spanish blood transfusion service

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Is there such a thing as a spanish blood transfusion service... surely there must be, but I have never seen anything about it?


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yes - there is periodically in Mazarron town (its advertised on the town hall website), but they won't take from English People unless you have lived here for five years as you've all got mad cow disease.

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The blood donor service operates in a very similar way to the UK. They regularly visit medical centres and post the details in the centres themselves.

I went to donate last Christmas in the Port and was told that because I had lived for at least one year continuously in the UK during a certain period, something like 1981 to 1991, they couldn't accept my blood because of the continued risk of Kreuzfeldt Jakob or 'mad cow' disease.

The doctor did take my blood pressure and thanked me profusely for attending and said they would contact me when the rules relaxed which they expected would be soon.

However I noticed in the Spanish press since then that somebody died of KJD this year so I suppose it's understandable. Obviously those of us who have donated regularly for years in the UK know we don't have anything nasty but there you go.

On another note the Spanish health service has one of the highest levels of organ donation in the world. I believe every major hospital has a team of trained specialists who advise families after road accidents etc with great success.

Probably born out of the high rate of road accidents in the first place.

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So is there a spanish organ donor card system?

Or would the Kreuzfeldt Jacob problem apply as well?

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I realise this is an old subject - but wonder if there is any update on the regualtions regarding Blood Donation?



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