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Ive got visitors staying for the xmas period from the uk, one has flu like symptoms ie aching joints, feeling sick, dry mouth, headache, lathargic, no appetite. Sounds a bit like dehydration to me but Im no doctor. He wants to see a doctor, we are on Camposol. Can he just go to the medical centre on Sector A and see a doctor??


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Sorry I can’t give you a definite answer but does your friend have an EHIC card? The blue health card. If so then I should think it is OK to go to the medical centre. If not then your friend may have to visit a private doctor or clinic. Hope this helps.

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They MIGHT see your friend at Camposol, - it is worth asking, but normally visitors have to go to the Medical Centre at Mazarrón

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Thanks for your replies - hes feeling better now!

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