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I have a movistar sim card and use pay as you go. Can anyone tell me if someone rings me from Italy, do I pay for the call as well?

started by: citricamedia-463032 · last update: 1188552284 · posted: 1188495803

Due to my mother losing her driving license we need someone to help us move from Huescar to Aguilas. There are just myself and my daughter, very little luggage [2-3 cases] plus one small well behaved dog. [url="http://www.theaa.com/travelwatch/inc/planner_places_redirect.jsp"]Huescar to Aguilas[/url] route is here. 2hr 15 min from Huescar to Aguilas. Unfortunately Mum has mobility problems, and we are due to take over our new apartment on the 15th of next month. Can anyone help? or know a someone who can? We have looked through the removals directory but found no one who could help!!

started by: carley-462996 · last update: 1188485466 · posted: 1188222310

I am thinking of having a go at tracing our family tree, I know you can do it on the net but I would prefer some help. Does anyone know if anyone does classes on this type of thing?

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1188485272 · posted: 1188221365

Can anyone tell me when all the open air discos and summer bars star to close down along the coast?

started by: isobel-462995 · last update: 1188380234 · posted: 1188205821

I see in the paper that two ETA terrorists were positively ID´d on the Costa Calida and Costa Blanca recently, so be aware, see pics here http://www.cbnalmeria.com/

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1187869938 · posted: 1187776350

The website I used to use to send free cards seems to have disappeared, can anyone recommend a site as an alternative, all the ones coming up on the search engines want to charge me.

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1187703667 · posted: 1187607517

We have some friends who are looking in this area to live, does anyone know much about it?

started by: malpasboy-462997 · last update: 1187605833 · posted: 1187442691

How can I find out how to get connected to a landline? I believe its telefonica in my area. Also is it expensive?

started by: cathie-463016 · last update: 1187528910 · posted: 1187528910

We have just had our bill for the last two months and the cost has almost doubled! Admittedly we all use more water in the summer but no more really than last year, but the charge has doubled. This is really worrying and I dont see what can be done about it. What are others finding?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1187381955 · posted: 1187381955

I heard today that the bank holidays are colour coded? This weeks was a red, which meant no one was allowed to work machinery and make a noise or there was upto a €1000 fine. Is that true?

started by: paljoey · last update: 1187266943 · posted: 1187184291

As President of a small community I would live the opportunity to talk to others holding this position. Has anyone ever heard of an organisation for Community Presidents and Committee members?

started by: paljoey · last update: 1187258938 · posted: 1186908863

Im looking for free antivirus software to download, any recommendations please.

started by: sianee · last update: 1187184067 · posted: 1186741858

Do we take this sun for granted, I think so. I had almost been praying for some respite with the excessive heat then this morning I woke to my horror to find a dull grey cloudy sky. Bring back the sun!

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1187095378 · posted: 1187090942

I´m not sure what to expect with regards to an hourly rate for bar work. I´m sure round here its all cash in hand but even so need some guidelines.

started by: hector-463002 · last update: 1187011731 · posted: 1187006820

I am really disappointed that Easijet are following Ryanair and Jet2.com by charging for baggage as from October. Of course there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, apart from travel without a bag! How do others feel about this?

started by: janemurf-462991 · last update: 1187006966 · posted: 1187006966

Just a reminder that its a bank holiday here in Spain this Wednesday 15th August.

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This airport has only just been given the official go ahead. It should be complete by 2010, work will start early part of next year. Hopefully more competition will help keep the flight prices down. Time will tell.

started by: crunchy-463015 · last update: 1186835603 · posted: 1186835603

Does anyone know when the new airport thats been talked about for years will actually be started? Its in Corvera I believe.

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1186599946 · posted: 1186476225

Hi Hector where did you find out about this town, youve got me interested now! We are always looking to do some exploring and were heading up to Archena over the weekend. Looking at the map its not far away from there.

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1186475912 · posted: 1186402971

We have some friends thinking of buying around this area, can anyone tell us anything about it? Thanks

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