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Has anyone else been unable to get internet connection over the last couple of days?? I just wanted to know if it was the whole of Mazarron or just our urbanisation?

started by: shehog · last update: 1194386056 · posted: 1188920785

Hi - we have never been to Costa Calida and I have been looking at Aguilas. We like a very Spanish town, but with one or two English bars, on the beach, with scenic areas to travel to. Can anyone give me any advice - the only two places that are interesting me at present are Aguilas or Marazzon - but I am open to other suggestions. Regards

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Does the La Manga to San Javier ferry run all year or is it only in the summer.

started by: rioja-462993 · last update: 1193921111 · posted: 1193917872

Can someone tell me the phone number of the Hospital Arrixaca in Murcia please.

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I would like to change the display on my desktop to a picture of my daughter, the picture file on my PC. but how do i do it please.

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Once a month on a Friday there is a small indoor market at Kennellys on Sector B of Camposol in Mazarron. I had heard rumours of peoples cars being keyed and yesterday I witnessed it for myself. Unfortunately it was only aimed at English number plates, but I saw three cars that had just been scratched from one end of the vehicle to the other, sometimes twice. How upsetting for the owners returning to see the mindless damage. My advice to anyone visiting this event on a Friday is to be very careful where they park their vehicle. The cars damaged were directly in front of the opticians.

started by: missie-463053 · last update: 1193157039 · posted: 1192962462

Can anyone tell me when the next meeting for the Welcome group is taking place on Camposol? Thank you

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1193133459 · posted: 1192788990

We have had a deluge of bad weather over the last couple of days and it amazes me that a country who suffers from water shortages all through the summer just allows it to form rivers in the streets and doesnt provide proper drainage, why? it infuriates me.

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This morning the electricity is playing up, the TV hasn´t worked properly for over a week, I cannot get a signal on my mobile and I am expecting my internet to stop any minute as I can hear thunder in the background. Added to that I cannot get off my urbanisation because the torrential rain has formed a lake at the main entrance. Is anyone else suffering this?? Bring back the sun.

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I have read that there is a El Cortes Ingles store in Cartegena, where abouts is it located please.

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We are just about to move to the area from France because of work. We need to be within communting distance of Cartagena. I would be most grateful for a few ideas and views on the best area to live. We are 30 somethings with no children, we do have a large dog that likes long walks. We like to eat out quite alot and we speak Spanish. look forward very much to hearing from people.

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I have just read a report that Brits on the Costas are still falling for the scratch card scams. You are handed a free scratch car, which you obviously win, then you are asked to attend a very long heavy pressure selling seminar to buy into holiday timeshare. October is the busiest month for this type of heavy pressure selling by the touts. I dont think this has hit the Costa Calida but I cannot believe that we as a nation are still falling for this. So look out if you are visiting other Costas.

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Last night I watched a shocking programme on the amount of chemicals that we are subject to through every day, with cosmetics, shampoos, household products etc. Has anyone come across a Spanish range of bio products that could be used as alternatives?

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Just incase anyone didn´t know or had forgotten its a public holiday tomorrow so apart from eating and drinking thats about all you will be able to buy.

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Has anyone been to this town please? We are looking at properties there and they are very reasonable and I wondered why? Going over on Friday but just wanted to be prepared. I´ve read the guide books but wanted some input. Thanks

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We recently went over to Mula to look at properties. There is no doubt that there is alot of new development coming to the area between Mula and Bullas. Between the two towns, Mula has that old Spanish feel to it, but it really is very hilly and almost impossible get around in a car. Bullas is certainly more car friendly but doesn´t hold the same charm shall we say. It was interesting to read about the earthquake situation again that wasn´t mentioned to us either by the agent.

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I noticed on the local quicksave window they are closed today and Friday is that just in our area or is it all over Spain. Need to know asap before I head off to Cartagena! Cheers

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Are there any AngloINFO users that live in cave houses? If so I wanted to know if you purchase this type of property will it come with official papers, like an escitura? I did read that it is difficult to prove ownership and there maybe problems with land registry. Any input much appreciated.

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Is it true there are some sort of little worms in the muds of Mar Menor? A friend told me there was butI do not know if she was winding me up as she's a bit of a joker!

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Did anyone attend this exhibition last year, I hear very mixed reports and wondered whether to go along this year? I saw it advertised in the town and country directory for November time.

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