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I am trying to find out more details about a fun walk I have heard about scheduled for the end of this month. I only know its in a aid of Contra Cancer group. Does anyone know about it please?

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Does anyone know where we can buy a satellite dish larger than 80cm? We have seen dishes of 80cm diameter in Leroy Merlin at Parque Meditteraneo. We want to fit this ourselves so don't want to go through a company that supplies the dish and box. Margaret and Rob

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I have just read that the tourist information office has moved temporarily whilst work is being carried out in the current office at Paseo Alfonso XII. It is now in the Consistorial Palace with the entrance in Heroes de Cavite. Opening hours will remain the same. (I would hope that there will be directions displayed on the old office showing where the temporary one is!)

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I have just taken a picture of thee most stunning sunset. I would love to have it blow up and framed. Does anyone know anywhere in Mazarron or the larger towns close by that could make it bigger for me? Would I just need to take in the chip thingy from the camera??

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Is there anyone out there that does the local markets along the coast? I would love some guidance how to start out. Thanks in advance.

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Does anyone know when the hotel is due to be open? We have friends that want to stay in the summer and it would be great if we could get them in there.

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Does anyone know if anyone in the Mazarron area is accepting christmas cards for recycling??

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Someone asked recently about how long were the sales on for. I have just read they will continue right through till 7th March!! The government allows two months of winter sales and another two months in the summer from 1st July to 31st August.

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I could kick myself, last week someone put a leaflet through the gate explaining about a new way of paing the outside of your property and gave prices. Is there anyoneout there on Camposol in Mazarron that got the same leaflet I need the info. Cheers.

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Does anyone know of any printers along the Costa that speaks English?

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Great news, just heard that there are plans for a new hospital which will serve Mazarron and Aguilas area. At the moment we have to travel to Cartagena, and although the services are excellent something closer would make life much easier. The downside is......... no timescale.

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We were given more biscuits, chocolates and other treats for Christmas then we could possibly ever eat. Instead of wasting them, do you know if there are any charities around the region that would welcome donations such as these? Or am I going to have to think of a more ingenious way of using them?

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Has this technology reached Spain yet? I have seen these iphones advertised on British TV and would love to get my hands on one?

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Just incase anyone was interested Ryanair are launching routes from Alicante to Durham Tees Valley, Newquay, and Edinburgh. They start early March and are offering flights at €16.99.

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Can anyone tell me if there is much happening in Cartagena over the Christmas and whether they did put in an ice rink as mentioned earlier on AngloINFO? I want to go over with some friends but need some direction. Ta

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Finally, I have just read that our urbanisation is finally getting a post office. Its been a long time coming as is everything over here, two years in fact, but according to the article it will be on Sector B, no dates given but now they have the go ahead it shouldnt be too long.

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Is it just where I live or has all the expats gone back to Britain for Christmas? I´m abit disappointed really there doesnt seem to be any Christmas atmosphere.

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Do anyone know where I can get some C5 Window envelopes (half of A4). Thanks

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For anyone who has missed the post and would like to send cards via email you make like to check out this site. Some of the cards are interactive so you click on parts of the picture and it makes a really lovely Christmas scene. I know there are some free sites but I really like the choice on this one and its only Pds 5.25 for twelve months so you can send cards for any occasion throughout the year. www.jacquielawson.com

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All week I have been trying to download various things sent through to me from pictures to flight information. I click on the attachment, click open, then the folder appears and it says its downloading the information, but this can go on for ages and still the document does not actually download? Does anyone have any ideas what I could do to rectify the problem? Thanks

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