Eligibility for free health care

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I saw somewhere on AngloINFO that if you're income was under100,000 euros a year you were entitled to free healthcare in a Spain. Before anyone gets excited by this , what it didn 't mention is that you had to have been fiscally resident before April 24 th 2012!


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The Spanish Healthcare system is explained in the Information pages Healthcare System in Spain


The subsequent pages explain registration and eligibility, including a link to the Ministry of Employment and Social Security online entitlement check tool.

... In April 2012, Spain introduced a healthcare reform law that affects who is entitled to free treatment under the social security system. Restrictions apply to both residents and non-residents.

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What will happen to health services for ex pats if England leaves the european community

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Hi Dennis,

Firstly, I think that the United Kingdon will not leave the EU, and secondly that any cooperative arrangements (and there are thousands of these) would not change greatly if the extremely unlikely happened.

There is so much cooperation and benefit for all parties on health, agriculture, fishing, education, employment, finance, transport ... and the list goes on - for any withdrawal to cancel them all.

Just to stick to the Health issue, if the UK (not England) withdrew from the EU would all British patients, doctors, nurses and ancillary workers in all Health care services across Europe be repatriated, would all EU patients, doctors, nurses and ancillary workers be sent in the opposite direction? I don't think so.

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