The weather

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Do we take this sun for granted, I think so. I had almost been praying for some respite with the excessive heat then this morning I woke to my horror to find a dull grey cloudy sky. Bring back the sun!


cathie-463016 1186753568

Same where we are this morning and to add to it we were looking forward to seeing Salty Dog at Mazarron Country Club and theyve cancelled it because rain is forecast. See it can happen here too.

janemurf-462991 1186835481

We need a storm really to clear the air, thought it was coming last night but nothing developed. And we are back to sunshine and blue skies, thats the difference between here and the UK, dull days dont last long here.

paljoey 1187184067

Must say I like the odd cool day and enjoy it when evenings start to get cooler. I have even been know to stand outside when it rains!

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