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Is it on tomorrow? Its normally in the Whats On section but I couldnt see it this month?

started by: crunchy-463015 · last update: 1204105165 · posted: 1203765615

I caught the end of a discussion on Costa Calida radio regarding a schooner setting sail soon from the Port of Mazarron? Did anyone hear this? Something to do with this Christian group.

started by: granny grunt-463429 · last update: 1204067331 · posted: 1203591855

Do you know what is available at the grand sale and exhibition in Camposol?

started by: placemate56 · last update: 1203765698 · posted: 1203696908

My friend is due in to Murcia airport and gave me her flight as ZA does anyone know who this is? I want to check if the flight will be in on time. Ta folks!

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1203436902 · posted: 1203435832

Please note that this trip scheduled for 5th March is now sold out. For further excursions with the Bahia Lions charity group please check out Whats On here on the Costa Calida site.

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1203361558 · posted: 1203328690

I have to find my way over to Los Belones on Wednesday. Firstly I am coming from Fuente Alamo is it well signposted? and second, I have to meet someone at an English cafe in the centre of town and I cant remember the name of it and cannot get in touch with who I´m meeting to find out. Help!

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1203361309 · posted: 1203361309

Just in case anyone was thinking of getting tickets for the grand opening of the Sensol Hotel on Camposol. There are none left!

started by: brian-463006 · last update: 1203172870 · posted: 1201707092

Does anyone know a good printer reasonably priced for some business cards, has to be Mazarron area. Cheers

started by: margrob-463189 · last update: 1203094709 · posted: 1202573331

We have just bought an Orange Pay as you Go sim card here in Spain. Does anyone know what number you ring to access your balance? Margaret and Rob

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1203069835 · posted: 1202817201

Does anyone know how I can find out whats happening in Lorca for Easter. Last year was a washout and we wold like to try again!

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1203029666 · posted: 1202556352

Can anyone help here. For some reason when I type a document and save it, instead of being held as a mircosoft word document its saving it as a file. Which means every time I want to look at it I have a list asking me to choose how I want to view. This has only happened in the last few days and has driven me mad this morning. I just want to call up a document type it up and save it without any messing. I´ve checked in the help section and its not clear what to do. Thank you

started by: placemate56 · last update: 1202646950 · posted: 1202242286

We are trying to get some prices together for a bed & breakfast and wondered what the going rate is for a double room with brecky?? Can anyone help? cheers

started by: Freda2462 · last update: 1202646786 · posted: 1202646786

Its my sons 40th Birthday next week and we would like to stay the night in Cartagena. Can anyone recommend a really good hotel with central location. Thank you

started by: Rosemarie-463469 · last update: 1202578007 · posted: 1202578007

Does anybody know of any retailers who sell ladies and mens clothes from the UK in UK sizes. If you do I would most appreciate a name, address if poss or phone number. Many thanks. Rosemarie Moon Wholesale Fashions - wholesalers of ladies and mens fashions from sml to xxxxxl and for all age groups

started by: malpasboy-462997 · last update: 1202148414 · posted: 1201888553

I have just picked up a copy of Town and Country and they are advertising a Costa Calida Business Exhibition which will take place 12 - 14 September. Just in case anyone was interested! It will take place on Sector B of Urbanisation Camposol in Mazarron.

started by: placemate56 · last update: 1202148156 · posted: 1202148156

I need to visit this shopping centre in San Javier. Can anyone guide me in please!

started by: brian-463006 · last update: 1202065464 · posted: 1200236366

I have racked my brain trying to find something I could do that would bring in a decent sum but nothing. I am finding it very difficult to find work and when I do its for a very low amount, average €5 per hour. If things dont pick up I will be back to the UK. Is anyone else having problems?

started by: placemate56 · last update: 1201969881 · posted: 1201707376

Last year we missed out on visiting a business exhibition, garden furniture, swimming pools, boats, that sort of thing. It took place at the IFA near Alicante. Does anyone know if there is going to be one this year and if so when?? I dont want to miss out again. Thanks

started by: teddy-463060 · last update: 1201632011 · posted: 1201604097

Want some advice on places to go to get a fair price on a new camcorder. Are there any decent shops around here? Or would it be better to shop online?

started by: malpasboy-462997 · last update: 1201631849 · posted: 1201448063

I heard a whisper that the boot sales at Canadas are going to be every Sunday now, can anyone confirm this?

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