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Doctors are diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementias more and more often and are able to recommend certain drugs to help the sufferers but nothing much is said about how the carers should cope with these dreadful diseases, and how difficult their lives can become, dramatically in some cases.  Here, inMurcia, we do not have an Alzheimer’s group to turn to for advice or help at present.  With that in mind, some carers, accompanied by their suffering partners, met on Thursday 11 July for a coffee at Café Golf, San Javier, just to chat to each other.  Problems Shared This proved to be an hour of respite for the carers.  It also gave them a chance to talk about their shared problems or anxieties, whilst their partners sat together at a separate table, where they talked about their past histories to each other.  Since they all suffer with short-term memory, which worked out well.   Those attending felt this should become a regular fortnightly event, backed by the owners of the Café, so have agreed to meet again on Thursday, 25 July at 11.00.  We invite anyone interested, particularly struggling carers and their partners, who live in theMurciaregion, to join us.   It’s just an informal get-together, but at the same time, very comforting to learn and share with others, so do please come along.  For further information contact either of these numbers:  968 185 008 or 667 587 187.  Sheila Merrett

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Does anyone know of a McTimoney chiropractor working in the Murcia region, preferably in Mazarrón or Totana area?  We had an excellent one who sadly passed away at the end of last year.  Any information gratefully received.  Sally

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Hi - just wondered if anyone could help please. We had details of a doctor in Puerto who spoke english (may be engish ) - can anyone advise if they know his name or details please ? Thank you for any help x

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British Embassy Press Release: Survey shows 50% of Britons fail to check that they are covered for adventurous sports***   Britons coming on holiday to Spain this summer are strongly encouraged to read the small print on their travel insurance policy to make sure it covers adventure activities like quad biking or water sports. A new survey reveals that fewer than half of young Brits check that their insurance covers risky pursuits*, despite four out of five admitting that they take part in more adventurous behaviour when on holiday.   Consulates across Spain have first-hand experience of the distress caused to young people who suffer accidents, only to find out that they can’t get home or they face a hefty medical bill because their insurance policy fails to cover dangerous sports.   Holidays in warm weather make Britons more confident, more inclined to try new things and less inhibited, the survey of young travellers found.   Dave Thomas, Consular Director for Spain, said: “Most Brits will think that hiring a quad bike for the afternoon or going out on a jet ski for an hour is not a risky pursuit – but their insurance company probably does. That’s why it’s so important that holidaymakers check their insurance policy before they buy and make sure they have full cover for everything they’re planning to do.   “We will do what we can to support anyone who needs help. But we cannot pay medical bills or fly people home. We deal with hundreds of cases every year where an already distressing accident or injury is made much worse by having to worry about large, uninsured costs as well.”   The average claim for a personal accident is £7,500**, according to a Post Office survey, so it’s all the more important to get the right cover for a trip, including adventure activities.   As well as travel insurance, the Foreign Office and The Travel Association ABTA also want holidaymakers to ensure they can get basic medical care.  A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), available free from the NHS at www.ehic.org.uk, covers all medically necessary care in a state hospital during a temporary stay in Spain. But it does not provide for private care or services such as medical repatriation by air ambulance which can be very expensive. That’s why travel insurance matters.   Details of how the Foreign Office can assist British nationals when things go wrong abroad are outlined in Support for British Nationals Abroad, which can be found atwww.gov.uk/fco/publications.

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British Embassy Press Release: Tell your visitors to get a health card and travel insurance As British expatriates in Spain prepare for their annual influx of summer visitors, the British Embassy is urging people who are expecting friends and family to remind them to bring an often-forgotten essential – a European Health Insurance Card. “If you’re having family or friends to stay this summer, they’ll be asking you what they need to bring. Item number one on their checklist should be the European Health Insurance Card - also known as an EHIC” says a British Embassy spokesman. “This simple piece of plastic entitles the holder to all medically-necessary treatment during a temporary stay in Spain. It’s easy to get – check out www.ehic.org.uk - and it costs nothing. “Although most people’s trips are trouble-free, things can go wrong.  An EHIC will provide peace of mind in case someone needs to see the doctor. It’ll help to ensure they don’t take home a big hospital bill should they need medical care.” Comprehensive travel insurance is the second vital item on a visitor’s packing list. It covers all the extras that an EHIC doesn’t provide, such as repatriation in the case of medical emergency. If a visiting friend or family member is taken into hospital, an EHIC is enough to cover someone until they are well enough to travel home. If someone who is taking out travel insurance has a pre-existing medical condition, then do remind them to declare it. If they don’t, the insurer may well invalidate their policy. “You won’t fool them but they may make a fool of you”, says an Embassy spokesman. Every year consular staff in Spain are asked to assist hundreds of Britons who have failed to take out travel insurance or who have invalidated their policies, and who have ended up facing huge bills when attending a private clinic or hospital. However, visitors to Spain should be aware that they do not have to provide travel insurance as payment for medically necessary treatment in a public or state healthcare facility.  They should insist that their EHIC is accepted.  Anyone asked to sign a form or disclaimer in a state hospital should check that they are not forfeiting the right to be treated under an EHIC. If someone’s EHIC is refused or for other concerns about using an EHIC whilst in Spain, call the Department of Health team at the British Consulate on 902 109 356. A visitor who needs to see a doctor and doesn’t have an EHIC with them can also get a Provisional Replacement Certificate from the Overseas Healthcare Team in Newcastle, on +44 191 218 1999.  To apply for an EHIC go to www.ehic.org.uk For more information on EHIC entitlements, visit www.healthcareinspain.eu

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HELP Murcia Mar Menor is a registered charitable emergency caring service.  We offer help in many ways:- Hospital visitors Emergency help Loan of mobility equipment Practical help & information Our hospital visitors can resolve problems for patients in hospital, as well as providing magazines and books or just have a friendly chat. We can offer advice on transport, drivers, directions, and give telephone numbers of organisations.  We have a wide range of informative fact sheets to assist with living in Spain plus our latest “Phone a Friend” service. We loan out mobility equipment including wheelchairs, electric scooters, walking aids, bath/shower stools and chairs.  There is nothing worse than going on holiday and then having a fall and needing a wheelchair; if that happens you just ring HELP MMM on 968 570 059 or call into the office, just behind the Deutsche Bank in Los Alcazares, and we can help you.  That is why we are called HELP!  Or it might be that you are planning on getting your elderly parent over here for a holiday and don’t want to pay to bring a wheelchair over.  If so we can help.  Ring us ahead of the holiday to book the equipment you need or send an E-mail to:- helpmmm@gmail.com. Office hours are Monday to Friday 10 to 1 p.m., tel 968 570 059 We now have a Listening Ear Team – a group of volunteers who are available to listen to people who need someone to talk to about their concerns in complete confidentiality. You can call the office or 654 632 077.

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The HAH care team are still very busy with 3 new clients this month, plus the many existing clients that continue to be supported. The team still need more volunteers able to help with this care, so please get in touch if you are able to help in any way. Having had to cancel the Auction at La Zona due to bad weather, this went ahead on Tuesday May 28th, where, due to the generosity of people donating items and the hard work of the fund raising team, an amazing 955€ was raised.  Carole Duff, who organised the event said “ we had a brilliant turn-out on the day, and everything auctioned had been donated to HAH.  We cannot thank the local community enough for all their support, the volunteers who helped to sort, catalogue and help on the day, and of course, Joanne (auctioneer) and her team at La Zona for working so hard to make this event so successful. Although everything was sold, we still have enough items coming in to be able to hold another auction in September”. The quiz held at La Vereda, Sucina on May 24th was another resounding success, where thanks to Heather McElvey, her team, and Steve the quizmaster, a fantastic  370€ was raised.  Our grateful thanks to all concerned. The Rocking in Roda concert on June 16th  is now sold out.  Tickets are available for the Orbi-Playa Big Band on Wednesday July 3rd  also to be held at La Vereda, Sucina, and tickets are on sale at the HAH book stall at La Zona bar in Los Narejos on Wednesday afternoons from 2pm, weather permitting. If you would like to join our team, please email helpathomespainm@gmail.com or telephone Lesley 968 134 978.  For information about HAH visit www.helpathome.es

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Justin Farrier thanked everyone for the generous donation and said that the €1250 donated by HELP MMM will pay for flights for 12 individuals and a villa for 3 months or 3 villas for one month. Holidays4heroes was formed in 2008 by ex soldiers, who had been injured and fell upon hard times themselves and wanted to give something back when life became better for them.  Though independent from Help for Heroes, Justin confirmed that they do get referral from them.  They have strong links with the rehabilitation centre at Headley court, BLESMA, RBL, SSAFA, RAFA, Royal Marines and all the Regimental associations.  Applicants are generally amputees, injured in other forms or bereaved families; there is no need to verify beyond the obvious when considering those applicants.  More careful selection goes into the hard time and welfare cases, where a more rigid selection is used. If they are independent, they will hire their own vehicle to use, if not Justin picks them up and makes sure they have enough food for when they get here and then take them shopping.  He takes them to the beach, into Cartagena to visit the monastery and other places of interest.  Justin was a soldier for 8 years and 14 years in the fire service and is an unpaid volunteer. Accommodation is generally gifted.  However they do take out long term rentals on several properties, purely for ease and control and obviously to cater for larger numbers.  These Villas are generally owned by generous UK residents, who can afford the peppercorn rent that is offered as payment.   At Bar-B-Q's volunteer help would be greatly appreciated.  If you would like to help, do please contact Justin on mobile (m) 633102479 or by E-mail:- jsaf67@yahoo.com Their web site is: - www.holidays4heroes.org

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An English speaking Doctor in the Camposol /  Mazarron areas. A very good doctor is available  with a surgery on Camposol. My connection with this service ? Several years of excellent medical care and advice for myself and my wife. In the first instance telephone 667 448 109 or 675 054 782. Brian Williamson.(Totana.) 

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Has anyone renewed their health card recently?  I live on Camposol, I'm employed and just noticed that my health card runs out at the end of this month.  Is it just a case of going to the health centre in Mazarron?  If so what do I take with me??   Thank you

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Since April 6th, HAH Clinical lead, Lynda  has attended another 8 clients, making 699 people  which the team have helped to date.  Lynda said “ to be able to sustain this growth, we desperately need more volunteers to help on the care side.  So many volunteers go away for summer, so without new people coming forward, we will only be able to cope with our existing clients during this period, please contact us if you can offer any help”. On April 29th, a brilliant performance by Richie Alexander at Roda Social was a sell-out success, and 493€ was raised for HAH. The following day, the Auction of Promises took place at La Zona Bar in Los Narejos, where Joanne (the auctioneer) had every one joining in, and a fantastic794€ was raised. Celia,( HAH fundraiser) said, “ firstly, a massive thank you to Richie Alexander who certainly got the party swinging, and we are so grateful to so many local business who, even during these difficult times were generous enough to pledge their services for the Auction, we cannot thank the local community enough for all their support May 21st Auction of Goods at La ona, view from 1, auction at 3pm. Tel: Carol/Norman 968 173 842 May 24th Quiz at La Vereda Sucina. 8pm start 3€ incl. nibbles. Tel Heather 968 371 213 June 16th Rocking In Roda.  Live concert and barbecue 10€ (selling fast) Tel Celia 968 574 576 July 3rd The Big Band returns..watch local media for details. Tickets for Rocking in Roda available at our Book/card stalls EVERY Wednesday at La Zona Bar (weather permitting) If you can offer any help, whatever time you have available to suit you, please email helpathomespain@gmail.com or tel: 968 134 978.  Further info on www.helpathome.es

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We have established a Listening Ear Team - a group of volunteers, who are available to listen to people in need of someone to talk to for a variety of reasons.  In the current economic climate, many people have concerns regarding finances; others who have retired here may find themselves becoming isolated as they get older or have suffered the loss of a loved one. We can listen to people who are depressed or are victims of abuse. We can provide information on the many agencies, which may be able to help with problems encountered.    All enquiries will be treated in strict confidence. Whether you have severe problems or just need a friendly chat, we hope to be able to help.  Just call us at the HELP MMM office on Tel: 968 570 059 Monday to Friday 10 to 13.30 p.m. or on 654 632 077.    Our team will be co operating with The Samaritans. What is the Listening Ear Team initiative? The Listening Ear team is a group of friendly, non-judgmental people who are willing to listen to those who may need to talk for a variety of reasons:- 1. Health problems 2. Bereavement 3. Physical or sexual abuse 4. Lonely or feeling isolated 5. Depression 6. Financial problems Confidentiality is guaranteed.   Telephone number 634 348 376               Office Phone/Fax: 968 570 059    Emergency phone: 654 632 077

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Clayre Burgess opened her salon, Hairy Clayres in Los Belones, just over a year ago and has already established a large, loyal client base. The salon is always busy with both Spanish and English ladies and gentlemen. Clayre has always wanted to do voluntary work, but running a business means that she doesn’t have any spare time to devote to it. So, on occasions, she runs an event to raise awareness of a local charity and she decided to run a ‘Cut-a-Thon’ for MABS Cancer Support Group in Murcia. Clayre and assistant, Jessica Nelms, opened the salon on 6 May, a day when they are normally closed, and between them completed 25 haircuts, in return for a donation to MABS. The salon was buzzing and many people called in to support the event and have a cup of coffee and a cake. Local businesses also supported the event: delicious cakes and strawberries dipped in chocolate were made by Antonio, Clayre’s boyfriend and Head Chef at La Manga Owners’ Club, the refreshments were sponsored by H & H Properties, and local florist, Jerens, supplied beautiful, individual cream roses for each client who donated to MABS. MABS volunteer, Beverly Taylor, was on hand to help greet clients and offer refreshments. The whole day proved to be great fun and was a huge success, raising 450€ for MABS Murcia. “What a great day” commented Beverly. “Clayre and Jess have worked so hard today and we are so grateful to them and everyone who supported this event. All funds raised for MABS Murcia remain here to help people affected by cancer in the Murcia region.” Help and support provided by MABS Murcia includes: • Drivers for hospital appointments • Equipment for nursing in the home – hospital beds, ripple mattresses, etc. • Translators for doctor and hospital appointments • Therapy treatments • Telephone Support • One-to-one, professional counselling • Latest cancer information booklets • Share & Care Support Meetings MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our Helpline 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we MABS helps all those affected by cancer, whatever their nationality

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Could you spare just a few of these hours at times to suit you? This could make such a difference to both people in need, and the already overstretched charities. It is a sad, but true fact that, as we get older, more and more of us are going to need help, and living in a foreign country increases this need, as not everyone has family here. Most charities are working so hard in the community, but all opf them desperately need more help,  Could you sit with someone to give the carer a break, or just pop in to see someone who is on their own and unable to get out.  Could you drive them to an appointment, do a bit of shopping, or if you have experience, become more involved with the care of people in their own homes? Some people can’t leave their homes without help, can you imagine what being taken out for a coffee would mean to them! There are so many Charities needing help, HAH (Mar Menor), MABS, Samaritans, Age Concern, Altzheimers  Association, to mention just a few, the list is endless.  Maybe you are not a ‘people person’ but could help by fostering/ walking a dog from the overcrowded animal associations, or help in one of the charity shops. If helping others makes you feel more worthwhile, imagine how much it means to those being helped.  Most of these charities will welcome any time you can give, and most will pay out of pocket expenses.  In just 2 and half years, we have helped 703 people!!  Please consider it.   If you would like to help HAH (Help at Home) in the Los Alcazares area of Murcia, please contact Lesley 968 134 978, email helpathomespain@gmail.com.

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On Friday, 19 April, JP’s Bar in Mil Palmeras held a presentation night for their annual charity event ‘Bike for Life’, hled on 30 March, in aid of local charities. Supporters of the event included: JP’s Bar and Restaurant, and FamilyBikeHire.com from Mil Palmeras, together with Bar UK, The Greenwich and The Mail Room in Torre de la Horadada.   Over 70 riders took part in the event, raising a fantastic 2500€ so far (with money still coming in), which was donated to three local charities, including MABS Cancer Support Group Murcia. MABS Care Co-ordinator, Barbara Burks, received a cheque for 1000€. “We’re absolutely delighted” she said. “We support many patients in this area and this donation will be so helpful in continuing that support. We are really grateful to everyone who took part and helped to raise so much money for local charity.”   JP’s Bar will continue to organise this annual event to raise funds for local cancer charities. “It’s a cause dear to all our hearts” remarked owner, Graham Lewis. “Everyone has been touched by cancer at some time in their life and we are pleased to do whatever we can to help.”   MABS Cancer Support provides help in many ways, some of which are listed here:   Drivers for hospital appointments Equipment for nursing in the home – hospital beds, ripple mattresses, etc. Translators for doctor and hospital appointments Therapy treatments Telephone Support One-to-one, professional counselling Latest cancer information booklets Share & Care Support Meetings MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our Helpline 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. MABS helps all those affected by cancer, whatever their nationality

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MABS Cancer Support Group in Murcia couldn’t have been more surprised when they received a large donation from the staff and customers of the Sun Inn Pub in Stockton, Cleveland in the UK. Sheila Moore, who works at the pub and heads up their fundraising committee, has holidayed in the Mar Menor area for several years and got to know local resident, Donna Walsh, very well during that time.. Donna was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment. MABS Murcia has been supporting Donna throughout and she has been so positive throughout. Sheila was impressed with the work that they do and wanted to contribute something towards that. Most people have been touched by cancer in some way and, when Sheila explained what MABS does, the staff and customers were keen to contribute, raising a fantastic amount of £300 (348€). Donna met with MABS Murcia Director, Lyn Baines, to hand over the cheque. “We are overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone at the Sun Inn Pub and we are so grateful for their kindness.” commented Lyn. “The funds will be put to good use, helping those affected by cancer in the Murcia region.” MABS provides help and support in a number of ways, including: • Translators for hospital and doctor’s appointments • Drivers for hospital appointments • Equipment in the home • One-to-one counselling • Therapy for conditions, such as lymphedema • Share & Care Support Group • Telephone Support • Latest Cancer Information Donna is now helping other people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. “We’re very proud of how well Donna has coped and she will be a great support for others undergoing the same treatment.” remarked Lyn. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we MABS helps all those affected by cancer, whatever their nationality

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British Embassy Press Release: British citizens in Spain urged to make correct use of European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) under new campaign by UK Government and Valencia Health Authority A campaign to explain how British citizens in Spain should use UK-issued European Health Insurance Cards (EHICs) has been launched by the UK Department of Health and the Valencia Health Authority. The EHIC Campaign aims to greatly raise awareness among British citizens and Spanish healthcare staff in the Valencia Autonomous Community over the next 15 months. The innovative partnership between a UK government department and a Spanish regional authority has been recognised by the European Union, which is funding the campaign. Launching the campaign in Alicante, David Pennington, Head of the Department of Health’s International Healthcare team, said: “Many British citizens living in Spain are confused about how to access state healthcare and many use their EHIC cards when they should be accessing healthcare in another way. This campaign explains who can use a UK-issued EHIC and what it’s for. It also tells people about other ways to access state healthcare in Spain, depending on their circumstances.” What you should know about the UK European Health Insurance Card The UK European Health Insurance Card should only be used to access medically-necessary state treatment during the course of a temporary stay in Spain. It does not provide access to all state treatment but for those in Spain on a temporary stay, it is the correct way to access state healthcare. However British citizens who live mainly in Spain should change the way they are registered, because for them the UK European Health Insurance Card is not the correct form of health cover. The new EHIC marketing and advertising campaign will explain how to do this. The campaign will also explain to the administrative staff of the Valencia Health Authority how the UK covers its citizens in Spain and how the UK reimburses Spain for the cost of medical care provided to British citizens. British citizens can find comprehensive information on the use of EHICs at  www.healthcareinspain.eu.  An extensive radio and newspaper advertising campaign will further promote the correct use of EHICs, and leaflets will be distributed through health centres and at public events. There will be 18 public talks, starting in Denia on 27th February and in Orihuela Costa on 28th February. More details can be found on the www.healthcareinspain.eu website. Some two million British tourists visit the Valencia region every year and there are an estimated 300,000 British residents in the region, some 40% of the total in Spain. Although the campaign is centered on Valencia, much of the information is relevant to British citizens across Spain.

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British Embassy Press Release: Visitors to Spain could face a bill for thousands of pounds for medical treatment if they are taken ill or injured whilst staying with friends and family, the Foreign Office has warned. Yet one in ten over 55-year-olds admit that they sometimes fail to take out travel insurance before going on holiday - even though more than half suffer from a medical condition. Research for the Foreign & Commonwealth Office reveals that a third (35%) of over-55s who sometimes fail to take out travel insurance do so because they are only going on a short break. A quarter (27%) claim it’s too expensive, whilst nearly one in five (18%) think they don’t need insurance because they are visiting friends or family.  Many also think they can avoid buying a policy because they are covered by their bank. Equally concerning is that one in five (21%) who do have travel insurance then risk invalidating it by failing to declare an existing condition because they are on medication to manage it. Some 15% admit they wouldn’t update their insurance policy if they developed a medical condition or were prescribed new drugs for an existing condition. Every year around 5000 British nationals, including over-55s who have failed to take out insurance cover or have invalidated their policies, find themselves seeking assistance from consular staff in Spain. Some end up with life-changing bills of many thousands of pounds for expensive medical treatment or specialist repatriation to the UK. Mark Simmonds, Minister for Consular Policy, said: “‘It won’t happen to me’ or ‘I’ll be fine’ are risky assumptions to make when deciding whether or not to take out comprehensive travel insurance.  Our consular staff around the world deal with thousands of cases each year that prove that things can and do go wrong. “Being prepared can mean the difference between the holiday of a lifetime and a holiday from hell. Being unwell abroad is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to find thousands of pounds to pay for treatment.” Dave Thomas, Consular Regional Director for Spain, added: “If you have over-55s visiting you this year, tell them to get insurance before they travel. Taking out a comprehensive policy and declaring any medical condition may be an added expense but it’s a small investment compared to what you could end up paying if something goes wrong.” A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers said: “Travel insurance is a must for all holidaymakers.  Policies are widely available for people of all ages, but the insurance industry recognises that some older people need help finding cover.  Under the Age Agreement which we developed with the Government and British Insurance Brokers’ Association, older people who are unable to find cover at the first firm they approach should be directed to an alternative provider who will be able to offer insurance, or to a signposting service.” A British Embassy spokesman added: “All British visitors to Spain, including over-55s, also need a European Health Insurance Card, known as an EHIC. It is free and you can apply on the NHS website or by calling 0845 606 2030. If you then have an accident or become ill, you can get the necessary state-provided medical healthcare at reduced cost or sometimes free. But it is very important to realise that an EHIC does NOT cover all your medical costs, private treatment or repatriation to the UK.  You still need travel insurance to ensure you are fully covered for all eventualities. “Many people think an EHIC is enough and don’t take out insurance. They will greatly regret it when they are forced to pay thousands of pounds for an air ambulance back to the UK or have to pay for extra accommodation to stay in Spain to look after a hospitalised family member or friend they are travelling with.” British Consulates can: •Provide information about transferring money •Give you a list of local doctors, lawyers, interpreters or funeral directors •Contact friends and family back home for you if you wish •Issue you with replacement travel documents   British Consulates are unable to: •Get you better treatment in hospital than is given to local people •Provide medical repatriation or cover the costs of medical bills or repatriation •Pay any other bills or give you money •Make travel arrangements for you   Details of how the Foreign Office can provide support to British nationals when things go wrong are outlined in Support for British nationals abroad: A guide: www.fco.gov.uk/travel

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It was a well attended and successful launch on Friday morning 8th February when Bernard Ash, President of HELP Murcia Mar Menor, welcomed guests and everyone to the official launch of the new initiative, The Listening Ear Team (LET).  He particularly welcomed the British Vice Consul, Mr. Lloyd Milen, and Lady Elisabeth Hebdige, HELP's Honorary Patron, as well as representatives from the press and media, along with members of HELP MMM. The launch took place in a tent outside HELP's office in Los Alcazares kindly provided by Pepe of the Roblemar Restaurant.   Lady Elisabeth said she was proud to support the initiative and encouraged more volunteers to get involved in this worthy cause. Elaine Dale, speaking on behalf of the team, then gave an outline of what the LET hoped to provide.  She emphasised that it was not in their remit to offer money but to provide help and support when needed, with the overall aim of helping people to be able to help themselves.  She explained some of the problems we may expect to encounter, for example in the current economic climate, people may have financial problems and although we cannot provide money, we could enable people to access financial expertise.  We have volunteers with a wide range of knowledge and in addition we have access to many sources of information on range of problems, which people can encounter living in Spain.   She thanked Janneke Chambers, of Caring Services, for putting together information folders for use by the team.  These will provide a source for the "Listeners" to be able to use the "I know a man who can" approach to some problems.  She gave credit to June Barrie, office manager and initiator of the idea.  She finished by thanking members of the Samaritans present and felt that forging such strong links will prove fruitful in the future. In response, Mr. Lloyd Milen, Vice Consul, said that it was very important for the British Consul that a charity like HELP MMM took on such work, which will prove immensely helpful when the Consul is asked to help with individuals.  He also said that it was the aim of the British Consulate to help people to help themselves and congratulated HELP on the way it has developed and expanded. What is the Listening Ear Team initiative? The Listening Ear team is a group of friendly, non-judgemental people who are willing to listen to those who may need to talk for a variety of reasons:- 1.Health problems 2.Bereavement 3.Physical or sexual abuse 4.Lonely or feeling isolated 5.Depression 6.Financial problems Confidentiality is guaranteed. Telephone number 634 348 376 Office Phone/Fax: 968 570 059 Emergency phone: 654 632 077 Phone - A - Friend Elaine round things off by introducing a new card system by which members can leave their own contact details and those of a relative or friend to be contacted in an emergency.  This will be kept in the office.  A copy of this card would also be placed in a prominent position in the person's house.  A member of the audience suggested we call it "Phone A Friend"  this will be extended to the general public.  This is prompted by reports that some people are tending to become isolated in the own homes.

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The New Year got off to a great start for MABS Cancer Support Group with Costa Calída Golf Tours confirming MABS Murcia as their nominated charity for 2013. “We’re absolutely delighted to be working with the owners, Andy and Donna Walsh, and Keith Morrison” remarked Lyn Baines, Director of MABS Murcia. “I know that they have always supported local charities and we are honoured to be nominated for 2013.”  On Friday, 25 January, they met at the Las Colinas Golf & Country Club on the Orihuela Costa, accompanied by the Director of Golf, Martin Eastgate, to hand over 300€ which was raised at a recent social function, held in the impressive Club House at Las Colinas. “We know what great support work MABS does here and that the money raised in Murcia stays within the region to help residents of all nationalities. I think that most people will have been affected by cancer or know someone who has, so it’s a cause close to many people’s hearts.” Andy commented.  MABS not only provides translators, drivers and equipment in the home, but also up-to-date cancer information, support, advice, counselling and various therapy treatments are available at the MABS Centre in San Javier. “We cover a wide range of services and will always try to find solutions for the people that we help, so don’t be afraid to call and ask the question” said Lyn.  MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com  Cancer doesn’t discriminate and neither do we. MABS helps all those affected by cancer, whatever their nationality.

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