CHATTERS (HAH MURCIA) Present - What If?

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What it it rains tomorrow,?   What if I become ill?  What if I lose my partner/best friend etc,?   These are all questions we ask, and more often than not are negatives.  So what if it rains tomorrow, what can we do about it...nothing.!!  What if I become ill, lose someone close etc …. what if I don’t!!    Being able to think positively sometimes is very difficult, especially if you are feeling poorly, lonely or bereaved. We all have negative thoughts and feelings, and these sometimes can be changed into positives.  CHATTERS invite you to come along to their monthly meeting when trained Counsellor Jill Sylvester will be giving a talk on staying positive. Starting at 11.30 (coffee 11.10) on Wednesday September 17th .  Come to Roda Civico in Roda Village and find out more about how to stay positive.  After the talk, you may have a question for Jill, or you may want to make a private appointment.  Following will be an exceptionally good value menu-del-dia ,Meet new people, make new friends. All welcome.  For details Tel: Mary on 968 171 542 or Lesley on 968 124 978. We also need more volunteers to help us help our many clients.  If you have any time to spare, and would like to do something worthwhile, please call Lesley on the above or email  Your time is valuable, please put it to good use.


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