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HELP Murcia Mar Menor are very grateful for the assistance we receive from JET 2 airline. Goods left on airplanes are kept for three months and then donated to charity. For some time now Jet 2 have been donating them to our charity, and as a result we are able to assist others. As an example, the last donation from them included spectacles which we pass on through the opticians in Dos Mares to needy people in third world countries; a pushchair and good quality clothes which we gave to the Samaritanos charity in San Pedro del Pinatar who look after local poor people, and other goods which we sold at our Car Boot stall, which is held at the Autocine, Los Narejos, on Sundays, to enable us to continue the work of helping anyone who is in need of assistance in the Murcia province. If anyone has unwanted goods they would like to donate it would be much appreciated. We are also always looking for volunteers to help our Hospital Visitors, Office Volunteers or Fundraisers. If you can help please contact the office between 10.00 and 13.30, Monday to Friday, in person or ring 968 570 059. Our office is at Calle Penelope no 11, Urbanizacion Oasis, Los Narejos, Los Alcazares.

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British residents urged to tell visitors to travel smart – and get a European Health Insurance Card in order to avoid big medical bills British residents are urged to tell visiting friends and family to make sure they get a European Heath Insurance Card (EHIC) before they travel to Spain. The EHIC is free and should be regarded as ‘a holiday essential’ in order to get necessary medical treatment from the Spanish public health service while on a temporary stay in Spain, says the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team of the British Embassy in its latest newsletter. A jellyfish sting, an allergic reaction, a broken leg, or a more serious injury or illness can suddenly turn a holiday or business trip abroad into a nightmare. Dealing with an unfamiliar healthcare system and the costs of an emergency can make things even more difficult. But an EHIC makes things easier, and also includes care for pregnant women, the ongoing management of pre-existing or chronic conditions, such as asthma, diabetes or cancer. It is also possible to get access to oxygen or kidney dialysis so long as this is prearranged before you travel. An EHIC shows doctors, hospitals and pharmacies that British visitors are entitled to any state-provided medical treatment that becomes necessary during a holiday. Treatment is provided is on the same basis as for residents of Spain, so an EHIC holder may still have to pay for some costs. These may later be refunded by the Overseas Healthcare Team in the UK. However, privately-provided medical treatment cannot be refunded. The EHIC covers most eventualities but not everything. Visitors are therefore also strongly recommended to take out travel insurance before coming to Spain. Every year there are visitors and their families who end up facing huge, life-changing medical bills because they decided to save a few pounds by not bothering with travel insurance. Hannah Thronicker, manager of the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team in Spain, said: “An EHIC is free and simple to obtain. Getting one could save you a lot of grief, but if you don’t have one, it could make a tricky situation even harder. Then buy some travel insurance, and for the cost of a meal in a restaurant you should be fully covered against medical problems. It’s not worth the risk to be without.” The latest Partners’ Newsletter, which is also circulated to any association or individual interested in what the Pension Benefit and Healthcare Team and other Partners do, can be downloaded from the UKinSpain website at: http://ukinspain.fco.gov.uk/en/help-for-british-nationals/living-in-spain/pensions-benefits/ What to do to get an EHIC British nationals planning to visit or holiday in Spain should apply for an EHIC online at www.ehic.org.uk or by calling +44 (0)845 606 2030. British residents in Spain who access healthcare through an S1 form (previously an E121, E106 or E109 form) can now apply for an EHIC for use in other European countries, including the UK, by requesting an application form from the Overseas Healthcare Team on +44 (0)191 218 1999. British nationals resident in Spain who lack entitlement to an S1 should check with their nearest INSS (Social Security) office to see if they are entitled to a Spanish-issued EHIC, known as a ‘Tarjeta Sanitaria Europea’. Residents and visitors can get more information about the EHIC at: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=559&newsId=1039&furtherNews=yes . Questions about accessing the Spanish healthcare system or where to apply for an EHIC can also be directed to the Pension Benefit & Healthcare Team in Spain on 902 109 356.

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Good morning, Can anyone please tell me if there are any slimming clubs in the San Javier, Los Alcazares or Narejos areas? If so, an address or telephone number or both would be helpful! Thanks, Nico

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Another fantastic month for HAH Help at Home who after several very busy and successful months decided that it was time for the volunteers to recharge their batteries. However, requests for fundraising continued, one of these being an auction at Lui’s Lounge, San Javier, which raised a fantastic 400€. This was followed recently by an ‘Open Day’ with Raffle, cava and nibbles at the fabulous Solo Boutique in Los Belones – what a selection of fabulous clothes. Jan’s Lounge (next door) then provided an excellent value for money and choice for lunch, which was enjoyed by 30+ people, and these events raised a further 263€. HAH Caring Service co-ordinator, Jackie Ree said “we have had a phenomenal amount of support from people, and money continues to be raised on our behalf”.HAH, along with the Provincial Grand Lodge Charity and El Buen Samaritano were some of the charities to benefit from the monies raised this year by the Masonic Luz de Murcia Lodge. This years’ Worshipful Master, Ron Stokes, was delighted to present Jackie with 800€, which was some of the money raised at various events during his year. He thanked HAH for all the very valuable work they do for the community, and also for supporting the events during his year. Jackie added that “ HAH have helped so many people of all ages who were struggling to cope in their homes following health issues, and this generous donation will ensure that we continue with this FREE service. There are so many people needing help, 7 new clients last month alone, and ALL money raised on our behalf goes back into the community”. She then thanked everyone involved for their support.

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A new blog on AngloINFO all about Health, Fitness & Leisure covering a lot of different topics including diet, nutrition, health, exercise, fitness and how to make the most of your leisure time while enjoying life in the region. I hope you will find the blogs useful, informative and fun. We hope you enjoy reading and feel free to let joia know if there is anything specific you would like her to write about or if you have any Health, Fitness and Lifestyle questions - click here: Health, Fitness & Lifestyle

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Due to the continued success of HAH Help at Home, both in the Mar Menor and Costa Blanca areas, we are now looking for more Carers who would be able to give a little of their time to help others. Quite a lot of people go back to the UK for the summer months, but unfortunately there are still a lot of people struggling to cope here. You do not need to be experienced, just common sense and the desire to help. Some of our carers are qualified, and both teams have qualified Nurses assessing and implementing care plans. Time given will be of your choice, and based on what you can give, some weeks may be busier than others. If you think you can give a little time please contact Jackie, HAH Help at Home (Mar Menor) on 968 575 231, or email helpathomespain@gmail.com or Sheila, HAH Help at Home (Costa Blanca) on 603 245 020 or email info@HelpAtHomecb.org

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I was recently visiting a friend in Rojales Costa Blanca, and they showed me a wristband which they'd bought on the market which has their bloodtype on it. I was thinking about it on the way home and reckon it's a pretty good idea, as you never know if you might have an accident and need a transfusion. I was wondering if anyone has seen this company selling the wristbands on any of the local markets?

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MABS Cancer Support Group was formed on the 7th June 1999 in Marina Alta. Originally it was started for breast cancer sufferers but when the medical profession started to send along people with other types of cancer, the MABS message of support to all cancer patients became “Cancer is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in various forms and everyone should go for it because more often than not its successful!” That message has now been the rallying call for 12 years. Thanks to tireless work by Jacquelyne Philips MBE and her Committee, other branches have been established on the Costa Blanca, from Denia to Mar Menor as well as in Valencia, Costa del Azahar and Marbella, Costa del Sol. Costa Blanca is now divided into Marina Alta North and Marina Alta South, with the division being in Benidorm. Murcia/Mar Menor covers the area south of Torrevieja. Marina Alta North covers the original towns from Denia to Calpe and North Benidorm, plus Valencia – and inland from these areas. Marina Alta South incorporates branches in Gran Alicant, Torrevieja and Orihuela, La Marina and Muxtamel – coastal and inland. Murcia/Mar Menor takes over south of Torrevieja covering the whole of the Murcia region, with satellite branches in Murcia Northwest, Murcia Northeast and Mazarrón MABS survives on donations; nothing is received from local or central government. It is therefore exceptional that three quarters of a million Euros has been raised since 1999 in Marina Alta North alone. From that the Group has been able to spend a vast sum on equipment. MABS can now provide wheelchairs, hospital beds, Zimmer frames, ripple mattresses, shower chairs, toilet seat raisers, commode armchairs and commode wheelchairs, hoists large and small, table tops for over the beds, slipper mats..... Name it and if they don’t have it, MABS will get it for you! The other two Costa Blanca branches have also raised huge sums of money for equipment and assistance thanks to tireless fundraising at such events as Race for Life and from the very many fundraising events held by bars, restaurants and clubs throughout the region. But MABS doesn’t just provide equipment! Hundreds and hundreds of people all over the Costa Blanca, Costa Cálida and Costa del Sol have been helped. There are MABS supporters in most towns being translators, drivers, nurses and carers plus buddies - all there to support those ill with cancer. Something lots of people don’t realise is that MABS will give financial support to cancer patients if they need it. MABS has agreements with various hospitals and clinics from Valencia to Gibraltar that, for urgent cases, they will assist with reduced costs. Nursing homes also act if MABS asks for assistance. MABS can also help those whose papers are not quite in order to get the medical assistance they need. Donations are accepted from families who can afford it – and if they cannot afford it, the work to help is totally free of charge. MABS theory is that having cancer is enough; why should you have to also worry about the financial cost? MABS opened the first Cancer Support Centre in Moraira in 2009 and the second in San Javier in November 2010. Here those with cancer can go for remedial treatments such as massage and other ‘feel good’ treatments as well as share with others what is going on with their treatment, getting advice and help for themselves and their families. There are now four MABS Cancer Support shops: La Jara (Denia), Mutxamel, San Javier and Totana. They are all manned by volunteers and all are highly successful in raising those essential funds for the Group. If you, a loved one or a friend are suffering with cancer, please make MABS your first call. Murcia/ Mar Menor – from south of Torrevieja to Mazarrón and all points inlandLynDirector693 824 511 Marbelle – including Estapona and the rest of Costa del SolAgnesDirector952 833 568 Marina Alta South – from Benidorm to Torrevieja and all points inlandSueDirector664 266 991 Marina Alta North – from Denia to Benidorm including Valencia and the Ayora ValleyElaineDirector966 482 662/699 152 167 Time on your hands to donate to MABS? Please contact the MABS Director in your area.

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Does anyone know of a good osteopath in the San Javier / Los Alcazares / Sucina area please? My back needs its quarterly session / service. I'm new to the area and have not seen any advertised as of yet in this area. The only one I can see in the Forum is Clinica Fisioterapia Medimar. Has anyone used them please? If so, can they be recommended? If I have to travel further afield then I will. Thanks in advance, Jbl366

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Last Saturday a dinner dance for almost 300 guests, was held at the Spa Hotel in Torre Pacheco, and was the last event in a very busy few days for Jim Leishman and his team from the Mary Leishman foundation. This is an annual event incorporating golf at the Peraleja Golf Club, where many celebrities join local people for a game of golf to raise money for the foundation. Donations are then handed out to worthy causes, and this year HAH Help at home was the lucky recipient of a cheque for 3,000€. Lesley Eburne (HAH founder) and Lynda Christopher (Clinical lead), were delighted to receive the cheque, and Lesley said that ‘this money means that we can now employ our first highly trained, and Spanish registered Nurse Practioner Lynda. She then thanked Jim Leishman, Shirley Graham and the MLF team for all the work that they do to help so many people both here and in the UK. A fantastic evening’s entertainment was hosted by the British Comedian Bobby Davro, who also was the auctioneer for such items as a signed Messi Barcelona shirt, and a shirt signed by the Spanish Racing driver Alonso, just 2 of the many items which raised 10.000€ on the night. Many celebrities from the worlds of golf and football mingled with the guests, and a hilarious speech was made by former Everton and England player David Johnson. If you would like to find out more about the Mary Leishman foundation, visit their website on www.maryleishmanfoundation.com. For information or to contact HAH, please email helpathomespain@gmail.com, or visit our website www.helpathome.es or telephone Lesley 968 134 978.

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Does anyone know if we can use a UK Blue Badge in Spain?. My brother is visiting in the summer and he has walking and mobility difficulties, it would be so much easier if we can use his UK disabled badge for parking.

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The Catastrophe Tent as supplied last year by PALS (Protection and Life Saving) to the 112 Service in Mazarron at a cost of 18000Euros was brought into use in the recent Lorca Earthquake disaster when the hospital Raphael Mendez had to be evacuated due to severe structural damage. A representative for Mazarron Council expressed gratitude that the equipment was available and that PALS in their ongoing dedication to providing life saving and protection had been able through public participation to supply this essential emergency hospital tent. PALS president, Ken Payne expressed sorrow on behalf of the charity for those whose families have lost loved ones, suffered injury, or have had their homes destroyed in this huge human disaster but were encouraged that this equipment provided by PALS and others including that in the ambulances and emergency vehicles has been put to such immediate usage. He said ‘ we hoped that such an event would never happen but are aware that tragedy is all around and that if the public recognise this and that organisations for humanity need support to provide the extra help needed in the times of succour ‘ PALS have an ongoing programme of providing Life Saving and Health equipment to the various organisations and services in and around Mazarron . Enquiries to Ken Payne 626 460 465 or www.pals.sm4.biz

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Does anyone know if you can obtain a EHIC living in Spain

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I think this speaks volumes for the work we are doing, and just shows exactly what we are fundraising so much for. Kind regards, Lesley Murcia Spain26th April 2011 Dear Help At HomeI am writing to express my sincere appreciation for all the help HAH have given us. My 91 year old mother, Iris Everett, came to live with us in February 2011. She has suffered with ulcers and infections on both her legs over the past 2 years.On her arrival I asked for help from HAH with the dressing of her legs. Without hesitation arrangements were made for a nurse to call and assess the situation. Initially Helen called a couple of times...she was lovely... kind and friendly. As Helen was not the nurse for our area Lynda began visiting. She was confident she could improve mum's legs drastically I was not so sure because of all the problems we'd had in the UK. However, week on week, mum's legs have improved immensely and would have been able to go without her bandages had it not been for the fall she had causing the bandage to graze her leg. I have not seen her legs looking so good. When Lynda visits, it's like having a really good friend visiting. She has a brilliant sense of humour, is kind, patient and attentive with mum and you never feel time is an issue with her. Lynda also takes an interest in the family as a whole and is always eager to help with any problems we may have with mum, who suffers with dementia. Lynda is a true angel and will be greatly missed when she no longer needs to call.Many thanks for all your help.Good Luck A Best Wishes for the future of HAH Jackie and Bobby Sutherland

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Can anyone tell me where I can look up the current local pollen count please?

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In February this year, HAH were called and asked if they could help a resident at the Mar Menor Golf Resort, who was being discharged from hospital following a serious health problem. Lynda, our Clinical Lead Nurse was able to offer so much help and advice to the family, and continues to do so. The residents were so impressed with the speed and help that HAH gave so freely, and decided that they would like to raise money for this extremely worthy charity. Last Thursday, HAH Founder Lesley, and Lynda were invited to join 50+ residents of the Mar Menor Residents/Golf resort at the Campoverde restaurant in Los Belones, where their regular Thursday Lunch club were dining, to receive a donation of 552€ which they had collected for HAH in recognition of all the help they were giving to local people. On handing over the money to Lesley, Les from the Lunch Club and Golf society gave a very emotional vote of thanks on behalf of the residents, and said that they would be proud to continue to support the work that HAH are doing in the local community. In reply, Lesley and Lynda said that “HAH were delighted to be recognised in this way, and the type of help given is why we set up this charity initially” Thanking the residents for their generosity, and the lunch club for their regular collections, Lesley said that she would also like to thank the golfers for their ‘very good shots’ into the water and the bunkers’ which helped to raise so much money for HAH!! If you would like to volunteer, or find out more about HAH (Help at Home) visit our website www.helpathome.es or email: helpathomespain@gmail.com

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The ADAPT association of San Pedro del Pinatar In conjunction with The University of Murcia Institute of Ageing Invite you to an open meeting For English-speaking residents and visitors to Spain on the subject of Recognizing the Signs of Mental Ageing (Signos de Alarma de la Patología Cerebral) We are privileged to have as our guest speaker Doctor Irene Villegas who is a Specialist in Neurology at the Virgen de la Arrixaca University Hospital, Murcia. Doctor Villegas' presentation, which promises to be practical and informative, will be entirely in English and entrance is free. Venue: Social Services Centre, c/ Dr. Mirón de Castros, San Pedro del Pinatar (see map). For interactive map showing the event location click here: Social Services Centre

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Twenty-five MABS Volunteers enjoyed their monthly “menu del dia” following the last Tuesday of the month MABS Volunteers Meeting. April’s lunch was at Restaurante Gran Ventica in Las Palas. At the Meeting it was reported that it has been a very busy 4 weeks in April 2011 for Volunteers at MABS Mazarron. There were 90 occasions when MABS Volunteers helped patients and the MABS car was used 16 times. Translators were provided for 34 hospital visits. It should be pointed out that MABS Mazarron spent nearly 20,000€ on translators in 2010. John Shambrook who co ordinates Drivers, Escorts and Translators said that there is a great need for more good drivers. There are around 50 patients on the MABS books at the moment and another 13 in remission. Remission defined as “no further treatment since the initial treatment finished for the following 18 months”. Fran Sears, Director of MABS Mazarron, said at the Meeting in the Trevi Bar, Camposol B that she was looking for new Volunteers to come forward to help with Fundraising. MABS Volunteers will be at the Camposol Cultural Centre on the second Monday of the month from 12 noon until 2 pm if anyone wants help, support or information. Finally, the Race for Life Sponsorship and Application forms are now available. They can be downloaded from www.mabsmazarron.com or collected from F&C Car Rental and Tropicana Bar, Camposol A, Trevi Bar, Mercers and Costa Café, Camposol B, Yorkshire Linen in the Port, Jane’s Salon, Bolnuevo and the MABS Charity Shop in Totana. Nearly 9,000€ was raised in the 2010 Race for Life. The target for 2011 must be 10,000€ which will pay for half the MABS translation costs. MABS Mazarron (Charity number 7261) is a Cancer Support Group. Call the Helpline on 620 422 410 or for General Enquiries call 620 582 418.

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My father has decided that he wants to give up smoking and since the smoking ban, he's seen people using artificial cigarettes. He'd like to know if they are any good or if he'd be better going with the patches. Anyone here tried the artificial cigarettes or know of anyone that has? Or if you were a smoker and gave up, what did you do?

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Do you have to go to a farmacia to buy multivitamins or is there anywhere else you can buy them?

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