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Anyone know what's going on with the water supply at campsol? We had none all day Sunday then on for just a couple of hours Sunday night then nothing since Monday morning! Any info anyone?

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dicdandoo-463925 1279029152

We are currently trying to find out the situation, contacted Aqualia and they have said it isn't there responsibility, need to contact Justo Manoli.

davieschurch 1279030029

Thanks for the reply. So is it all sectors? Sounds like developer not paid bills again?

sparkiestchica-468137 1279032524

On another web site, it says that it is not just Camposol, but Mazarron and the Puerto as well.

Don't know if anyone can confirm this?


davieschurch 1279032665

I have just been told that it's a problem with the pumps at camposol and masa are on site trying to fix. This is why aqualia are saying it's not their responsibility.

dicdandoo-463925 1279035241

Its not Aqualias responsibility anyway as our bills on Camposol are paid direct to Justo Y Manoli.

pinky-463594 1279043768

Not sure all bills get paid to Justo as I live on Sector A and pay my bill direct to Aqualia.

dicdandoo-463925 1279056519

Sorry I did know that, but it applies to all the other sectors.

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