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Where can I find a weightwatchers group on the Costa Calida?

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1200232392 · posted: 1200073559

Does anyone know a good english speaking dentist around Mazarron area please.

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1198489403 · posted: 1189330218

Does anyone know if there are any Virgin Vie agents in the Mazarron area please, or ideas how I could find out. Thank you

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1197885401 · posted: 1197474491

Worth a shot, I have a boil, I really dont want to go to the doctors, and its not in a place I can show the local pharmacy, not without being taken away by the local police. Does anyone have any remedies or anything they could suggest to relieve the area.

started by: mavis-463057 · last update: 1197466496 · posted: 1197277767

When I was in the UK I used to give blood regularly. Is there anywhere over here that does similar? I cant say I have every seen it advertised?

started by: crunchy-463015 · last update: 1197277470 · posted: 1197230407

Well I remember watching Trevor McDonald many moons ago, discussing the net we Brits are falling through in the health system over here. We were all delighted when the health minister of Murcia promised by the end of the year it would be free health care for all expats irrelevant of their age..... so what happened?

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1194818188 · posted: 1194443300

Does anyone know where I could find this type of clinic on the Costa Calida? I had regular checks in the UK and wanted to keep it up.

started by: drury-463000 · last update: 1194350229 · posted: 1194344991

Does anyone know an English speaking dentist in the Mazarron area, my crown has fell out and I need is sorting quickly!

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1191696157 · posted: 1191426006

I have been suffering with earache now for well over a week. I am weary with it and it just wont shift. Has anyone tried the Hopi Candles and if so do they work? Next question where could I go to get the treatment?

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1191668502 · posted: 1191499587

Not sure how you spell it? I woke up this morning with a very painful sty in the corner of my eye. Does anyone know how I could ease it or better still get rid of it?

started by: missie-463053 · last update: 1191407945 · posted: 1190996979

I have had all sorts recommended to me to alleviate the itching from insect bites but nothing seems to work for longer than a couple of minutes! I want one that will last, any suggestions much appreciated.

started by: drury-463000 · last update: 1191341507 · posted: 1191062593

I have read that the health service in Murcia will be encouraging those over 60 to have the flu jab this winter. Its free of charge and will be administered at the local health centres.

started by: connie-463001 · last update: 1190564054 · posted: 1190545743

I cant get to a duty chemist today and I have dreadful ear ache. Does anyone know a homemade remedy that could help until I can buy something.

started by: marda-463055 · last update: 1190105337 · posted: 1190053593

I have been advised to get this for my childs verrucas. I have never heard of it before has anyone else?

started by: julian-463071 · last update: 1189707393 · posted: 1189682111

For some reason my allergies are flaring up at the moment. Back in UK I used clarityn. Do they sell this in Spain? Or can a fellow allergy sufferer recommend an over the counter solution?

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My health insurance does not cover dentistry unless its an emergency. What are costs like over here compared tothe UK? Check ups, polish that sort of thing.

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The last couple of days I have many tiny little bites, just a red dot mainly around my ankles and hands, very itchy! They are not mossie bites as I have an allergy with them, this is different does anyone know what they might be? I haven´t seen anything flying around in or out of the house.

started by: rachel-463003 · last update: 1187944887 · posted: 1187893981

A friend lent me a blemish stick by Robert Tisserand which works wonders on bites and stings. It has tea tree oil and something called Kanuka in it, it really does the trick. I have just purchased it on the net they have a website www.tisserandshop.com

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What is the best way to treat a jellyfish sting, i have not been stung yet forwarned is forarmed.

started by: newport-463004 · last update: 1186250581 · posted: 1186243019

Hey just found this site, excellent, hope it does well on the Calida. Meanwhile, does anyone know when the hospital is due to be finished in Cartagena. Thats going to make such a diffence for the whole community especially the expats in the area.

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