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Hi all,  Does anyone know of someone that regularly does a 'van' run from UK to Spain from the Murcia area. I want to buy a replacement built-in double oven from the UK but none of the companies I've contacted are interested in Europe delivery. (I live in Moratalla in the northwest but I can collect.) Any pointers appreciated


Limeys 1447949169

Hi this is a number of a man from Sheffield that delivers to Alicante 07768626231

WRINKLE-470951 1447962044

Thank you , Limeys, I'll  make a note & keep it in mind,may well come in useful.regards,Wrinkle

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Hi wrinkle , do you have any idea where I can get an inflatable hot tub from in Murcia ? I've been told to get one delivered from Amazon but as we only have a holiday Home I can't guarantee the dates were over for delivery. The number I gave you  is a guy that advertises on e bay . Thanks . 

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Hi,Limeys, sorry can't help with that, is there a local shop or bar that would take the parcel in for you, for a small fee ?

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Hi wrinkle , great idea I'll put the feelers out 

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