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I don't know about anyone else but thats it I've had enough - they are off in my house. Too many times now have I sat down to lunch with my young children and had to listen to unnecessary inuendo and sexual references. and "on the edge" jibes. I know they probabaly think that they can get away with it being an english language station in a Spainsh juristiction and only broadcasting live on the radio to a small population but i have had enough.

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Today I tried to get petrol, none available, I called into the local supermarket, no meat, no veg or fruit, no bread, many shelves were empty. I wasn´t around in the war but I imagine it felt just like this. This is only after a few days I dread to think what we will all do if it continues.

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Can anyone tell me who I would contact to book a stall at the Christmas Fete which takes place at Marianos on Camposol? I dont know which organisation runs it. Thank you.

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We have friends bringing over a tourer, need a caravan park not too far from Mazarron or La Azohia, doesnt have to be right on the beach but within a 15 mile radius really, its not till early September so plenty of time. Suggestions and idea of prices would be a great help. Cheers.

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I believe that Legs and Co in Fuente Alamo have moved premises. Does anyone know where they are now and is it easier to find than the last shop?

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Does anyone have any information on the Legs and Co fashion show thats happening soon?

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Did anyone else feel the earth tremors last night - around 10:15PM. Two tremors 3-4 minutes apart? ??

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Does anyone know why we had a couple of helicopters flying over Camposol on Friday? They were there awhile and caused quite a stir.

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Dear All, I am contacting you from ITV in London where we are currently undertaking a project about British Ex-pats in Spain who are in a dilemma about whether or not to return to the UK. We are looking for people who have set up a new life abroad but have failed to shake off that lingering attachment to Britain. So, how can you give up a sunny climate and great lifestyle for an image of Britain that may no longer exist? How can you be sure Britain can offer you anywhere near the lifestyle you have abroad? We offer people the chance to come back to the UK for one week to test drive its pros and cons. We analyse the positive aspects about a return to Britain whilst also highlighting the reason why you left in the first place. The issues tackled whilst back home are completed predicated upon the issues people want to resolve. For many it is looking round the types of properties they can afford back home whilst for others it's addressing work opportunities, schooling concerns or just seeing how they would go about re-integrating themselves back into British society. Whatever your issues our goal is to ensure that by the end of the week our participants have all the information they need to make an informed decision about whether to come home or remain an expat. If this sounds like you then please get in touch with me via email on michael.hanney@fevermedia.co.uk or 0044207 4285752 Best Wishes Michael

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We need to learn Spanish for business reasons. Can anyone recommend a school or tutor close to Los Alcazares. We found the Academia Escudero in Los Alcazares on the directory listings but has anyone used and can they recommend them?

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Hi can anyone give me directions to the boot sale and Canadas del romero from Puerto de Mazarron pls.

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At the moment I do not have my passport. Does anyone know if I can fly using my international driving licence?

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Can anyone tell me when the market is at Cabo de Palos and is it easy to find?

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I just wanted to say I like the new look of the site. Just finding my way around. Well done Angloinfo.

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Are you aware that when booking into a hotel and being presented with a card to swipe when opening the door to your room. All your information, dates of stay credit card details name address passport no, etc etc are on that card and when handed back at the end of your stay, the staff or anyone could access all those details.. (until the card is re issued to another guest. so take your swipe card with you cut it up and destroy it at home. do not throw into a bin at the airport for e.g. Be very aware......

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Can anyone tell me where I can find a bus or train timetable for Cartagena to Barcelona?

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Where do I actually start to become self employed and legal over here?

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Lost in Translation? Richard and Judy want to review the wonderful, weird and wacky TV shows broadcast in Europe. Entertainment Programmes That Are Fabulously Eccentric Soaps With Surreal Storylines Bizarre Game-shows Programmes that would never be broadcast in the UK. We need your suggestions. Please email your ideas to: Euro@Cactustv.co.uk

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Did you know that for all the complaints we British make occasionally about Spanish cooking, the best restaurant in the world happens to be here in Spain. Its called El Bulli and its in a tiny village on the Costa Brava.

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Hi, Does anyone know or have a contact number for a local taxi service, that covers polaris world Hacienda Requelme and UGR La Tercia village? Save having to drive in order to have a few beers. Thanks

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