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Hi Is there any of the above close to Mazarron Country Club or Camposol? When I am over I like to have a work out or go to a class(Body Pump, Combat, Step etc)

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Christmas is coming, and so many of our volunteers are going away, so an early Christmas Lunch was held at the Novo Carthago restaurant in Los Urrutias on December 2nd. 60 volunteers, their partners and friends sat down to a traditional 3 course lunch with all the trimmings.   Thanking everyone for their hard work, Lesley Eburne, HAH founder said ”the success of HAH is down to you, your care, commitment and willingness to help wherever needed, and always with a smile, means so much to everyone, and has earned the gratitude and respect of our clients, and the local community.  We would also like to thank our main Sponsors, SL Coachtrips, DFS, Bacchus restaurant and La Manga Graphics along with so many local businesses who continue to support us.  Special thanks also to our wonderful local media for all their help, ensuring that our stories and events are publicised and reaching as many people as possible.  Thank you all for playing such a big part in our success” Help Over Christmas Due to lack of resources, we will be taking a rest from Monday December 24th until Wednesday January 2nd, and have made plans for  existing clients only.  Please contact your GP/Medical centre/or local hospital, or in an emergency call 112. HAH wish you all a happy christmas, and a healthy and prosperous new year.

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So many people have been on trips this year with this popular Coachtrip organiser, and have generously bought tickets for various raffles.  This has amounted throughout the year to an amazing donation to HAH Mar Menor of 6.624€.   The final draw for a fantastic Christmas Holiday in Benidorm for 2 people plus spending money, was made last week, the winner being Mrs Wheeler from Quesada.  Lynda Christopher, Clinical Lead with HAH went to their office in San Luis last Monday to make the draw, and receive the final cheque from David Malcolm, Coachtrips SL Director.  Thanking everyone for their support, she said “we are so proud to have been chosen as their charity for 2012, and cannot thank them enough for all the work they have put into raising this amazing amount, and thanks also to the local community for buying so many raffle tickets.  The prizes have been terrific, and we can’t thank Coachtrips SL enough for putting these forward for us. We have been able to help so many people who have been struggling to cope, and this money ensures that we can continue to grow our very valuable FREE service. If you would like information or would like to become a volunteer in the Mar Menor area, email helpathomespain@gmail.com or visit wwwww.helpathome.es

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Hi,  I have been told that some prescription medications are available over the counter in Spain. Can anyone please confirm if I can buy antibiotics and asthma inhalers without a prescription? Thanks D

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MABS Cancer Support Group held its fifth annual Race for Life in Los Alcázares on 11 November and a cloudy start to the day, with the temptation of a Sunday lie-in under the duvet, didn’t deter the participants, who had travelled from far and wide to take part. A minute’s silence was observed at 11.00 am to honour Remembrance Sunday and all those who have died for their country, before almost 200 people went on their way to walk, run or stroll along the picturesque 3 kilometre promenade route. People arrived from all around the Murcia and Valencia regions, with some making it a family outing and bringing the dog along too. Many arrived in pink attire or fancy dress and several teams took part, including Running Wild from La Zenia, Lynn Preston’s Zumba from Los Alcázares, DFS Furniture from San Javier and Spangles Ladies’ Harmony Chorus from Los Alcázares First man over the finish line was Cesár Palazón, first lady was Christine Birkett, first teenager and overall winner was 14 year old Liam Holmes, first boy was Craig Holmes (Liam’s brother), frist fancy dress runner was Tom Wiswould (a MABS volunteer) and first girl was Blossom Storey. There was a tie for the first doggie over the line between Jake and Bonny. Overseas FM and various stallholders helped to give the race finish area a festive feel and many stayed on to enjoy a social drink and a chat. “This is a key, annual fundraising event for MABS Murcia” said MABS Director, Lyn Baines “and we’re so grateful to all who have turned out to support us today, despite the inclement weather. Everyone has made such an effort to arrive on a Sunday morning, create a great atmosphere and collect sponsorship money for us. Thanks must also go to all the MABS volunteers who have been here since the crack of dawn to organise such a great event and to the Policia Local, the ambulance service and the Ayuntamiento of Los Alcázares.” Sponsorship money will be coming in over the next 2-3 months, but MABS is expecting to achieve its fundraising target of 4,000 € from the day. They would also like to thank the sponsors of the event: Iceland Overseas, DFS Furniture and Time Out Sports Bar in San Javier. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Are any ladies out there selling Mary K beauty products on Camposol? My daughter went to a promotional afternoon a while back at the Sensol hotel, and is looking to purchase more whilst she is home visiting.  

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heres a thought !I have emphysema , i wondered if there are any sufferers in the areas of san javier,alcazarez ,san cayetano ? if there are , it may be an idea to group together. we could swap stoies good and bad ! pass on tips, help on doc visits. Mostly give support to each other and our carers . comment on this post ,let me have your reactions and ideas please.and keep breathing lol <form id="u7w9gdz38" action="https://www.facebook.com/ajax/ufi/modify.php" method="post" data-live="{"></form>

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The guest speaker at ADAPT this month was Gabriel Sanchez, who works with Social Services at Los Arcos hospital. Señor Sanchez said that he worked for many years in the town hall and saw that there could be a better way of helping people to cut through the red tape that was often encountered. He explained that his job is administrative, he is not a problem solver but can advise ways to solve our problems. He would like us to be aware of resources that are available to us. This may be orthopaedic help, the need for a hospital bed outside of the hospital building or help in applying for funding that might be available. Gabriel´s work involves people who are staying in the hospital and also their families. Anyone who is in the catchment area of Los Arcos hospital and who has a health card can see him for advice. He is based in the offices of the Social Services on the ground floor of the hospital. We had a very lively Questions and Answers session after which Gabriel told us how much he loves his job and that if we need an interpreter at the hospital or any advice to make an appointment with him and he will arrange it. The next meeting of ADAPT will be on September 1st at 10:30 in the Hogar de Pensionistas, San Pedro del Pinatar. See www.adaptsanpedro.eu or tel. E. Winskill 966 189 402

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Murcia's MABS Cancer Support Group has played host to the Sunshine Slimmers at the MABS Centre in San Javier since their first meeting in June 2011. MABS Care Co-ordinator, Jill Chorley, has been a member since its inception and Group Leader, Gail Grainger, was delighted to recently award her 'Slimmer of the Year'; in the past twelve months Jill has lost an amazing 4st 11lbs (25Kg). Sunshine Slimmers meets every Friday from 11.00 until noon (12.30 pm on your first visit) in the meeting room on the first floor of the new MABS furniture store. For only 5€ a week, they can support you in your weight loss journey. Sunshine Slimmers donates 1€ from your weekly fee to MABS for the tremendous work that they do in supporting all those affected by cancer in the Murcia region. The combined loss for Sunshine Slimmers' members in the past year is over 35 stone (over 222 Kgs) – that's over three whole people – and they have donated over 350€ to MABS. The eating plan they use is easy to follow and has great results. It offers great freedom and flexibility, and a huge choice of free foods to eat. You can fill up on healthy everyday foods that the whole family can enjoy and you don't need to go hungry. If you want to shed a few pounds (or even a few stone) then come and join Sunshine Slimmers; a warm welcome will await you. They care about you, your dreams and your success, they will help you reach your goal, and most importantly, stay there. The hardest step is coming along to the first session, but summon up that determination and you won't regret it. Working together, you can reach the target that you set for yourself and help MABS Murcia at the same time. If you need further details, please contact Gail Grainger on 86 81 86 020 or 644 299 468. Sunshine Slimmers meetings resume after their summer break on Friday, 7th September at 11.00am. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors and supporters, HAH have invested in some new Mobility Equipment for their clients. An order was placed for new wheelchairs commodes, walkers, and many other items required by their Clinical Lead Lynda. This extends our ability to offer FREE care to our clients. Lesley Eburne, HAH founder said “several wheelchairs were donated to HAH but some of these have now seen better days Having recently lost his wife Pam, Tony Fitzsimmons requested that a wheelchair be bought in her memory, and along with his, and many other generous donations we have been able to purchase this new equipment. I would like to thank not only our hardworking team, but DFS, SL Coaches, Mary Leishman Foundation, Roda Social, and so many other businesses too numerous to mention.” HAH offer a little FREE help to those struggling to cope, following an assessment by their fully qualified, and Spanish registered Nurse/Practitioner Lynda Christopher. If you would like to join our team please contact Lesley on 968 134 978, email helpathomespain@gmail.com . Occasional hours to suit you are all that is necessary to help us help others.

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if your healthcare is being cover by your country of origin thats what teh Spanish Government get. I was shocked to learn this and am sure it nowhere near covers the care many elderly immigrants receive. Did a straw poll with a group od Brits at a social event the other day out of a group of 12 around the table 2 had had hip replacements here, 2 had been treated in intensive care for major heart problems, 2 where diabetics, i had a major op on their shoulder,2 had seen consultants about an eye problems, 1 had so many problems and had seen so many consultants I lost count, 1 had just been signed off by there consultant after a series of tests. I rather think the Spanish system is on the losing side in this. Eveyone praised the care they had received as second to none.

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HELP have been working on keeping up-to-date with all the legal changes being made to the Spanish Health care.Here is the information we have obtained so far. Sorry it is so long, but this is vital information you and your family may need.PrescriptionsHELP spoke to the Health person in British Consul in Madrid and she says that Murcia (and other regions) have not yet decided on how the refund of prescriptions will be handled.When collecting your prescriptions, please retain your receipts until a decision is made. Return of overpayment may be by direct transfer back to the Spanish bank where your pension is paid into, or may be direct to the bank details you provide for your Fiscal Residency tax return every year. More on latter soon. Those who attended our meeting 2 months ago will know what advice was provided, and the details were in the minutes. Health Care HELP will send out information on how to get on to the Health system with an S1 in a later email. Meantime the link to British Consul, AngloINFO Costa Calida and Murcia Today should give you all the information you need just now. Residency changesPlease note that you will not be able to get a Residency Card for a while until updates are made to the requirements. When we hear these will be made available, we will let you know. Just click on the link below and that will take you directly to our web site with the latest news on the situation. http://www.helpmurciamarmenor.org/Index.html

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British Embassy Press Release: British pensioners living in Spain are now required to pay towards the cost of their prescriptions under changes to the public healthcare system introduced by the Spanish government. One of the changes means that all state pensioners who are registered for healthcare in Spain as residents must now pay a percentage towards the cost of their medicines. The contribution for state pensioners has been set at 10% of the cost, with a cap of as low as eight euros per month depending on personal income. How much a pensioner must pay depends on personal circumstances. If you need more information you can contact your local health service provider directly, who should be able to give you detailed information on the prescription charges. This system of 'co-payment' - paying a percentage of the total cost of medicines - is common among European countries and has been applied to those classed as 'active' in Spain, i.e. those normally considered to be of working-age, for some time. Under European Union regulations, the UK pays Spain an average annual cost to provide healthcare for its pensioners. This entitles UK pensioners who are resident in Spain and registered with an S1/E121 form to the same access to state healthcare as would be provided to a Spanish pensioner. As a result, any healthcare changes that are applicable to Spanish state pensioners are equally applicable to all UK state pensioners, as well as those from other EU/EEA countries. These include any costs that someone may be charged, including those for prescriptions. The system for co-payment is being managed by each individual autonomous community, so the process may differ slightly between regions. For those in the Valencia autonomous community, a freephone helpline has been set up which has English speakers available. The telephone number is 900 101 081. You can find out more information and check for future updates on changes on public healthcare provision on the UKinSpain website at http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/access-healthcare/healthcare/healthcare-updates

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At the request of the British Consulate, we at HELP Murcia Mar Menor, have been assisting a gentleman in hospital in Murcia. He has no family, neither here nor in the UK. We have had several meetings with the Social Worker and with her help, we have registered him for assistance from the Spanish Social Services, who responded quickly. He has been in hospital for some months and has had no English speaking visitors in that time, so he was very pleased to have someone to talk to. We were also able to put his mind at rest by getting information that related to his condition. As he did not speak Spanish it was fortunate that the doctors spoke some English, but he needed reassurance about how he would cope in the future. We have also been liaising with MABS to see what support they could offer him, when he was discharged. He has now been sent home. One of our volunteers followed the ambulance and, together with MABS, saw him settled at home. MABS have now taken over but will keep us informed of his progress and whether he needs any further help from HELP M.M.M.

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I've recently moved to Los Alcazares and, although I've no current need of it, I think it's probably advisable to find out where to get health and dental care using my European health insurance card. Can anyone advise me where to go?Anthony

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As from the next volunteers meeting on July 3rd 2012, HAH will hold their Volunteers meeting at the Restaurante Bar Bacchus, Centro Commercial Oasis, Los Narejos at 11.30am. This venue provides us with both privacy and disabled access. Our thanks to all at The Arches, Los Narejos for their help in the past. No meeting in August. Also, our Clinical Lead, Lynda Christopher will be available at Chatters meetings to talk on various medical matters, and give free advice. Meetings are on the 3rd Wednesday each month at The Garden (El Jardin) behind Euromarina in Los Alcazares at 11am. Stop Press: The final figure raised at The Rocking in Roda concert, after expenses, totalled €2342.

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It was with great regret and sadness that the Cancer Support Group of HELP Murcia Mar Menor recently felt obliged to cease their fund raising activities because the AECC have had to withdraw their Cancer screening facilities. However, they will still remain active members of HELP MMM and support our activities. Shortly after this decision was taken the Cancer Support Group telephone was stolen, therefore the emergency telephone number 680 393 257 is no longer valid. The advert that is now in the local free papers states that Prostate and Breast screening in Alicante is available to people living in the Murcia Region, the person to contact for information on this is:- Maria Wilson Telephone Number 634 198 351.

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Hi, went to the Medical Centre in camposol yesterday to register. The chap beind the desk said we have to go to Mazarron to register, he didn't say if it was the town or the port! - can anyone tell me where the Med Centre in Mazarron is please,also what do I need to take with me?? Many thanks

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Statement regarding media reports about how the British Embassy website provides advice about healthcare in Spain The British Government does not condone or encourage “health tourism”. The aim of the advice provided by the British Embassy is to ensure that British nationals in Spain, whether tourists or residents, comply fully with Spanish and EU legislation in exercising both their rights and their obligations. Spain receives over 13 million British visitors every year. It is in the clear interest of both the UK and Spain that these visitors know how to access the Spanish healthcare system correctly in case of need. This prevents unnecessary administrative cost and ensures that the UK can reimburse Spain accurately and efficiently in line with the specific provisions set out in EU legislation. Our website advice makes clear that the European Health Insurance Card does not cover those who come to Spain for the specific purpose of health treatment. There are also many British nationals resident in Spain. They are entitled to access the Spanish healthcare system, just as Spanish nationals resident in the UK are entitled to access the British healthcare system. The aim of our advice is to ensure that they do so in full compliance with Spanish legislation, including registration on the “Padron”. The British and Spanish Governments cooperate very closely on healthcare and other issues related to British nationals in Spain. There is a joint commitment to ensure that British nationals, either residing or visiting Spain, are accessing the Spanish healthcare system correctly. British visitors make up approximately 24% of the total number of tourists visiting Spain. The UK contribution to the Spanish tourism industry is of the order of €10bn annually, approximately 1% of Spain’s GDP. The British Government is committed to ensuring that this important bilateral relationship is underpinned by correct, legal and efficient access to healthcare in line with EU legislation.

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Hi,All, Could someone direct me to information regarding what brands of diabetes test strips are available 'free' on the spanish health service, I am having to change my meter as the one I have is not supported in Spain and I will soon be out of strips (2-3months time), Any assistance gratefully received.

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