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Hi all, Can anyone supply me with the address of a company called Astrasat that are based on Camposol? I have the phone number and email but no address.Thanks.

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British Consulate Press release: This Thursday, the UK Ambassador to Spain will pay a visit to Alicante in which he will participate in a Forum for local Councillors for European residents, organised by the British Consulate. Both the Ambassador and the Consul in Alicante recognise that town halls are key to almost all local public services in Spain and that those who are not registered with them – on the “padrón” - are likely to miss out. This is why town halls with a high percentage of British nationals registered and who have a specific councillor dedicated to working with European residents have been invited to attend this forum to talk about common problems and look for innovative solutions. One of the main aims of this forum, titled “Working together to help British residents” will try to look at creative ways of encouraging British nationals who are habitually resident in Spain to register on the padrón and to see the benefits of doing so, rather than seeing it as a hassle or simply another bureaucratic process to follow. Many British residents in Spain have the idea that by not registering on the padrón, they can still remain residents in the UK, whereas in fact they end up not being considered a resident in either and thus missing out on vital support and services. The British Consul, Paul Rodwell, said – “The Consulate is here to support and advise British nationals, but I am convinced that the main source of support for communities and residents who are more vulnerable can also come from their town hall. They are the ones who are able to offer long term help, from social services or the use of meeting facilities for local clubs and associations. I urge all British nationals who haven’t registered yet on the padrón to make it their new year’s resolution for 2013 to register. It’s simply a way for the local town hall to know how many people live in their area, and enables each town to be properly resourced for their population. The benefits to the person who registers far outweigh the hassle of having to go down to the padrón office and fill in the relevant forms.” The event will be attended by councillors from over 15 town halls in the Alicante province as well as Mercedes Alonso, the Provincial Councillor responsible for European Residents. Her department provides helpful information on the padrón and other issues such as local taxes, social services, NIE numbers and driving in Spain on the website www.residenteseuropeos.com.

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  I am organising a trip to the Barcelona F1 Gran Prix next year. Leaving Camposol on friday 10th May, returning Monday 13th May. The hotel will be on the Costa Maresme, which is around 40kms from the circuit. Arrangements will be made with the coach driver for transport to the circuit on qualifying and race days (small charge per person). Price for 3 nights half board in a 3star hotel, with return ...coach from Camposol is 240 euros per person, based on double occupancy. People going will be responsible for arranging own race tickets. If you dont want to go to both days to the circuit, there is a cheap and frequent train service to Barcelona etc. for sightseeing. There are 28 places available, if needed, I may be able to organise a further coach load. If interested, please e-mail me lorrainehendo@yahoo.com specifying the number of people going.

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Just in case you are one of the many people who complain that there is nothing of quality on in the region of Murcia. (There is by the way its just that the Spanish just don't seem to promote things where the Brits will see them). Anyway on Thursday January 3rd at El Batel Auditorium, Cartagena (The New Theatre by the Cruiser Terminal) There is The Navidad concert (funded by Cajamurcia) by the Murcia Regional Symphonic Orchestra at 8.30 p.m music is described as Waltzes of The Struass Family and others from Shostakovic,etc. Tickets are from €12 each and can be purchased via Ticketmaster and collected on the occasion, there is a link from the Theatre website. You can look up the details on www.auditorioelbatel.es, if you havent yet visited this theatre then this is an occasion to make up for lost time, it is absolutely amazing ( if you like ultra modern architecture!) the seats and viewing and acoustics are amazing. It should be - as it cost 3 times the original estimate. So if only for that aspect the cost is cheap, and we are probably paying for it anyway via taxes. It would be nice to see the number of Brits be greater than the Locals. You can park very nearby without cost.

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Hi! Have a ticket with Ryan Air and I have paid for a 15 kg suitcase. Can I buy things once checked in and take it onboard? Do they weigh things again before going onboard? Thanks for an answer! Margareta

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The Ex- Servicemen’s Association of Mazarrón District (ESAMD), are pleased to announce that over €4,000 has been collected in our area for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2012.  This is €1,500 more than 2011 and our grateful thanks go to all the restaurants, shops, bars and their customers who supported this campaign.  Thanks go to our Members who stood outside Consum and other venues selling Poppies; also to those who spent hours counting and banking the proceeds.  We are very grateful to have such an amenable bank manager at the Caja Murcia Bank on Camposol Sector A.  Stop Press: An amazing €1,274.79 of the total was donated by Sara Lara’s Bar in the Puerto de Mazarrón. Sara and her customers organised sponsored events, raffles and also gave very generously of their time and money.   All the Poppy money raised in Spain goes towards helping our beneficiaries here in Spain.

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Hi, does anyone know if there are Spanish classes running in the La Manga area.I am a complete beginner and would like to learn the basics.

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Once again, Hippocampus Association takes part in Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup to remove trash and debris from the beaches.  We are inviting people, organizations and movements who want to be part of this activity for garbage mapping and want to spend a day picking up everything from cigarette butts and food wrappers to lost fishing nets and major appliances. When we trash the ocean, we trash our own well-being Whether we live along the shore or hundreds of miles inland, we are all intimately connected to the ocean. It drives and moderates our climate. It is the ultimate source of much of the water we drink and much of the air we breathe.   Join forces for a clean, healthy ocean Human hands have the power to stop it. You and your friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues can truly make a difference through this remarkable experience of cleaning up the sea.   We encourage you to take part in this experience. It will take place next Saturday 20th of October at 10:00 a.m. next to the first windmill in “La Mota” beach in Lo Pagan (San Pedro del Pinatar). Thanks beforehand for your help Cristina Mena Asociacion Hippocampus www.asociacionhippocampus.com cristina@asociacionhippocampus.com

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Please can you add this category as it does not really fit in with General  

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Hi, Does anyone know if you need a licence to ride an electric bike? Is it classed as a bicycle or a moped? Thanks Cat

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In case readers not sure of ´Making A Difference - GOmaD or MAD´ we are a Christian Humanitarian Aid Charity based in Mazarron, Murcia. We help ANYONE within our Community who Needs it! We currently have 785 Adults/Children Registered & growing! We give Food, Clothes, Furniture & will Help with other Every Day Needs!. We also collaborate closely with Local Social Services & other Organisations related to our Cause. We have many Families who are struggling to make ends meet & with the Help of Two Spanish Volunteering Mothers have set up a New Project for the collection of School Books & Material. PLEASE Help us to allow Children to attend school with dignity. Parents are responsible for purchasing every one of their childrens school books & with times hard many are unable to meet these demands - books can cost between 150.00 - 300.00euros dependant on age of child & school attending. If you are interested to Help with this Project, or want to know more then please call me direct or message me ... Many Thanks .. Amanda HELP our Local CHILDREN GOmaD is COLLECTING: SCHOOL (CURRICULUM – USED) BOOKS Plus MATERIAL PENS: BLUE, BLACK & RED PENCILS: NORMAL & COLOURING FELT-TIP PENS SCISSORS - RULERS - SELLOTAPE GLUE STICKS (Pritt-Sticks) - RUBBERS A4 LOOSE PAPER i.e. Photocopier Paper A4 NOTEPADS SQUARED (UK are Ruled/Lined) CASH DONATIONS gratefully received PLEASE Mark the Envelope ´SCHOOL MATERIAL´ & drop off at our Mazarron Shop, C/Carmen (road alongside Santander & Popular Banks) or call Amanda (President) 634 357 137 – Camposol A

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Can anyone explain the breakdown of electricty charges i.e adjustment in grid access fees and other costs in the right hand column on the bill?. Effectivly we seem to be paying double for the energy used. 

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I am sure that in the past there was a course for foreigners to take up Spanish in Mazarron town, it was run by the council and it was free.  This was awhile ago admittedly, but does anyone have any info?   Thanks

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Oh no!! What's happening to the euro? 1.24?

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Hi I have a property in Benimar 2. I live in u.k. Can anyone tell me how to register on line with the Ibedrolla and aquagest for on line billing pleas?  

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Anyone have any info about water bills on Camposol...........like when are we going to get them

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AngloINFO Costa Calida Classifieds have changed, if you have old style Classifieds on the site you may post them again to take advantage of the new Classifieds system. We have tried to make our Classifieds work much more like traditional Classifieds rather than just being forums postings. There is now a neat, templated structure which matches the type of Classified and we are allowing you to upload up to six images without charge. When the item has been sold, the poster can update their ad to mark it as “sold”. If for some reason it’s no longer available, they can mark it as “withdrawn”. In this way, people using the Classifieds can easily see which items are still available and contact the seller directly with any enquiries. Each Classified category is templated to make it easier to add details Up to six photographs can be added for free Classifieds can now be edited to add additional information, mark items as sold, or change the price All your postings are now available under the “My AngloINFO” section (right side of the new navigation bar near the top of each page) We appreciate that it will take a little while to get used to the changes but we believe that you will get much better results with the new Classifieds.

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I really want to visit the cave paintings at the UNESCO site in Cieza. Has anyone been? I read somewhere that you need to arrange a group to go - is that true? Any info welcome!

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I would be grateful if anyone could tell me where I can obtain a bus time table am I right in thinking they pick up from the Camposol business centre en-route to Murcia and the Nuevo Condomina Regards

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My wife is asking if anyone knows of someone who does over locking in the Camposol area,Thanks

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