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La Zona's Fund Raiser, Joanne On Tuesday 22ndJanuary Joan Mitchell, of HELP Murcia Mar Menor, presented Joanne Scott of La Zona Bar, Los Alcazares with a “Certificate of Appreciation” for hosting events at La Zona bar that raised money for local charities. The amount donated to HELP was the amazing sum of €2,932 during 2012.  This was raised from the Charity Market held every second Tuesday in the month, from Bingo sessions held every Wednesday at 3.30 p.m., quizzes held every Thursday at 3 p.m., last year’s Easter Egg raffle, the Carnival held on May Day last year, plus Joanne’s kind donation of gifts as prizes, and from this year’s Christmas cake raffle.  The certificate expressed thanks for her efforts on behalf of all HELP’s members.  Joanne does the same for many other charities and individual good causes. As well as running a busy bar, Joanne also teaches at a Spanish academy and is a member of Viva, a quartet associated with Spangles, a well-known 4-part harmony chorus.  In truth, a very busy lady! Two New Initiatives Launched Help Murcia Mar Menor is proud to announce two new initiatives for 2013.  The official launch of these will be at 11.0 am on Friday 8th February at the HELP office behind the Roblemar Restaurante, Los Alcazares.  It will be attended by the British Vice Consul, Mr. Lloyd Milen, and Lady Elizabeth Hebdige, Honorary Patron of our registered charity.  Firstly, we have established a Listening Ear Team - a group of volunteers, who are available to listen to people in need of someone to talk to for a variety of reasons.  Several of the team are qualified and experienced counsellors.  In the current economic climate, many people have concerns regarding finances; others who have retired here may find themselves becoming isolated as they get older or have suffered the loss of a loved one. We can listen to people who are depressed or are victims of abuse.  We can provide information on the many agencies, which may be able to help with problems encountered.  All enquiries will be treated in strict confidence. Whether you have severe problems or just need a friendly chat, we hope to be able to help.   Just call us at the HELP MMM office on Tel: 968 570 059 Monday to Friday 10 to 13.30 p.m. or on 654 632 077.   Our team will be co operating with other agencies such as The Samaritans and MABS. Our second initiative is for Help Murcia Mar Menor members only at present but could be extended later.  Many people living alone do not have people nearby who could inform relatives in case of emergency, such as unexpected admittance to hospital.   For this reason we invite members to provide contact numbers of relatives or friends in Spain or the UK, which we will keep secure in our office.  We will then provide a card to be displayed in a suitable place in their home or in a purse or wallet giving the telephone numbers of the Help MMM office and emergency phone and we will do the contacting on their behalf.


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