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We have helped, and are currently helping a tremendous amount of people in the Mar Menor area who are struggling to cope at home following illness. We would dearly love to be able to help more. To achieve this, we need more volunteers to join our team. Can you help us to help them perhaps just a few hours when it is convenient for you?. Our help line is open between 9.30 – 5pm Mon – Friday only (not weekends).Tel 633 673 034. Outside these hours you would need to contact your Doctor, or ask your local chemist for advice on medication, or telephone the emergency services on 112. Unfortunately, we cannot give financial help, sort out insurance problems, travel arrangements, nor are we an emergency service. For other problems you may need to contact the British Consul on 902 109 356., There are many other charities to contact who deal with more specific problems such as, Age Concern, Stroke Support, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, etc., Please see local media for details. If you would like to volunteer your help, please contact Angela on 603 517 770, or email helpathomespain@gmail.com

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Watched a good webinar on Saturday, lots of useful healthy items which are probably in your kitchen cupboard and some info on homeopathics too. It's going out again this weekend, you can register by sending a blank email to: expats@complementaryhealth4u.co.ukAll free!

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I met with Thelma Manning, the co-coordinator for HELP Murcia Mar Menor’s volunteer hospital visitors in the main entrance of the new Los Arcos hospital just off the AP7. We went up to the general ward, walking all the way along the third floor asking at each station if there are any English-speaking patients there. The staff have got used to the hospital visitors coming in and are friendly and helpful. Hospital visitors are identified with a badge with their photo on and a certificate signed by the hospital Director which allows them to visit patients. We found an elderly lady who was very ill surrounded by her family. Thelma offered help but didn’t interrupt their time together. Patients and their families have been pleasantly surprised by the visits and enormously grateful. On one occasion there were 14 English-speaking patients to visit which took the two visitors quite a while but was very fulfilling. They see how patients are managing and, if a translator is required, they inform them of the procedure. Magazines are distributed, as patients prefer them to books. There is a shortage of men’s magazines for the male patients (not the ones from the top shelf!). They also have Spanish magazines so that if patients share a room with a Spanish person they can be offered magazines as well. If patients are sleeping they leave a note asking them to ring if there is anything they need. It is important not to tire patients out or wake them up, as sleep and rest are so important. Although they don’t ask people what they have wrong with them, often patients tell them what they are in hospital for, and if they are suffering from cancer they are offered a MABS leaflet. A lot of people come out of hospital unable to walk and are offered mobility equipment for loan, and can be put in touch with other sources of assistance. Patients are visited twice a week, usually Tuesdays and Thursdays or Fridays as, if a person is admitted at the weekend and surgery takes place on a Monday, Tuesday is a good time to visit to ascertain individual needs. The visitors approach the patients, say they are from HELP M.M.M. and ask if there is anything that they can do for them. Many people have nobody to visit them; they may live alone in Spain or may have been taken off a plane with, for example, a stroke, and they are always pleased to hear an English voice. Another day this week there was a young man who was a professional motorbike stunt rider and unfortunately had broken his back. He was only too happy to open up his laptop to show the visitors some stunts he had performed in the past! He insisted, when recovered, he would continue with the stunts! Then there was a lady who had lost her balance whilst putting on her trousers, fell on to the tiled floor and fractured her spine. She will have to wear a special corset when she leaves the hospital. . There is a free translation service in the hospital. You go to the desk wherever your appointment is with your appointment slip, and ask them if you can have a translator. Sometimes they say you don’t need one as the doctor speaks English. Hospital visitors can also put patients in contact with the hospital’s Social Services. There is a social worker at Los Arcos, who can help patients and their families with information and referral where necessary to other departments, if assistance is needed, and can be contacted via the patient’s nurse or doctor or directly by phone on 968565009 or internally on ext 970031. They are located at the Patients’ Service office at the main entrance from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday to Friday except for bank holidays. Thelma would like to hear from anyone willing to join the team and particularly from gentlemen, so that male patients can feel more at ease. The only qualification needed is to like people, have a sympathetic ear and common-sense. If you are interested please call the office on 968570059 and leave your contact details. Why not come and join them? They are a friendly bunch and will make you welcome and you will be doing something rewarding and enlightening. You come away feeling that you have really helped and brightened someone’s day as well as your own.

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There are 2 reasons why we are arranging this, firstly to enjoy some fun at the races, but more importantly to raise money for the wonderful team at HAH Help at Home My partner Elva was diagnosed with cancer back in 2007, which she fought so bravely until becoming seriously ill in June 2011. I got in touch with HAH who quickly became a vital source of support as Elva’s condition deteriorated.As I am self-employed, I needed to continue to do some work, but through HAH I was safe in the knowledge that Elva had all the care support and friendship she needed. Lesley, Lynda, Mary and Paul quickly became friends rather than carers, and I cannot thank them enough for giving Elva the strength to continue her fight The support we received when Elva was finally admitted to hospital was priceless, but thanks to the HAH team, we were able to continue as normally as possible, and this continued until the end. Their support was extended to all the family at the funeral which helped us all so much, and their friendship which became so important to us as a family, is still continuing today With the help of Chris London, Mike Hughes and John Ashley Chase, I decided to put together this event as my way of saying thank you for being there for us. Thanks also to Peter, Sylvia and Chelsea Ingham for their support, and making the Si bar available to us. If you require tickets or would like to sponsor this event, please telephone 968 175 000.

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Does anyone have any recent experience of how long the waiting lists are. I was referred as an urgent patient for a new knee on 19th December 2011 and it would be good to have an idea of when it might happen.

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...helping people. Last week HAH Clinical lead, Lynda Christopher went along to the Residencia de Mayores y centro de Estancia Diurna, El Palmeral del Mar Menor to visit one of HAH’s oldest clients, Iris Everett, 92 years of age. Having arrived in Spain over a year ago from her home in the UK, Iris came over to be with her daughter Jackie Sutherland. Shortly after her arrival, HAH was asked to attend to continue treatment on Iris’s legs. Daughter Jackie said “ Mum has had this same problem for over 2 years, and nothing has worked, but Lynda came along and worked so hard, and managed to clear this up very quickly, she really worked miracles. Unfortunately, due to Mum’s health, she is now living at the Residencia, but she absolutely loves being there, and we cannot thank them enough for their care and attention.” Lynda still calls in regularly to see Iris as they have become great friends, and Lynda said “ I look forward to seeing Iris, as in spite of her problems, she is a great character, and such a happy lady.” Jackie thanked Lynda for all she and HAH had done for her Mum, and although the service is free, insisted on making a donation to continue this excellent work in the community. For further information,, visit our website www.helpathome.es or to join our team of volunteers, contact Lesley on 968 134 978 or email helpathomespain@gmail.com

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"The amount of help we are being given is unbelievable" said HAH founder Lesley Eburne, when she and some of the HAH volunteers went up to La Manga Club International Ladies coffee morning last Wednesday to receive a cheque for 500€ from their treasurer Val Ashton and past president Breega Gregory. The money had been collected for them as a thank you for the help given to residents at the club. Lesley and Lynda Christopher, (Clinical lead) gave a short talk on how HAH helped people in their homes, and how important it was to raise funds to provide this free service. Lynda added that "we are delighted to be able to help so many people who are struggling to cope, need some help or advice, or just to provide a friendly face to help the family, and we are so grateful to the 'Ladies' for choosing to support us". The volunteers then spent a very enjoyable hour chatting with the ladies and discussing the many and varied ways that funds are raised, and how these are put to such good use within HAH.

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Is there such a thing as a spanish blood transfusion service... surely there must be, but I have never seen anything about it?

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If you have any surplus supplies for ostomates, you can donate them to Expatriate Ostomates of Spain (EOS) who arrange them to be sent to a deserving African country.Go to http://www.ostomyinspain.org for more information.

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HAH Help at Home urgently need kind caring people to join our care teams. Occasional hours to suit. Tel: Angela 603 517 770 or Would you like to help raise funds for this very worthwhile free service. Can you organise an event or support our existing team? Information from Celia Tel: 968 574 576 or Lesley Tel: 968 134 978. Care line: 633 673 034 CIF:G30854392 Reg: 10.653/1a

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Going through months of chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer is a tough assignment. With this in mind, MABS Director, Lyn Baines, decided to arrange a special outing for some of the patients and carers in the Murcia region. Sponsored by Tuxedo Limousines of Mazarrón, Eddie, Monica, Val and Malcolm were treated to an hour’s ride in a luxury limousine with Cava and canapés. MABS translator Elvira and her husband, Steve, were also invited along. Lyn explained why: “Elvira is so passionate about helping our cancer patients that nothing is too much trouble for her or for Steve, who does all the driving to and from various hospitals. They work so hard throughout the year to ensure that each of our patients and their partners receive the best attention possible and understand what’s happening throughout the treatment.” Another ‘MABS VIP’, Care Co-ordinator Jill Chorley, was also included in the party. Jill is on call 24/7, heading up a dedicated care team, providing help and support to everyone affected by cancer in the Murcia region. “We are so lucky to have such great volunteers” said Lyn. “Jill goes beyond the call of duty every day and our patients insisted that she had some fun with them for a change.” The chauffeur, Lord Christopher Vaughan Powney, took his special guests on a tour of San Javier and San Pedro del Pinatar, before returning them to the MABS Centre in San Javier. “It’s always a pleasure to help MABS and today has been particularly rewarding for us” he said. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Ive got visitors staying for the xmas period from the uk, one has flu like symptoms ie aching joints, feeling sick, dry mouth, headache, lathargic, no appetite. Sounds a bit like dehydration to me but Im no doctor. He wants to see a doctor, we are on Camposol. Can he just go to the medical centre on Sector A and see a doctor??

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Hi does anyone know of a physiotherapist (english speaking preferred) in the area - Mazarron/Fuente/Cartagena - would be grateful thanks -

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Hi there, just an enquiry really, has anyone used this health centre, do you know if they speak english and what time they are open duirng the week please? Thank you for any info.

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As the day dawned for the fourth annual MABS Murcia Race for Life, clouds were very much in evidence, but that didn't deter more than 250 people from arriving in Los Alcázares to take part. Before the start, a minute's silence was observed at 11.00 am in remembrance of all those who have fought and died for their country. The clouds lifted, the sun peeped out and the race for life participants were sent on their way to walk, run or stroll along the 3 kilometre promenade route. People arrived from all around the Murcia and Valencia regions, with some making it a family outing and bringing the dog along too. Many arrived in pink attire or fancy dress, including a rather fetching Spanish chicken, who arrived with her team of friends from Dolores de Pacheco. Other teams included MABS Murcia NW volunteers from Cegehin, King's College of La Torre, Gea y Truyols Slimmers from the Valle del Sol, Spangles Ladies' Chorus from Los Alcázares, and the Running Wild team from La Zenia. First man over the finish line was Marcus Fernandez, first lady was Ingrid Patterson, first child was Travis Preston, who has been first for the past three years and the first young lady on rollerblades was Zoe Bond, who has raised over 150 Euros in sponsorship already. Various pooches accompanied their owners and the first one over the line was Jake, owned by Sue Bengtsson. Exite Radio and various stallholders helped to give the race finish area a festive feel and many stayed on to enjoy a social drink and a chat. "This is one of our main annual fundraising events" said MABS Director, Lyn Baines "and we're so grateful to all who have turned out to support us today. Everyone has made such an effort to arrive on a Sunday morning, create a great atmosphere and collect sponsorship money for us. Thanks must also go to all the MABS volunteers who have been here since the crack of dawn to organise such a great event." more…../ Sponsorship money will be coming in over the next 2-3 months, but MABS estimates that they will have raised around 5,000€ from the day. They would also like to thank the sponsors of the event: DFS Furniture and Time Out Sports Bar in San Javier, Xpress Print & Design of El Trampolin, and Construcciones Gallardo in Cehegin. MABS Murcia is a registered charity (No. 7261) offering help and support to local people of all nationalities who have been diagnosed with or are being treated for cancer. If you or someone you know would like some confidential help or support call our HELPLINE 693 275 779 or visit their website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Does anyone know of a qualified nutritionist in the mazarron area ? Thanks

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There's still time to register for this years race on Sunday 13th November 2011. For the fourth successful year, MABS Murcia will be holding their Race for Life in Los Alcázares on Sunday, 13 November. This popular event gets bigger every year, attracting runners from as far afield as Madrid. Whether you’re running in memory of someone lost to cancer, celebrating because you’ve beaten it, or just want to help raise money for MABS Murcia you can register now. The race starts at the Club Nautico and ends just before the chiringuito at Playa Los Narejos, just 3 kms away. You don’t have to be a serious runner and everyone is welcome: joggers, strollers, running teams and dog-walkers alike. It’s a fun day for everyone and fancy dress is actively encouraged too. The entry fee is just 10 € for adults and 5 € for children. Entry can be done online here or on the day. Registration on the day from 9:30 with the race commencing at 11:00. MABS Murcia helps all people in the Murcia area who are affected by cancer, providing drivers, translators, information leaflets, equipment, a listening ear, or a shoulder to lean on. If you want to volunteer, donate or you need help, you can contact MABS on 693 275 779 or visit our website: www.mabsmurcia.com

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Hi I am looking for holistic and alternative health workers in the murcia area (or a little beyond) for a new project next year. Need you to contact me for more details initially and the work involved will be part time and so if you are already or newly into reiki to reflexology preferably already in teaching or experienced position please contact or pm initially - thanks and hope to hear from you soon,

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HAH are delighted to announce that their new Social Group, Chatters is up and running, and will now be held the 3rd Wednesday of the month (next one being November 23rd). The venue is The Garden Bar (formerly El Jardin) and is situated behind Euromarina in Los Alcazares. Starting at 11am, all will be welcome, and our aim is to provide you with the chance to meet and make new friends, to have a bit of fun, a chat over a cup of coffee, or a chance to talk to our Nurse Practitioner Lynda if you have any medical issues. As the group grows, we hope to arrange trips, talks, lunches out etc., any ideas will be welcome. Please don't be afraid to come if you are on your own, so are lots of other people, and our volunteers will be on hand to make you welcome.Mary Westcott who suggested the group said "we have had so much success helping people in their own homes that we thought now was the time to branch out further. This group is not only for HAH clients, but also for anyone wishing to become a volunteer, or who would just like to meet people and have a bit of extra company, is more than welcome, please just turn up on the day".Last month alone HAH volunteers gave 203 free hours of care to the community, and this figure is representative of the amount of people we are currently helping Over the past year, we are delighted to have been able to help over 100 people on the road to recovery. If you would like help, or advice please tel: 633 673 034 Email us on helpathomespain@gmail.com or visit our website www helpathome.es to find out more about HAH Help at Home

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Anyone know a good hair dresser to cut curly hair in the Mazarron Area?

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