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As we are moving to Spain in August, I would really like to get a head start in learning Spanish but don't have the time to go to classes. Can anyone recommend a cd/dvd for using in the car or on my i-pod? Thanks

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Just to make people aware. Earlier this week my sister and her husband visited Ikea in Murcia. On returning to their car they noticed it was slanted, it appeared they had a flat tyre. So they proceeded to change it and were preoccupied and so whilst doing this my sisters back was taken. When they reported this in the store they were informed it had happened several times to other customers. I would like to add that the store were very sympathetic and did help cancel bank cards, but their security system seems to be concentrating more on folk leaving the store with goods not paid for than checking car parks. A sign asking customers to be more vigilant may help.

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If you are lucky enough to be 60years or over, you can travel on the trains at a discounte price..... you need to get a gold card 5 euros, and you can get this from the rail station, or Dragontours in the port can o this simple thing for you. I HAVE JUST TRAVELLED TO FRANCE from MURCIA,for 58euros each way. long journey but interesting and comfortable, as long as you take plenty to eat and drink. lots to see and the JOURNEY TO BARCELONA FROM MURCIA IS 48Euros normal price, so with te gold card you save quite a bit ... You do not need a car in Barcelona, and by doing your own thing you can plan how long you wish to stay and where to go. try it.

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hi my youngest goes to school in september so i was hoping to have spanish lessons whilst they are at school. does anyone know of anyone or if they have them on in mazarron at the education department.

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I really wonder why the Corvera airport is going ahead when I read recently that San Javier is now about to open another run way and spending millions on updating. Doesnt make any sense to me. What do others think?

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Finally I may have sorted some work out. I am bringing a small group of folk together for a meeting and wanted somewhere central for us all. Some live Aguilas, some Mazarron and others over Villamartin way. Any ideas of a suitable venue?

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I can hear a thunder storm brewing over the mountains, does anyone else turn off their computers when these storms hit or is it just me?

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Does anyone know if I could use my Makro card over here??

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Is the Ikea store in Murcia open on a Sunday?

started by: mavis-463057 · last update: 1210281391 · posted: 1209922903

I tried to find the car boot yesterday and it was no where to be seen! Can anyone direct me to it please? I believe its on every Saturday is that right?

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Has anyone been able to log on to their website to look at water bills etc? I have tried several times, but it tells me that the account code (copied from my bill) is in the incorrect format. Anyone have the correct format please? Thanks. moiraandian in sunny Spain.

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There have been some rumours about the Canadas del Romero car boot sale, it is definately on this Sunday and will be held the first and third Sunday of the month, every month throughout the year. Commences around 9am and usually starts to wind down around 1pm.

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Can anyone tell me if the RM2 to Hacienda Del Alamo is open yet?

started by: Darro18 · last update: 1209418742 · posted: 1205705060

Can anyone tell me where the village of El Berro is? I believe they are starting Spanish craft of weaving classes and fancy giving it a go thank you.

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Can anyone give me clear directions from San Javier airport to the Urbanisation Camposol in Mazarron. Thank you.

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I am a rather large lady, I am having alot of trouble finding clothes for my size. In the Uk I was a 22 - there is nothing available here. Does anyone know of any outsize shops, happy to travel to Murcia or Cartagena to find something decent.

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Last week a flyer was left on my car advertising long term parking and valet service at Murcia airport. Depending on the number of days you use the facility prices are from 93 cents up to €5.88 per day. They are called Serguro Parking. The number is 622 062 115 - if anyone uses them could they post their comments on here. I would like to know how it works out. Thanks

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Can anyone tell me if there is a Ladies Circle in Totana or Lorca please?

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Can anyone tell me where this shopping centre is? I dont really know the area near San Javier and I need to visit a shop which is near by. I just want to know if its obvious on a main route or tucked away with no signs which is often the case here in Spain!

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A friend has sent me a couple of photographs, when I try to download them I get the sign showing the folder transferring but I could be waiting hours and nothing happens?? Can anyone tell me how I can cure the problem please.

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