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  Feasibility Study. Hi, My name is Susana, and I was born and raised in the UK.  My mother is Spanish, and I was lucky enough to be brought up bilingually. I am a graduate of Middlesex University in the UK and Universidad Pontificia de Comillas (ICADE) in Madrid.  I qualified as a teacher at the University of the West of England (UWE). I now live in the Mazarrón area, and am considering setting up an academy to teach Spanish. My plan is to teach groups of people (of around the same level), one hour per week – or more if there is the demand.  Lessons would be in the mornings – as I find students more receptive before lunch! Group sizes would be a maximum of twelve and charges would be around €5 - €6 per person per hour. What I need to know before I start pressing buttons is how much interest there is out there, and where people would like to be taught.  OK.  You’ve read this far – Thanks!  Can you please do me a favour?  Add a comment to this post letting me know if anyone is interested, where they would like to learn (i.e. Condado de Alhama, Camposol, Mazarrón, Puerto de Mazarrón etc.), and how intensive you’d like it to be (1 hour per week, 2 hours etc.).  Obviously, please forward this on to anyone you know who may be interested.  We’ve set up a Facebook page (Mazarrón Academy) for anyone who wants to post messages on there. I look forward to hearing from people. Thank you! Susana Mazarrón Academy


bluey16 1370009881

Dear Susana,

My Husband and I am interested in having lessons and have been searching in our own area here

in Lorca, unfortunately unable to find anywhere that is close enough, depending where you

will work from we would be interested provided it is not too early as we have to think of distance

to travel, it would have to be late morning for us. We only have very little spanish so would

have to start as beginners as we are not able to converse at all.  If you do start please could you keep a note of our email to keep us informed.  Many thanks Nina.

ElLoxy 1370010626

Hi Nina,

Please forward your email address to mazarrronacademy@gmail.com

As soon as I receive it I will be in touch.


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