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I had a wasp problem as everytime I switched on the jacuzzi, loads of wasps appeared and it was unsafe to use it! I found a beekeeper called Steve who sorted the problem out quickly & at a reasonable cost.If anyone else needs help you can email him: stethebeeman@gmail.com

started by: Neill-Smith-861225 · last update: 1473954065 · posted: 1465206657

We are planning to move to Spain from France. Could someone confirm or otherwise that the household plugs and sockets are the same size? In other words will the two pin plugs on French appliances work in a modern Spanish home? Your comments and help would be appreciated.

started by: keith B55 · last update: 1454002797 · posted: 1449758919

I am thinking about moving from brittany france to the cost calida if i can sell my house. fed up with the weather up ,I was wondering hows life down there i know the weathers better but things like the health service and crime rates and how are the spainish with the brits ,ECT any help gratefully recieived .keith

started by: irishquattro · last update: 1450097713 · posted: 1450097713

Hi All, I'm new to the Mazarron area. I am looking for some advice on TV and WIFI installation. I would like to access the basics TV wise and also to have a decent WIFI connection. Do yiu have any recommendations ? Thanks Trevor  

started by: glamourpuss85 · last update: 1447448137 · posted: 1447448137

Hi all, We are currently living in Brittany, France and we are marketing our house - in which we have lived permanently for 5 years - due to imminent move back to the UK. We have loved life here, but feel the climate is too similar to the UK for it to actually feel like a holiday home once we have moved back, and we are putting out some feelers to see if there is anyone selling their house who may be interested in a permanent property swap/exchange. Our house is being marketed for 167,000 euros.

started by: moira96 · last update: 1443017098 · posted: 1422021295

Hi, we have a rental property on the Mazarron Country Club and are wanting to have WiFi internet installed quite soon. We've had a quote from Compusurf at Camposol but would like to know if there are any better options out there, if anyone has any experiences or advice.

started by: moira96 · last update: 1442922176 · posted: 1442571289

I have a small hot tub at the rear of my bungalow on Mazarron Country Club, and I really need it transfered to an apartment on Condado De Alhama. Problem is that it needs lifted over the roof with an extendable grab (that's how it went in). Anyone know where I can hire one for an hour ?

started by: Texpat · last update: 1442262549 · posted: 1442262549

Anyone in this area sell or build wooden log stores?  Found a perfect on on Amazon.uk site by Rowlinson but the company will not ship to Spain.  Except for Woodworks Direct, I have not had any luck tracking one down in this area for purchase.

started by: Marilyn sumner · last update: 1418380943 · posted: 1418323370

Hi everybody  this our first Christmas on  marmenor golf resort  and wondering if anybody knows where I can buy a real Christmas tree locally ? 

started by: Tangistas · last update: 1414584007 · posted: 1401104530

Has anyone any experience with the IPTV boxes for receiving English TV.

started by: Margo-975342 · last update: 1411843075 · posted: 1410191991

Does anyone know of a dress maker/machinist who can make cushion covers for me. I live 10 mins from Los Alcazares thank you margo

started by: windymiller99 · last update: 1411068439 · posted: 1388358053

Good evening. I have an open fire place and I am trying to find a supplier of coal (NOT BBQ charcoal !!) in the Murcia area. If you know who or where I can get  this "black gold" I would be very grateful for your info and help. Many thanks Ian

started by: costablanca-806001 · last update: 1410965406 · posted: 1373625853

hi  im looking for qoutes to install pv panels to my house in mula idealy to be grid tied can anyone recomend anyone with realistic prices    many thanks

started by: Annie-468221 · last update: 1410964601 · posted: 1281225791

Does anyone know a local company that supplies mounting rails/systems for solar panels?

started by: margsy · last update: 1405284397 · posted: 1322847773

Has anybody got a recommendation for a glass curtain installer in the Mazarron area as we are thinking of getting our terrace glassed in... also any idea of price?

started by: graemesmith19 · last update: 1403548693 · posted: 1392491355

Would appreciate any advice on best types of plants for a roof terrace - preferably reasonably large -  which only require very occasional watering.  Also where best to get them in or near Los Alcazares. Thanks

started by: patti-9015 · last update: 1403131133 · posted: 1403131133

looking for Sea Klear for my swimming pool in Mallorca or Spain. found on your website followed the link but this came up, The Seaklear.eu website has now ceased trading. Thank You.

started by: Forest Red-469057 · last update: 1393441307 · posted: 1393242283

I have an electric Singer sewing machine that needs some attention. Does anyone know of a shop or a mechanic that can do repairs? Costa Blanca south to Mazarron area and inland.

started by: graemesmith19 · last update: 1392718858 · posted: 1392491106

Can anyone suggest a good placed to buy a gas barbecue in Los Alcazares.

started by: WRINKLE-470951 · last update: 1392296824 · posted: 1385484556

Hi, all, anyone know of someone who repairs VHS VCR's cheaply ,preferably not commercial, I need two looking at that won't 'play' after power surge. Cehegin/ Caravaca or Camposol/Mazarron areas.

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