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Hello I am a native Spanish and I am offering my self as a interpreter for doctor/ hospital appointments, I do live in Los Belones, close to La Manga Club and I will be able to help you if you need, I own a car so I could drive you in case.In case you need my help you can contact to my phone number +34 650117519 or send me a message here.I can also go: Los Alcáceres, San Javier, Los Narejos, La Manga, Mar Menor.Best Regards.

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British Embassy Press Release Nationwide cooperation agreement signed with British Embassy British people living in Spain will have easier access to the services and support of the Red Cross thanks to a nationwide cooperation agreement signed by the British Ambassador, Simon Manley, and the national vice president of the Spanish Red Cross, Javier Gimeno.  The new agreement aims to improve the quality of life for the most vulnerable expatriates, and their ability to access Red Cross services. It also seeks to encourage people in the British community to volunteer for Red Cross activities and promote collaboration with other British community associations.  The partnership, which was signed on Monday 21 September at the headquarters of the Red Cross, will be piloted in the province of Alicante, which has a large British community. The aim is then to extend it nationwide, enabling British communities across Spain to access Red Cross services and become involved in their projects.  Simon Manley said:  “People in the British communities have a wealth of experience and skills, and I really hope that this new partnership with the Red Cross will encourage more people to volunteer their talents and support for the benefit of others. “The agreement will also help to ensure that British expats in the Alicante region have easier access to the wide range of Red Cross resources, which can improve their quality of life.” Javier Gimeno added: "We have identified a large number of British people in our province who, because of their age and health, may require Red Cross services such as adapted transport, accompaniment and home telecare. Our aims are to inspire members of the British community to volunteer for the Red Cross and to encourage those who require assistance to take advantage of our services." Pamela Twissel-Cross, welfare officer for the Royal British Legion, who attended the signing, commented: “I’m really looking forward to working more closely with the Red Cross as it will give me a chance to help British nationals get additional support. “It will also be a chance to learn and find out more about what is available so that together we can support the most vulnerable.” The signing ceremony was attended by representatives of a large number of English language associations in the province of Alicante including: Age Concern Costa Blanca Sur, the Royal British Legion, the Samaritans, the Royal Airforce Association, Help at Home, International Residents Daya Nueva, AFA Torrevieja, MABS Cancer Support, Help at Home Mar Menor, and the HELP groups in Denia, Benidorm, Jalón Valley, Vega Baja and Mar Menor.

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British Embassy News Release: The Foreign Office is offering detailed advice to British citizens living in Spain on how to prepare for visits by friends or family members who have mental health issues.  The advice stems from a joint campaign with the UK’s Mental Health Foundation that aims to raise awareness of how British nationals with mental health needs can prepare before travelling overseas, and is part of World Mental Health Day on 10 October. British Consulates in Spain handled 67 cases involving mental health needs in 2014/15.    Will Middleton, Consular Regional Director for Spain, said:  “Staff at our consulates in Spain are seeing more cases involving mental health.  A deterioration in mental health whilst visiting a foreign country can cause considerable distress, both to the person concerned and to family and friends in Spain, as well as back in the UK.  “So if you have a guest who has mental health needs, do take some simple steps to help ensure their visit is trouble-free and enjoyable for all concerned.”span style="text-decoration: underline;">  If you are hosting a friend or family member with a mental health condition, you can: . Ask if your visitor has taken out travel insurance and whether the policy covers any pre-existing mental health conditions, and has a valid European Health Insurance Card (visit www.ehic.org.uk for more information) . If the visitor is on medication, check what they are taking and the normal dosage, and ask them to bring enough for their visit plus some extra to cover any unexpected delays . Whilst they are with you, encourage your visitor to continue to take their medication even if – as sometimes happens – they are feeling better because they are on holiday . Be aware that English language help for people with mental health issues may be limited in your area and that the approach of health authorities may be different to the UK. You may want to find out what support is available locally, in case you need it . Consider who you would contact if your guest’s mental health deteriorates while in Spain, and ensure you can contact them in an emergency . Make sure your own passport is valid and in a safe place, in case you need to travel in an emergency Jenny Edwards, chief executive of the Mental Health Foundation, said:  “Many people in the UK with mental health conditions manage them well day to day. However, there are a few extra things to consider when travelling abroad. Check your travel insurance covers pre-existing mental health conditions before travelling and make sure that your medication is legal, available, and sufficient for your trip.  “Changes to your itinerary or a delayed flight could impact your mental health needs so it is important to travel prepared – pack medication in your hand luggage and keep a record of your mental health contacts in the UK in case you need to reach them. Research your travel destination and locate the local mental health services for that country. By following these simple steps, a relaxing trip can be easily enjoyed.”  For more information about foreign travel and mental health, visit www.gov.uk/fco/mental-health-abroad.  You can also view the FCO ‘Mental Health: Travelling Abroad’ leaflet and travel checklist on www.gov.uk.

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Hi, all I am registered in Spain for medical services and have an' e-prescription '. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain more than one months supply if travel takes you out of Spain for more than a month. My pharmacist has no idea what i'm on about as going on 'holiday abroad' for more than a month is anathema to him. any direction appreciated, wrinkle

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We live in spain full time. We are registered with the spanish health authorities. We are pensioners receiving a british pension. We have been in possesion of a british  e.h.i.c.  Card, (european health insurance card) which we thought would entitle us to use the health services in any other e.u. Country. The card is due for renewal and we find that we have to apply as u.k. Residents. Can anyone enlighten us as to how we go about renewing this card, applying for a spanish one, or whatever, planned trips are to u.k. But driving through france etc. Thankyou. Brian williamson.

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Hi,   I am type 1 diabetic and know that treatment in spain is not free. I assume that costs for needles and insulin is reasonable but what treatment do you get for eye checks , feet etc? Is it similar to the UK where you see a specialist regularly and have other check ups?   Thanks Michele

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would be interested to hear people views on the possiblities of working as a live in care worker here. As a mature male I am looking to move into the care industry here but dont really know what the opportunities are. cheers look forward to getting some input

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Hi Visiting Spain ealy part of next year,is it still possible to to go nude at Vera Playa in Jan and Feb? Also looking for naturist friends in area

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The British Consulate and the Alicante Healthcare Team will be at various Iceland stores across the Costa Blanca this November to give shoppers the chance to find out how the Consulate can help and check that they are properly registered for healthcare.   They will have a stand at the entrance to the stores in San Javier, Benidorm and Torrevieja with information about padrón, residencia, property, healthcare and how to keep in touch with the Embassy via social media.   The team will be in the following stores on the following days:   Iceland San Javier – Monday 3rd November from 11am-3pm Iceland Benidorm – Wednesday 5th November from 11am-3pm Iceland Torrevieja – Wednesday 12th November from 11am-3pm   British Vice Consul Lloyd Milen says: “We are really grateful to Iceland for giving us the opportunity to use their stores to talk to British nationals. I hope that as well as doing the weekly shop, Brits will have a chance to talk to us about what their concerns are and how we can help them. It’s also a chance for shoppers to check that they are registered for healthcare and get answers to any questions they may have about living in Spain. We hope to see you there!”

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Roda Centro Civico on Wednesday October 15th at 11.15am, where natural Health Therapist  Sandra Ramsay will talk about Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that works on every aspect of health, enabling the body to be physically, emotionally and nutritionally balanced.  It identifies and relieves the stress which may be preventing the individual from enjoying optimum health, and combines modern Western techniques and knowledge drawn from Eastern health systems. Kinesiology works on the basis, that in order to have total health we must look at the person as a complete whole.  Factors that affect the physical body will not only have an effect on other parts of the body, but will have an effect upon the mind and emotions too.  For example, chronic back pain could lead to a person feeling depressed, and by the same token, excessive worry could contribute to the development of digestive problems which, in turn, lead to other problems. Kinesiology uses muscle testing techniques to monitor the flow of energy throughout the body on a very fine level.  Through this system, a kinesiology practitioner can identify the factors which may be disrupting the natural flow of energy. Corrections are made by gentle massage and touching reflex and acupuncture points.  Kinesiology makes use of specific body movements and may suggest changes in lifestyle or nutrition. Following the talk, you will be able to ask Sandra questions, for instance…did her knowledge and experience help her walk 234klms in 10 days whilst raising funds for HAH! A fascinating subject, all welcome, and there will be an optional lunch to follow. Details  Tel: Mary on 633 673 034 or 968 171 542.

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  Press Release from the Healthcare Team, British Consulates Madrid and Alicante:    Think healthcare when moving to Spain - or it could cost you time, worry and money, warns new video    Living in Spain without having thought about how you will look after your future health could cost you time, worry and money, warns the Department of Health in a new video about the importance of registering for healthcare.   Britons coming to Spain to live permanently, as well as those who have recently arrived, must register properly with the Spanish authorities to ensure they are fully protected by the country’s state health system. But many expatriate Britons don’t get round to it and, as Mr Thomson finds out in the video “Moving to Spain? Think about Healthcare!”, this adds worry to illness or injury and, in the worst cases, can result in big bills.    Even Britons in Spain who do think about healthcare then sometimes fail to finish the job. Last year 7,888 Britons received healthcare forms from the UK but didn’t then register with the authorities in Spain.  A lady from Gandia in Valencia now faces a large bill after being treated for cancer. It is estimated there could be up-to 20,000 UK state pensioners who have not registered correctly for healthcare in Spain.     The new video points people in the right direction. Hannah Thronicker, head of the Department of Health team in Spain, says,    “If there is one thing you must do when moving to Spain, or anywhere else abroad, it is to make sure you are covered for healthcare.     “And if you are already resident in Spain but haven’t yet registered, the video is a must-see. Get registered – don’t wait until you’re ill.”    Britons living in Spain are encouraged to share the video as widely as possible with friends and family who are living in or thinking of moving to a place in the Spanish sun.     You can share the video via Facebook, or through Twitter using the hashtag #healthcarevideolaunch and #movingtoSpain. Alternatively you can embed it in a website or include it in an email or blog.     Further information on accessing healthcare in Spain can be found at www.healthcareinspain.eu or at https://www.gov.uk/healthcare-in-spain .        Video is produced by the Healthcare Team, British Consulates Madrid and Alicante.    How to view the video: Use this link http://bit.ly/1tk9lhz , or go to www.youtube.com and search for “Moving to Spain? Think about Healthcare!”.   span style="font-family: Cambria; font-size: medium;"> strong>

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What it it rains tomorrow,?   What if I become ill?  What if I lose my partner/best friend etc,?   These are all questions we ask, and more often than not are negatives.  So what if it rains tomorrow, what can we do about it...nothing.!!  What if I become ill, lose someone close etc …. what if I don’t!!    Being able to think positively sometimes is very difficult, especially if you are feeling poorly, lonely or bereaved. We all have negative thoughts and feelings, and these sometimes can be changed into positives.  CHATTERS invite you to come along to their monthly meeting when trained Counsellor Jill Sylvester will be giving a talk on staying positive. Starting at 11.30 (coffee 11.10) on Wednesday September 17th .  Come to Roda Civico in Roda Village and find out more about how to stay positive.  After the talk, you may have a question for Jill, or you may want to make a private appointment.  Following will be an exceptionally good value menu-del-dia ,Meet new people, make new friends. All welcome.  For details Tel: Mary on 968 171 542 or Lesley on 968 124 978. We also need more volunteers to help us help our many clients.  If you have any time to spare, and would like to do something worthwhile, please call Lesley on the above or email helpathomespain@gmail.com.  Your time is valuable, please put it to good use. www.helpathome.es

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I saw somewhere on AngloINFO that if you're income was under100,000 euros a year you were entitled to free healthcare in a Spain. Before anyone gets excited by this , what it didn 't mention is that you had to have been fiscally resident before April 24 th 2012!

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The recent Ice Bucket Challenge which has been sweeping the internet and international news has arrived in Murcia. Many people who have been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge have chosen MABS as their charity. It started originally in the US with donations going to Motor Nuerone Disease (known as ALS in America) and when it arrived in the UK Macmillan were the main beneficiary so it stands to reason that the people in our region would choose MABS. Many people have been uploading their videos to the MABS Murcia/Mar Menor facebook page using hashtag #icebucketchallenge4mabs. A spokesperson for MABS, said "Awareness of MABS is higher than ever due to the power of the internet, especially Facebook, and we thank every single person who did the Ice Bucket Challenge for MABS. Every euro goes towards helping cancer patients and their families to make life a little bit easier at what is a very frightening time." If you wish to donate or upload your video here is the page to do it https://www.facebook.com/mabsmurciamarmenor don't forget #icebucketchallenge4mabs

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British Embassy Press Release: New video “Using your EHIC in Spain” aims to help visitors to Spain and their expatriate hosts Visiting Spain without proper healthcare cover could cost you time, worry and even ruin your holiday if you end up with big medical bills.  That’s the message to holidaymakers and expatriates who have friends and families visiting them this summer. The British Embassy’s Healthcare Team regularly has to help Britons in hospital without the correct cover.  In 2013, over 2,000 British holidaymakers found themselves in a public hospital in Spain and having to apply for a temporary replacement for their European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC), adding stress and frustration to urgent medical treatment.  If you are coming to Spain for a holiday or temporary stay, a valid EHIC will save you time and expense. Now “Using your EHIC in Spain”, a short video from the Embassy’s Healthcare Team, will help you understand where and how to use it.  The video also stresses the importance of travel insurance. The Healthcare Team assists many more Brits who end up in private hospitals without travel insurance and facing medical bills of thousands of pounds. Private care is not covered by an EHIC, nor reimbursed by the National Health Service.  One holidaymaker describes how travelling without an EHIC added distress to illness: “Last year I ended up in the local public hospital in Marbella with no EHIC. While I was being treated, I had to arrange for cover to be faxed over from the UK. In the end it took days because my name was misspelled by admissions and they did not link the replacement cover to me. It was awful having all that added stress, plus doing it all in Spanish, when I felt so poorly.”  But an EHIC only covers state healthcare, not private medical costs. Another traveller explains how he was caught out with no travel insurance: “When I started feeling dizzy, the hotel called for an ambulance. I was taken to a nearby hospital where I was kept in overnight. When I went to check out there was a €1,923 bill waiting for me. I had been treated in a private hospital without knowing it. Having no private insurance cover, I had to pay. That was pretty much the end of my holiday.”  Jane Ellison, Public Health Minister said: “If you live in the UK, you are entitled to a free European Health Insurance card which gives you access to healthcare when travelling in Europe. If you fall ill and aren’t properly covered, you may have to pay.  “This video gives important information about why you need a valid EHIC and travel insurance when visiting other European countries, and how to use the EHIC card should you need it.”  You can find the video here, or on YouTube by searching “Using your EHIC in Spain”.  You can also find the video and get more information on EHICs at www.healthcareinspain.eu , or on the NHS Choices website under Healthcare in Spain .

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MABS Mar Menor Cancer Support Group opened the doors of their new Cancer Centre on Wednesday 26th February.  The opening was attended by Volunteers, Patients and Sponsors.  The ribbon was cut by Maria Angeles Martinez, Principal of the Official School of Languages in San Javier, assisted by Jacqui Phillips MBE President of MABS and Janet Bell Area Co-Ordinator for MABS Mar Menor.  It was through Janet mentioning to Maria that MABS was looking for a bungalow for their Cancer Centre that the premises were found. The purpose of the Centre which is open 10a.m. - 2p.m. Monday - Friday is to provide a place for anyone affected by Cancer to drop in for information, a coffee and chat, or just a shoulder to cry on.  It also provides a treatment room for lymphatic drainage, and a room for Counselling or Complimentary Therapies. On the third Friday of every month there is a Share & Care group at 11a.m. Anyone affected by cancer or bereaved is welcome to go along for an informal talk to MABS Volunteers and other people in the same situation.  The next meeting is on friday 21st march.  Contact Anne, Share & Care Co-Ordinator on 693 795 247 for further information. MABS is completely self funded and relies entirely on donations, sponsorship, and fundraising to pay for all the services they provide. The Centre is situated on the main road between San Javier and Santiago de la Ribera, on the corner of Avenida Mar Menor and Calle Cabo de Cresus. Volunteers are always required to continue the support offered by MABS so if you have a few hours a week to spare and would like to help contact Sylvia, Volunteer Co-ordinator on 634 353 575.   Cancer does not discrimanate and neither does MABS. We help anyone of any nationality affected by Cancer.  24 hour Helpline 693 275 779.  Cancer Centre 634 328 401 10a.m. - 2p.m. Monday - Friday.

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After a very busy few weeks out in the cold at Craft Fayres, HAH volunteers, and friends of Chatters (Social Group) warmed up at their annual Christmas Lunch at Bacchus Restaurant, Urb Oasis, Los Narejos, and enjoyed by all.  The food was superb, the wine flowed, and Jumbo our own local Mr Entertainment, came along  to join in the fun.  He soon had everyone singing along, and quite a few dancing.  Mary Westcott who organised the event for Chatters said “the atmosphere was magical, and we would like to thank Helene and  Christer from Bacchus, for their superb food and hospitality,  Jumbo for making the party go with a swing, and everyone who came along to join in the fun.  It was good to see so many people enjoying themselves, and such good value”  Important Notice  HAH have had another very busy year, and as so many Volunteers are going away for Christmas for a well-earned rest,  we will be unable to take on new clients between 23rd December until 6th January.   Contingency plans will be put in place for existing clients, but please note that, in the case of emergency call 112 or visit your own GP or emergency department  at local health centres/hospitals.   The HAH  team would like to thank the local businesses for their continued support, the local community for making our events so successful, and the fantastic MEDIA who regularly  help to promote and report on our events, where would we be without you! Thank you all so much and Happy Christmas and a very happy, HEALTHY and prosperous New Year to all.

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The HOPEFULS, named as such because the carers and their suffering partners, who come to our get-togethers, are indeed hopeful that we will get some concrete help from the authorities in Murcia eventually.   Alzheimer’s and other dementias need to be urgently catered for in some way by the authorities as they are steadily increasing in numbers in the Mar Menor area.   These are dreadful diseases that need to be recognised and assisted, causing huge strain and stress for the carers, most of whom receive no help at all.    Our meetings have been very beneficial for both carers and their partners and our numbers are growing - even the 1.5hrs is a bit of respite for all.   If you know of anyone who is worried, stressed and in need of some respite then please join us at our next meeting to be held on Tuesday, 10th September at 11.30 and every alternative Tuesday thereafter.  We meet at the user friendly and spacious Lui´s Lounge on the San Javier camp site situated on the Balsicas Road out of San Javier.  Drinks and food available all day.  Games too. For further info:   Ring   968 185 008   or   667 587 187

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British Embassy Press Release: British expats urged to take last chance to find out about correct use of European Health Insurance Cards A campaign to explain how British citizens should use their European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) continues throughout the autumn with talks across the Valencia Autonomous Community. These talks will complete a campaign that has successfully raised awareness of EHICs and how to use them among British citizens and Spanish healthcare staff in the Valencia region since last September.    Martyn Standing, who leads the campaign on behalf of the UK Department of Health, said, “After a lot of stories in the media about EHICs over the last few months, this is a great opportunity for expats to come and get the facts straight from the horse’s mouth.    “Given the recent changes to the state healthcare system and the latest news regarding the Spanish Government Insurance Scheme, which will provide state healthcare for people who aren’t currently covered, Britons living in Spain really shouldn’t miss the chance to get to one of the final talks on EHICs”.    The campaign has also targeted the administrative staff of the Valencia Health Authority to explain how the UK government covers its citizens in Spain and how their medical care is funded.    The campaign has involved an innovative partnership between the Department of Health and Valencia Health Authority, with European Union funding.    Comprehensive information on the use of EHICs can be found at www.healthcareinspain.eu    Talks with Department of Health representative Martyn Standing will be held at the following venues:    10th Sept – Guardamar del Segura – Casa de Cultura, Calle Colón, 60   24th Sept – La Nucia – Centro Cultural Auditori de la Mediterránia, Plaza de l’Almassera, 1   2nd Oct – San Fulgencia – Ayuntamiento de San Fulgencio, Centro Social, Calle San Fransisco de Asís, Urb La Marina   3rd Oct – Orihuela Costa – Ayuntamiento de Orihuela Costa, Salon de Actos, Playa Flamenca N332   22nd Oct – Santa Pola – Casa de la Cultura, Calle Elche 24   5th Nov – San Miguel de Salinas – Casa de Cultura de San Miguel de Salinas, Plaza Jaime I   19th Nov – Teulada-Moraira – To be confirmed   11th Dec – Pilar de la Horadada - Casa de Cultura, Salón de Actos, Calle Carretillas, 19   12th Dec – Algorfa - Centro Cultural San Vicente Ferrer, Calle Mayor, 33

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The HOPEFULS invite all carers who are coping with partners suffering with Alzheimer´s or similar illnesses to come to a friendly get-together on Friday 23 Aug at 11.30 in Lui´s spacious and user friendly Lounge at the San Javier Camp site for a beverage and a chat. Those wishing to, can play pool, cards, dominoes, or petanque and even stay on to have lunch. We are sure this will become a popular place to meet as there is no such dedicated charity in Murcia but we are The Hopefuls. Please come along. For further info. contact Tlfn: 968 185 008 or Mobile: 667 587 187

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