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How can I find out how to get connected to a landline? I believe its telefonica in my area. Also is it expensive?


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If you go on this website its in english so should answer all your questions, we dont run a landline ourselves, so cant help you on the charges. We use VOIP.

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How do you use VOIP if you do not have a landline? You need a broadband connection to use VOIP and to have broadband you need a landline! Or are you stealing bandwidth from a neighbour? Just interested.

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We use a company called Computel and the system is Softdialler. I am not sure of the ins and outs of it, but there is certainly no land line here. We had a computer installed by a local company who then set up an aerial on the roof which is linked to a satellite dish. Apart from that I dont know. We pay around €40 per month for the internet connection and the cost of the calls is minimal.

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A call to a landline in the UK for 30 minutes cost 60 cents. A call to France to a mobile for the same length of time €4.20.

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I don't suppose you have the contact information for the company that installed your system? That sounds like just what we need!

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Yes they are called Camposol Computers, there website is more info about them under the classifieds.

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