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This is really refreshing and cheap and easy to make for these hot summer days. Make a big pot of tea with hot water just as normal. Remove the tea bags when its to your liking, then leave it to cool. Pour over ice with fresh mint and any chopped fruit you have in. Store it in the fridge.

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has any one had a good sunday lunch recently? and would like to share. so far I cannot find anyone to better Plonkers, in Bolnuevo, for taste service and value. (two course under 10 euro) Rumours on Camposol B, very good service presentation lots of veg. however, apart from the parsnips, the veg was tasteless. the roast potatoes, tasted as if they had been cooked and re heated. but a good place for familys wanting a fast food type meal. without smoking. (unfortunately their function room is for smokers, so a no go for many on entertainment nights. a pity really. especially as the new laws on smoking are coming in.) Mariposa at Gebas serve an excelent Sunday lunch. a long way to go you may feel but well worth it. and.... you can always have a dip in the pool afterwards. this place works on pre bookings only. Angels in Mazarron also serve a good Sunday lunch, but less of it, though very tasty, and unfortunately, no good in the summer months as no air conditioning is put on. love to hear of other good venues.

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I sometimes nosey at the other websites and forums and someone asked if black olives are just green ones that have ripened? Its something I never really thought about, does anyone know the answer?

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I have read that the local regional government has passed a new law requiring all "open to the public" resturants/bars etc. to now provide a signed area for smokers that must be walled away from the rest of the establishment. I'm not sure what the minimum establishment size was but i bet it will effect 99% of all businesses. Does anyone know anything more about it?

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Anyone fancying a touch of Devon, the Calasparra arms are doing cream teas on Friday mornings. mmmm nice.

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Anyone looking for the Mini Mart in Cehegin need to know that they have moved to larger premises opposite the Cepsa Garage Cehegin, there is parking at the side by the way.

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Does anyone know if there are any French speaking bars and/or restaurants in Mazarron or Puerto de Mazarron?

started by: hector-463002 · last update: 1216399762 · posted: 1216398843

Anyone in the area may like to know there is a Galician food fair, I thinks its through to the end of the month? Any how you can sample the typical dishes from the Galicia area. Its in Plaza de Constitucion.

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Can anyone point me in the right direction of this bar in Murcia. Supposed to be really cool.

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I am finding that our local bars are starting to give very short measures when pouring spirits. The counting 5 or 6 is either being said very fast or someone is out to make yet more money out of us and its our own doing it. Spirit is cheap out here, there is no need whatsoever to do this. Its one of the things that we like to boast about and unless we say something the bars will continue to get away with it.

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Here is a question. When in New York years ago I bought a potato cake type of snack wrapped in foil. I was in the jewish quarter, it had a jewish name, it began with a k, something like kanips, I have been racking my brain trying to remember it. I want to do it this evening but cant look up the recipe because I cant remember the name. Anyone out there have any idea what I am talking about?

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We have been yet again to Stallones in Fuente Alamo, for a meal at lunch time. and yet again it is excellent, nicely presented and home made food, price includes glass of wine, and a coffee. try the garlic prawns, the steak or lassagna, lots of choice.

started by: DavyR · last update: 1214941090 · posted: 1214921468

Has anyone ever had a meal at Ramon's restaurant in Los Alcazares? I passed it the other day and it looks really nice.

started by: phy-463953 · last update: 1214894544 · posted: 1214492659

The food at the Caio Italia is excellent and good value for money, menu del dia is 9euro and well worth it. I hear Barrington is singing there friday nights in July so not only can you have good food you can have great entertainment as well. My wife and I shall certainly be going.caio

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Has anyone got the telephone number of Rumours on Camposol please......it's not listed on this site. ThanksTrust in the power of positive thinking!

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If you are still reading this and you live on Camposol you may be interested to know that there is a two for one offer on beer tonight at the Golf Club, also house wine at €5.50 a bottle and free entertainment. If you can go along can you let us know how it went. Thanks

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I have just had the best fish and chips in a plaice (like it) in the new Comercial Hispania centre. Its tucked away in the corner near Best Wishes. Its more a Bistro and bar really, but excellent food and really friendly service. They do a take away service too.

started by: DavyR · last update: 1213388089 · posted: 1213269112

Has anyone tried the Pasty Shack in Los Alcazares? I pass it all the time but have never been in.

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I have just had my first luncheon at the Magnolia in the Port of Mazarron. It was lovely both the food and the service, I would be happy to recommend it. Note though it is normally only open in the evenings.

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Can anyone tell me what the price of Sunday lunch is at Rumours on Camposol. Is it worth going, we were let down recently at another local eatery and dont want the same thing to happen this Sunday.

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