HAH - Help at Home (Mar Menor, Murcia)

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We have helped, and are currently helping a tremendous amount of people in the Mar Menor area who are struggling to cope at home following illness. We would dearly love to be able to help more. To achieve this, we need more volunteers to join our team. Can you help us to help them perhaps just a few hours when it is convenient for you?. Our help line is open between 9.30 – 5pm Mon – Friday only (not weekends).Tel 633 673 034. Outside these hours you would need to contact your Doctor, or ask your local chemist for advice on medication, or telephone the emergency services on 112. Unfortunately, we cannot give financial help, sort out insurance problems, travel arrangements, nor are we an emergency service. For other problems you may need to contact the British Consul on 902 109 356., There are many other charities to contact who deal with more specific problems such as, Age Concern, Stroke Support, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, etc., Please see local media for details. If you would like to volunteer your help, please contact Angela on 603 517 770, or email helpathomespain@gmail.com


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