too, so you need to book,.

started by: Debbiecampo · last update: 1221325819 · posted: 1221325819

The bar is due to open again on Monday, they have been closed for a much needed break.

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1221084436 · posted: 1221010167

Can reccommend

started by: IdRatherBeInAlbania-463634 · last update: 1220697890 · posted: 1220351263

Any recommendations in the Mazarron area as to where to go for the best Paella around?? The Arco is good but does anyone have a recommendation?

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1220648396 · posted: 1220642007

Does anyone know the name of the factory you can see just of the AP7 its something like Espozo?

started by: Freda2462 · last update: 1220383778 · posted: 1220026310

Does anyone know if we are any nearer to having our Kwiksave reopened?

started by: Freda2462 · last update: 1220249404 · posted: 1220026251

Last night we paid a visit to this golf club, we haven't been near for many months but I have been reading about the various events they are now holding and we decided to give it a go. It was buy one beer get one free so my other half was happy. The atmosphere was lovely, great to see so many people using it for a change. Alas everything we fancied on the menu we couldnt have because the ovens were not working. Can you believe that, August, peak season, the ovens were not working. However, tonight they were having a BBQ for €12 per head, no ovens required.

started by: beaky08 · last update: 1220111510 · posted: 1220111510

I would like to recommend Les Enfants Terribles, traditional French cuisine. We ate their yesterday evening and it was really lovely. I had the duck with honey. The mussels with Roquefort cheese, well words fail me. They also do a menu of the day for €11 three courses plus coffee.

started by: oasis-463772 · last update: 1220016852 · posted: 1220016852

If you like great value for money Fish and Chips are served at the Market Tavern in the Port on Tuesdays with a price of 6euros for Fish chips and pease and a free drink if 4 or more of you dine. 6 euros is for the Seniors . 9e for regular. Other food available great value. booking advisable.

started by: wayne-463056 · last update: 1219931742 · posted: 1219931742

Yesterday I ventured over to La Manga strip. Excellent day, one side like a mill pond, ideal for the kiddies and the other great waves, too dangerous to swim but what a noise and what a view. We chilled out at Surfing which is right next to the Sirena Apartments, good food and great cocktails. Strolling along we came across one of the few English bars Paddywacks, all the tables reserved for evening meals so obviously very popular.

started by: thepieman-464122 · last update: 1219757749 · posted: 1219745249

Does anyone know what times this burger place opens please? Someone has recommended it to us. Its by the roundabout in Mazarron Port. Ta.

started by: breeze. · last update: 1219145793 · posted: 1219145109

Ive just heard that St Clements in Cuevas del Reyllo is now closed. Its still listed on this site in what´s on, so does anyone know if this is just another one of those rumours

started by: brian-463006 · last update: 1218809252 · posted: 1218806608

I recently took a trip over to the Kwiksave on the Urbanisation Camposol to find it closed. Are all their stores shut or just this one? and do we know why?

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1218793022 · posted: 1218728696

I know its a national holiday tomorrow do I take it that Mercadona in the port will be shut then?

started by: hector-463002 · last update: 1218282149 · posted: 1218282149

Anyone watching the pennies at the moment might like to know that La Sirena in El Pareton are offering a special pensioners menu for €5 Monday to Saturday.

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