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For anyone who uses or would like to use Virgin Vie products, there is a special offer on until 18th September. If you place an order for Euros 30 or over you can receive 30 percent discount on further goods purchased.

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Its finally here, we are going to get a medical centre on Camposol. I am delighted and I am sure other residents will be too. The Mazarron town Hall announted that on July 30th. At 10 am., in presence of Region de Murcia and Municipal authorities the ceremony of first stone laying of the Camposol Medical Centre will be held. The centre will be located in Calle Jeréz de la Frontera on Sector A. Everyone welcome to attend.

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As any one paid a visit to Mirage Salon, in Bolnuevo, opposit the Caravan park.... They are an excellent Salon, can fully recommend. for all kinds of treatment at competative prices. find out for your self, ask Tracey (the new owner) what is available, very friendly salon. their tel no. is 968 158 433

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I have just read an article that I thought I should share with the AngloINFO ladies. Apparently women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car. The heat causes toxins which leak into the water and these toxins have been found in breast tissue. Use either a stainless stell canteen or a glass bottle. Tell your friends.

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Can everyone take note that the majority of organisations and associations, also including keep fit classes, workshops and courses etc. up and down our coast are now taking a break until September. Unless they are specifically designed for the summer months that is. See the Whats On for further details. Thank you.

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Just in case anyone was going to go along to the new weightwatchers class in Totana, they ae on holiday next week and the week after. So back on track week commencing 21st July.

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I have to have a blood test this morning for an under active thyroid. I had a couple of drinks last night, would this effect the test? I was wondering whether I should wait a day or two?

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I have been trying to get my cholesterol levels down and was reading about fats etc. good and bad. There was a mention of Canola? Does anyone know what it is??

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Ladies if you would like to have your nails done, the best place I have been to is Mirage in Bolnurvo (Opposite the Camp site) this is a unisex Hair and Beauty Studio, and good value for money. and friendly staff. give it a try.

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are a natural teeth whitener. This was an ancient Roman practice which is still used today. Crush a strawberry and mix with a little baking powder, brush onto the teeth and leave for five minutes before brushing again and rinsing.

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I am finding that wearing flats constantly is playing havoc with my feet. Does anyone know a good chiropodist?

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Just a word of warning, I have an under active thyroid and last week the doctor felt I should reduce the amount of thyroxine I was taking from 150 micrograms per day to 100 one day and 125 the next. I already had a supply of tablets for 50´s so he wrote a prescription for 100 tablets of 25 micrograms so I could easily alternate the dosage. Stay with this its worth it. I collected the prescription and on the first day I was to take 125, for some reason checked the packet, they were 100 micrograms each. I dont like to think how that would have made me feel over the next six weeks trial. So always, always check the prescription against what you are given.

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Has anyone attempted to have their teeth whitened over here? I dont mind travelling to a reputable dentist, but I am not over confident in their general care of teeth over here so I´m a little cautions.

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Does anyone know of the spanish equivalent of Gaviscon or Rennies that won´t break the bank to buy? I want a tried and tested remedy if poss please.

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I have thrown all my free papers away. Can anyone tell me which duty chemist is open today in the Mazarron or Alhama area?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a good hairdresser in Los Alcazares or very close by. Don't want to travel miles just for a haircut. Thanks

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Anyone found a good Spanish alternative to bonjela over here?

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Today I was at Canadas car boot and leaflets were being handed out for an open day at Chicas in Totana. They are opening a hairdressing area at the back of the shop and will be giving free haircuts all day Friday 7th March.

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I am planning to do a trip around Thailand. Does anyone know if I can get my jabs here in Spain?

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Can someone recommend a good opticians? I am overdue an eye test.

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