Ice Bucket Challenge for MABS

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The recent Ice Bucket Challenge which has been sweeping the internet and international news has arrived in Murcia. Many people who have been nominated to do the Ice Bucket Challenge have chosen MABS as their charity. It started originally in the US with donations going to Motor Nuerone Disease (known as ALS in America) and when it arrived in the UK Macmillan were the main beneficiary so it stands to reason that the people in our region would choose MABS. Many people have been uploading their videos to the MABS Murcia/Mar Menor facebook page using hashtag #icebucketchallenge4mabs. A spokesperson for MABS, said "Awareness of MABS is higher than ever due to the power of the internet, especially Facebook, and we thank every single person who did the Ice Bucket Challenge for MABS. Every euro goes towards helping cancer patients and their families to make life a little bit easier at what is a very frightening time." If you wish to donate or upload your video here is the page to do it don't forget #icebucketchallenge4mabs


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