Changes to State Pension age for women

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I'd love to know how this was thought of - the format for the dates for retirement!!! Date of birth lottery!  Sorry we do not need to hear that "life is not fair" - this is unjust. This is not a male against female rant! Please sign the petition below and see the WASPI site on Facebook for more info.


PaulWatson 1453725491

Hi Patty , my wife is also fuming about this( as am I )This is just typical of this and any other government come to that . I believe there is a debate to go on in parliament because of the amount of signatures the petition had ( over 200,000) It is totally unfair and as a man I was angry too that my state pension age had gone up one year to 66 .I missed out by 6 months apparently ,I left school at 15 and have worked without a break in my payments since ( I am now 61 ) Mr Duncan /smith and his lot say that your pension is a benefit , well it isnt ,it is something that you and your employer in a lot of cases have been saving for all of your working life so how dare they dictate when you can receive it,it isnt their money, its yours. regards Paul.

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