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If you have never explored the My AngloINFO section of the site this thread may be useful to you. My AngloINFO can be found by clicking on the link on the navigation bar towards the top of the page. From there you can administer your membership account and your interactions with the site. In the left hand column within My AngloINFO are listed the various subsections. The first of these is the "Overview" section. From here you can edit your personal details, update your location and add or the image associated with your account. I will add further information to this thread about the My AngloINFO section but if you have any immediate questions on this topic please post them here.


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Hi, is it possible to delete a classified once you sell an item?

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There is no option to delete the listing but it will expire after three months, an advertiser should mark an item Withdrawn or Sold if it is no longer available.

At any time the text or images relating to the Free Classified can be edited or updated. Up to 6 images may be included.

To make changes to Classifieds within My AngloINFO click on "My Postings" and choose the "Classifieds" tab.

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Another interesting aspect of My AngloINFO is the Connections option which allows you to connect with other members you may know or wish to contact:


By connecting with other members you will be able to confidently see and share more personal information with them depending on your privacy settings. A connection requires the explicit approval of both parties.

To find other members and request a connection to them, you can either search by user name or email address on this page or, alternatively, click on a user name wherever you see it on the site and make a connection request from there.

As always, if you have any questions let me know.

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This question was asked on the Costa Blanca site so I will copy it here as it may be useful to everyone:

"How do you mark an item withdrawn or sold please?"

Within the My AngloINFO Classifieds section all your postings are listed. Navigate to My AngloINFO - My Postings - Classifieds.

By clicking on "Edit" you will be able to change the status of the advert.

Alternatively you can edit your Classified from the main listings page.

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